GAGE Gymnastics closed

The rumours were true.

Stunned parents discovered Monday that Al Fong has closed his Blue Springs gymnastic center and all of the equipment is gone. A dispute between Fong and his landlord led to his decision.

Fong has operated the Great American Gymnastic Express (GAGE) Center in Blue Springs for 32 years. Terin Humphrey and Courtney McCool trained at the center and went onto to win silver medals for the U.S. in the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

Fong told KMBC’s Michele Rooney that he hopes to relocate soon and get refunds to the parents …

Al Fong Abruptly Closes Blue Springs Gym

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12 thoughts on “GAGE Gymnastics closed”

  1. For starters, the economy has crashed and you can all say what you want but it is not coming back.
    I am sure many families could not afford the training like before and that is a cut in income, but you still have to pay the bills and the help. It comes to a point of no return.
    Olympics in 2004 do not pay the bills in 2010, So for all you people that have no clue what it takes to fund and run a business of this size believe me it is alot!
    We have had great experiences here and we were just left speechless when we went to class Monday to find the news crews and the building empty.
    Either way, A phone call or letter was what should have been done to let everyone know what was going on. I have alot of business experience and I can promise you that no one wants to be in this situation but on the other hand you also have to treat your following with respect and the way this went down it was not handled like that at all! We are very disappointed—Michael & Breonna Myers—–816-210-8359

  2. He wasn’t renting for 20 or 30 years. He owned the original building for years before he took the equity out to build the second building right next to it. A gym of that size and that expense couldn’t have survived as it was built for competitive team. (At an industry standard of around $4/hour for team and $16/hour for recreational you can see why that’s not economically feesable.)

    His “landlord” (actually a 51% business partner) came into the equation when he bailed the gym out of foreclosure 2 or 3 years ago.

    I coach for a very profitable gym. Alot of bad business decision lead to this closure. A few Olympians does NOT make you good at running a small business in America. The really sad part is that at hone time he was good at the business. Sometimes coaching elites is like a drug. You have to do it no matter what. In this case it just wasn’t good for business.

  3. Gage was and has been just as busy as ever. There was no slow down, unless you’re talking about the number of Olympic hopefuls he thought he’d have by now. This has nothing to do with the economy. This is just another in a long string of bad business decisions. Al and Armenia are both world class coaches, no doubt, but the obsession over GOLD has diminished there since of what owning a gym is all about. Once they realize this maybe they’ll stop long enough to learn how a business is supposed to run. Gage is gone for good, they’ll lose at least half their clients because of this. Will they continue to coach? I don’t that’s in the cards, but I could be wong. LOL

  4. Does anyone have a great place to go or suggest for us to go? My daughter does this for fun, not fame or gold, it keeps her in shape,motivated, and disciplined. We were in the Silver Dragons and moved to the Back Hand Spring (Flip Flop) classes and we would like to continue. My daughter would be interested in cheer at a fun level, not to tour the states and compete. Any help would be greatly appreciated——-THANKS Micheal & Breonna Myers 816-210-8359

  5. You are out of your mind if you think that gym is making the same money it was several years back! LOL! There is not near as many girls there in the evenings as there was two years ago and you are incorrect! The economy has hurt 98% of all businesses out here! Wake Up!

  6. NO contact information, no payment or enrollment fee returned. This guy just dropped of the edge of the planet. I would like some answers.

  7. Perhaps the GAGE parents should make a group claim against the club for money owed. I understand that coaches haven’t been paid either.

  8. I would love to hire these coaches! Northern CA
    Let me know Al what your coaching fees are? Sonoma County is a nice place to live!

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