Women’s CrossFit

It’s worth watching the introduction to this video. Good question:

Why do women’s Health and Fitness magazines put skinny models on the cover?

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Personally, the only magazine cover I check out is Oxygen. Those covergirl athletes are extraordinarily fit.

I’m still concerned about safety at CrossFit clubs, though the best are very safe.

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coach Rick

Career gymnastics coach from Calgary, Canada.

6 thoughts on “Women’s CrossFit”

  1. “I’m still concerned about safety at CrossFit clubs, though the best are very safe”

    What kind of concerns? ….. I have been considering starting some CrossFit….. What should I be worried about!?

  2. I’m also curious about the safety thing? I do crossfit, and generally it’s our body weight we’re working with, sometimes some medicine balls or jump ropes. And for L above, I love it!!

  3. crossfit is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a dislocated shoulder – rick is right, way too much weight too soon–especially for the beginners. even watching that video – bad form in nearly every exercise shown. throwing up should not be the goal of a workout. but of course, some clubs are better than others, and crossfit is not the only fitness organization with good ideas and bad execution.

  4. I personally reached the national level in competitive crossfit and competed at the 2010 Canadian Nationals. Damn right it’s dangerous… But that all depends on the coach/ owner of the club… Similar to the sport gymnastics. Some coaches know what they are doing, program safe yet challenging workouts that develop the technique and skill levels of the athletes. Other clubs have no training background, take a weekend certification and are handed a certification and start training people, develop high injury rates, poor technique, and place the blame on theclients rather than themselves.
    Background in gymnastics, combined with a highly educated trainer allowed me to compete in the sport for 2 years completely injury free. I personally could not keep up with the training demands day in and day out and became exhausted physically and mentally very quickly. The crossfit community hates when people say this but it us a fad and NOT a long term fitness program.
    Just like doctors, banking, car repairs, etc shop around and find the most educated crossfit facility, ask questions and ask to watch a couple training sessions. Those that possess certifications in the realm of crossfit only DO NOT have ample schooling to be trainers.

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