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Define provenance

… Can you do it?

I couldn’t.

the place of origin or earliest known history of something

On the internet that means trying to “source” where a video, photo or idea started. At minimum, you should link to where you first saw it. Best practice is to link to the original and where you happened to see it first.

On this blog I’d say I’m about 90% successful in crediting a source. Not perfect. But not bad.

Tara Sickmeier of International Gymnast Hot Headlines is the worst gymnastics blogger I know. If she ever credits where she finds a story it’s only by accident of linking to the originator. If she sees something on Gymnastics Coaching, there’s never a (via Gymnastics Coaching) link on IG.

I’ve several times sent messages to Tara on her unethical blogging behaviour. But have yet to get a response.

Forward a link to this post if you know her personally.

(via Buzz Machine – New rule: Cover what you do best. Link to the rest)

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9 thoughts on “do what you do best, link to the rest”

  1. Saying she’s a blogger is giving way too much credit. Doesn’t she just copy the first paragraph and link to things. I often wonder if IG even knows that stuff is on their website.

  2. I had you down as the best aggregator, back when I surveyed the gymternet for WWGym. Before they banned me.

  3. Most of Amanda Turner’s articles use quotes from other websites without giving credit. The quotes from Rodionenko and Alexandrov in their Euros coverage were all taken from but the article made it sound like they had been interviewed by IG.

  4. Eurofan are you serious? You really think they’d know better, having been around so long. I had no idea. I did think they were interviewing people overseas.

  5. IG has become a bit of a joke over the last decade or so, unfortunately. They used to have such well-done stories and meet reports.

  6. Coach Rick-

    This recently happened to me. I e-mailed Paul Zeirt and Dwight Normile about it, and got an indirect response from Bart Conner about it. Bart asked Tara to reply to me to get the situation rectified.

    Hopefully we can get this taken care of so she doesn’t rip off any more blogs as her own.

    -Cam @ World Gymnastics

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