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Vanessa Steck, at VISA Championships, had the guts to walk up and talk to some of the top American coaches: Chris Burdette, Mary Lee Tracy, and Miss Val.

It’s an extremely entertaining post:

… My favorite coach out there, hands down, was Miss Val. It took me quite awhile to get up the courage, but finally I went up to her as Zam was waiting for a turn to warm up on bars and asked her if it would be too corny to say I found her coaching style very inspirational. She laughed and said not at all, and then we had a lovely conversation. She is incredibly personable and genuinely kind. She told me she had just been talking to Chris Waller about what a big difference it is to go from NCAA to elite, especially a big event like Visas.

Valorie lights up when she talks about Zam. Before the competition, she called her a “joy to work with” and afterwards informed me that her athlete is a “jewel, a gem…she is just such a sweet, kind individual.” She smiled as she told me that Zam decided to do this in mid-May and they are just getting their feet wet, trying it out. …

Nationals- The Coaches

Liukin with Lizzy LeDuc

That’s from Couch Gymnast magazine #6.

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  1. That video from “miss Val” was bizarre. Bottom line is they ARE NOT helping the team. Are NOT fighting for their country. Zam is NOT HURT, HAD AN INVITE and BLEW IT OFF.

    And I don’t want to hear any crap about she didn’t think she would have a good chance to make the team. So what. Woman up and get your ass down to Texas and fight for a spot.

    You might make it and help the team. If not, you push the other girls. Plus you will learn more from the exposure to another coach and to other top gymnasts. More than just hiding in LA in your NCAA cocoon. Plus you would build teammate camaraderie with the other girls.

    They should kick her ass of the team for this stunt. I totally mean it. This shit would not fly in wrestling, football, or men’s gym. What a load of crap. What NON team players, the UCLA crew are. If you don’t come to invited tryouts (and are healthy), then you should lose your national team spot.

  2. Zam should not be in Texas if that’s not what she wants to do.

    If they did take her National team spot, I bet it wouldn’t matter to her one bit.

  3. Thanks for the link. Great post. I love Coach Val and think she’s the perfect antidote to the craziness of USAG’s training and selection camps.

    I must admit that Zmeskal seems to have found a good guy. I can only judge by the few interviews I’ve seen, but it was nice to see a coach appreciate a nearby gym and not feel threatened.

  4. Looks like Rick and I were right about Anna Li, too. She’s bailed on that whole elite try thing. Never really went for it.

  5. Why didn’t she spend the summer getting treated for it then? Instead of doing camps and such? She was never even in serious training. What was the point of announcing a try for elite and then never even trying?

  6. That’s what I’m reacting to. That plus her never even getting into a gym last summer. Oh…she was taking a break. BS. She was never serious about it. Maybe the back was an issue too, but she never even tried!

    Please…people…think. Read between the lines. Just like the Miss Val video which was a bizarre passive aggressive piece. She’s basically making excuses that make no sense for not even trying.

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