Periodization Training Plan – online?

The bible for me has always been Bompa.

Periodization Training For Sports

Periodization Training For Sports

Some pages of the book are available as a preview free online from Google Books.

But rather than fill in the complicated YTP (Yearly Training Plan) forms that he recommends, I’d love to use an online version.

Features should include:

  • access for multiple coaches
  • access for the athlete
  • reports for individual athletes in a training group
  • The best I’ve seen in the past have been Excel spread sheets.

    But an online database would be easier.

    Leave a comment if you can recommend anything like that.


    #1 Chris on 12.06.08 at 9:44 pm

    I think his work is far too generalized and not specific enough. I have his other book – Periodization, 4th ed. Personally, I got little out of it. Not to mention, it’s strict linear periodization and there are other models. In particular, in the strength/conditioning world, undulating periodization is a very popular method.

    #2 coach Rick on 12.06.08 at 10:43 pm

    Thanks Chris.

    Bompa is a bit of a God in Canada as he teaches here.

    Do you have any recommendations for strength training YTP resources? Especially online versions?

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