winners are persistent

Nastia linked to This Is How Winners Are Made (VIDEO)

I expect that edit will get wide circulation.

I’m not going to embed it here as there’s much I don’t like about it, including several severe injuries. But the message is good — winners are persistent. Everybody falls. Winners are those who get up from a fall one more time than their competition.

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  1. A more interesting question : what is a winner, what is a looser ?
    I think that there can be so many definitions that it’s totally pointless and stupid to try to define somebody as a winner or a looser.
    It just brings people to shrinks because they think they have a problem.

  2. What do you mean when you say “I expect that edit will get wide circulation. I’m not going to embed it here as there’s much I don’t like about it”

    1. In general I don’t embed videos featuring accidents. And that vid has plenty of accidents.

      To me the MESSAGE (good) is lost compared to wincing at the injuries. That’s just me. Many including Nastia seem to like it.

  3. That’s what I thought when I watched it. Some of those accidents were horrible, like the double front and the fall into the bar frame. Would have been great but they were totally unecessary

  4. I think the biggest negative is the message that you have to keep going despite the serious injuries you might have.

    I love the speech though, maybe put it to images less greusome and more the typical everyday falls/mistakes that happen in gyms.

  5. I think it’s dangerous to promote that kind of value. For me a “winner” (generally speaking) is not necessarily the one who gets the medal. There are multiple forms of “winners”, and there are multiple forms of “loosers”.

    Somebody who is only thinking about his own success and doesn’t hesitate to step on each other to climb to what he believes is the first place, for me that person is a looser because he understood and learned nothing.

    And if it’s already impossible for adults to classify people as “winners” or “loosers”, think about the kids who hear about that and don’t understand that those notions are fake, they can believe that they are loosers and feel very bad and humiliated when there is no reason for that.

    I mean, this is a pointless discussion, everybody acts as a winner or a looser at some stage.

  6. “I’m not going to embed it here as there’s much I don’t like about it. ”

    Talking about it and linking to it is still promoting it whether it’s embedded or not.

  7. Okay I was just wondering what you meant because I was the one who created that video.

    When I read the comments saying it was “unnessacry” for me to show the falls that I did and say that “the point was lost” is kind of confussing to me..because the point of the video is saying that when you fall, you get back up and try again. The harder you work the better you get. That’s how winner’s are made. It’s true.

    Gymnasts are all champions in there own ways & the only way to get that point across would be to show a combination of falls, injurys, & truimphs. You may not like it, but hey that’s gymnastics! I understand that some of the falls were alittle more greusome, but I think its important that people understand how dangerous/ difficult gymnastics is and that it’s hard to rise from it all to become a champion. You can’t just ignore it or pretend like those types of things (injurys) don’t happen. I’m proud of my work & I think the point was very clear.

    1. What George said.

      On this site I don’t normally embed videos of injuries, in any case. And your video includes several that I didn’t want to force on unsuspecting readers.

  8. Well done Brittany. I liked the video although I think the whole point being made is that you could have picked falls that result in catastrophic outcomes for the athlete or the team, such as Alicia falling off beam in Beijing, and still generate similar impact on the viewer without necessarily having to show the severe injuries that may leave the athletes with torn ligaments and unable to leave the arena under their own power. I think I can understand why so many think such graphic injuries are way over the top even though both are an unfortunate and not infrequent part of our sport.

  9. “True. But at least the reader has been warned. And has to take some action to see it.”

    You didn’t warn the reader though. You just said there was something you didn’t like about it.

  10. Agree with George, the fall onto the bar frames could have been replaced with one of the less savage falls from worlds bar finals last yr. The double front to head was awful and at that point I turned it off. The one with Alicia is sad enough and there is no hint of an injury.

    I get the message, I think the speech was great and some of the ‘falls’ were powerful (Alicia’s etc) but some were just unnecessary for illustrating the point.

  11. Well I can’t just keep using Alcia’s fall over and over again because I had already used that in my video once. I was just trying to make it go along with the words, like “the nasty” and so I showed a very nasty fall! But I do understand what everyone is fussing about. So next time I make a video I will try not to use such graphic images! hahah

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