best gymnast of the 1990s

Past & Present Gymnastics announced the results of a poll:

1. Lilia Podkopayeva
2. Shannon Miller
3. Kim Zmeskal


Lilia Podkopayeva – 1995 World All Around Champion

Podkopayeva was fantastic, artistic and unique.

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13 thoughts on “best gymnast of the 1990s”

  1. These polls are pretty ridiculous. First of all, the blogs that run them aren’t read or voted on by whole lot of people other than Americans. I bet you the Russians, Romanians and Chinese would have a different take on who were the best gymnasts of the 90’s… That’s 10 years of gymnastics for pete’s sake!

    How can Zmeskal be above Khorkina? Come on. As an Aussie, I have to say, no-one even knows who Kim Zmeskal is.

  2. Pretty sure the polls are meant for fun. Polls are in fact, just a poll of a certain group of people, just like any poll. Lighten up!

  3. Lillia is definately number one in my eyes and Shannon number two so Im on the mark!! I would say Mo Huilan did it for me in the 90s too- she was so surprising

  4. LOL let see!! How many world AA championships Dawes won?
    How many EF world championships won??


    Zmeskal did it!!

  5. Zmeskal was a world champion in ’91 and kudos to her for that effort, but she was not impressive beyond that. Her skills were outdated by the time she competed in the olympics. Dominique Dawes may not have achieved a world championship, but she was a dominant force in USA gymnastics from 1992 through 2000, and competed on 3 olympic teams. IMO she was much more of an impressive gymnastics performer of the ’90’s than Zmeskal. Shannon Miller was also impressive from the USA.

  6. Shannon is One for her longevity and record -breaking career as well as having to endure Nunno for over a decade.
    She was an all-arounder, too, and had someone been able to pace her training better as she aged injuries would not have slowed her down.

    Bogi is only #2 because she accomplished most of her bigger accomplishments in the 1980’s.

    Pod is three for me.

  7. The poll was for world all around champions in the 90s, Bogi didn’t win a world all around title in the 90s, neither did Onodi, Dawes, Milosovici, Raducan, Huilan or Gutsu and hence they were not on the poll.
    And yes, it is just a bit of fun 😉

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