Giulinao – world’s strongest boy

This is GIULIANO STROE from Romania, born 18/06/2004.

at age-5

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Kelly Manjak sends us the link.

More photos of Giullinao. His “schools” listed are … Gymnastics and Weights.

Scary? … He’s got a younger brother training with him.

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9 thoughts on “Giulinao – world’s strongest boy”

  1. His handstand piros look really strange. Is that camera play (perhaps faked photography)? Or is that just a result of his strength to weight ratio and body size being so different than the norm?

  2. You know, there’s something called myostatin deficiency. Id post a link but I can’t at the moment. Generally it creates very high muscle mass, little body fat and a fast metabolism. I have been very interested in it but its incredibly rare. Since I am unable to view the video, does it mention anything about the possibility?

  3. That child could definitely have a myostatin deficiency. It is the growth factor which limits muscle growth so when deficient the muscles are allowed to hypertrophy. Its specifically bred for in cattle for meat and a few humans have the deficiency too. Explains the huge muscle definition at such a young age

  4. A myostatin deficiency allows for more muscle hypertrophy as myostation usually limits the amount of muscle growth that can occur.

    It doesn’t sound like he has been stated and who knows if they even know about it where he lives. I’ve wondered but it hasn’t been discussed when it comes to Giuliano or his little brother (who can also do tiger bend pushup/HS to bent arm planche to handstand).

    I don’t what Greece’s gymnastic programs are like but there is some footage of him visiting one but we do not know if he is attending one. I don’t know if it’s a state-run system or a private system or even very available in most cities.

    As to his age, do you know what other programs in the US or other countries or doing with kids 6yo? Especially on the female and TOPS side?

    There are some things he is working on that need to be cleaned up. Whether this is the fault of his father or the mere fact that he is a 6YO BOY, who knows.

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