… a gymnast’s greatest virtue

Patience is man’s greatest virtue
Or so the saying goes,
A gymnast must have said it,
For a gymnast surely knows.

That in this funny sport of ours
Discouragement runs high,
And at times the very best
Will find the virtue’s passed her by.

When hands are ripped and throbbing
And every muscle sore
Can a gymnast still have patience
To limp back in for more.

Can you admit you’re frightened
Yet not give into fears
Can you conquer pain, frustrations
And often even tears.

When someone else does something
You’ve tried so long to do
Can you feel really glad for her
And not just pity you.

When you’ve lost old moves
You used to do
And progress seems so slow
Can you still have faith in better days
And not feel so sad and low.

And when success seems so far away
Your efforts all in vain
Can you force yourself to wear a smile
And disregard the pain.

If despite these tribulations
You can say, “I won’t give in”
Someday you will discover
That it’s now your turn to WIN

Christchurch School of Gymnastics

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Published by

coach Rick

Career gymnastics coach from Calgary, Canada.

5 thoughts on “… a gymnast’s greatest virtue”

  1. I don’t know you, but I am a young gymnast and this is 100% inspiring and meets gymnastics in every mental way! Best poem ever, not kidding this is amazing I love it!!

  2. okay, this is seriously the BEST poem i’ve ever read.
    super inspiringg.
    this hits all the spots about gymnastics that i couldn’t even put into words, the pain & dissappointment & stuff.
    i absolutley LOVE it. <3

  3. Wonderful. Thank you so much!! The most truthful poem I have ever seen about our sport.
    This is going up on the wall in our house!

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