Funny cuz it’s true.

This cartoon is 10min long, but worth watching.

… a humorous example of a situation most coaches have encountered at one time or another.

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Thanks Jason.

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  1. 1. Shawn Johnson took a couple years to learn a kip and said it was her hardest skill to learn.

    2. Do boys struggle on this skill? Adults? Is it a strength thing?

  2. I am considering emailing this to either ALL parents or a select few who deserve to be made a mockery of based on their recent behaviour…..thank you Rick – love it!

  3. I learnd to do it as an adult (p-bars) by just trying it. Didn’t have the benefit of all this breakdown stuff (which I think is very good really, but was not available to me). Took me a few practices, but nothing extreme.

  4. oh…I could do the kip on the side too, though (same as UPB, no)? Actually that came really fast and I quickly could do kip to V and all that. Maybe we should do kip on the end on PBs as a progression, if it is easier. once you get that, you start to have the feel maybe and can do it on the side? donno…

  5. I have watched this five times and I can’t stop. It just makes me feel like I’m not alone in this world :)
    It’s so typical of *that* type of parent. The conversation starts out with “We are pleased to be here/thank you for blah blah” and ends with, “You are the reason my daughter is (blah), we will not be coming back because (blah).”

  6. Poly, a kip of any kind is much easier for a grown man with good upper body strength. I have seen several men in an adult gymnastics class learn it however they use very little technique. To get little girls (6 and 7) who have very tiny hands, little upper body strength, and can’t really truly understand the timing is difficult.

    BTW I love this video it is soooooo true!

  7. This video really just speaks to the ridiculous conversations you have to have from time to time that, if you could get that time back in a lump sum, you’d be able to take a week’s paid vacation. A coach told me of a parent telling him how her daughter just got her “double back”. Towards the end of the ten minute long conversation he realized she meant two back handsprings.

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