National Coaching Certification in Canada

This one is for Canadian coaches.

Are you sure of your National Coaching Certification Status?

Full certification at some level is required to coach on the Floor at many meets in Canada.


You can check if the national database records jive with what courses you have actually taken on this page: NCCP Database

Access Unofficial Transcript will get you to your record with only Last Name and NCCP number. (If you can’t find your number you won’t be able to get in.)

The certification system in Canada is far superior to the non-system in the USA. Still, it can be a real hassle for coaches. Errors are frequent with the paperwork. Provincial Associations and even Gymnastics Canada are strict in enforcing regs.

Best policy is to check your status is correct in advance. And print a copy from the website just in case there is a glitch in the database in future.

The onus is on the coach to prove certification for each competition.

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5 thoughts on “National Coaching Certification in Canada”

  1. Out of curiosity (for us American folk), are you aware of any ways that we can sign up for the Canadian cert. track, or classes involved? I don’t know when I would be able to do it, but it seems like it would be fun to have an academic setting to learn about gymnastics, safety, strength and body development, and tricks of the trade, and have it presented developmentally and in a managable fashion.



  2. Many have asked, Ryan.

    Those courses are not open to non-Canadians. Sorry.

    I recall ONCE I was allowed to have American clinician Dave Adlard attend a course as an observer. But that one time only.

  3. That’s a shame…

    Might have to be a typical american and start a standard here for certification and make a whole lot of coaches upset.

    Or.. maybe Ill find they want to do it, and it will be well worth it!

    If only I had the time and energy..

  4. Dear Sir /Madam
    I am a kenyan Gymnastics and Acrobatics Trainer with no formal trainings on Gymnastics coaching .
    I would like to Inquire if it is possible to get Scholarship in your Institutions to train as a coach so that I can be able to teach well in Kenya .
    I am 33 years old ,done Acrobatics for 10 years now.

    Please advice me How to Archieve this dream that has been in my mind for many years now .

    Africa needs. To learn from your Institutions and experiences

    Bes regard
    James .

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