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It’s amazing how fast routines from the World Championships are appearing on YouTube. Simply search for the name of the athlete you want to see, then click SEARCH OPTIONS … then Upload date: THIS WEEK.

Up pops Jayd Lukenchuk’s P Bar routine. Exactly what I was looking for.

If you’re not sure what to search for, I’d say Full Twist is doing the most comprehensive linking of WAG routines.

The most recent post: Videos: Women’s Team Final

Be sure to check the official FIG YouTube channel. And the official USA Gymnastics YouTube channel. Quality is high.

One sample: John Macready’s rant after his team USA finished … 4th. John’s a little pissed. He manages the anger well.

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2 thoughts on “gymnastics videos, videos, videos”

  1. Macready…meh.

    OTOH, Rothlisberger is getting better and better and I like me some Around the Gym. That thing has evolved well.

    Would be neat if they could include Steve McCain somehow in the mix (sideline reporter? fluffs?). He had a good persona, lots of knowledge, and connected well with the athletes. I liked it when he asked Jon what it meant to be an Olympian and Jon threw it back and said “I should ask you”…and McCain said it means you are part of one of the most restricted fraternities on the planet. And you will have it forever. And Jon totally GOT IT!

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