Gymnastics on Demand videos – AWESOME

Over a year ago Steve McCain of American Gymnast showed me a demo of their on-line coaching videos.

Finally, the new system has launched. And I couldn’t be more impressed. The wait was worth it!

The easiest way to see how Gymnastics on Demand works is to watch their video introduction — See it in Action.



Gymnastics on Demand is an all-new, online gymnastics video training system offered as a monthly subscription. Gymnastics on Demand features hundreds of gymnastics training videos, complete with narration and descriptions that explain the common technique used to learn gymnastics skills. …

* Skill Technique
* Drills and Suggested Progressions
* Common Mistakes & Solutions
* Spotting Technique

Currently, the system includes 4 events:

* Vault (includes men’s and women’s)
* Bars (includes men’s and women’s)
* Balance Beam
* Floor Exercise (includes men’s and women’s)

Gymnastics on Demand will be continuously updated to include the remaining men’s events, as well as other important topics, such as Strength & Conditioning and Flexibility.

What is it? - American Gymnast

At about US$10 / month for a 1-year introductory subscription, the service is a good investment for Women’s Artistic clubs and Head Coaches. And anyone involved in Coach Education.

The Floor videos are certainly geared towards Cheer, as well.

I’ll be posting frequently about Gymnastics on Demand. This is the future.


#1 CoachL on 09.18.07 at 4:02 pm

well I bought it. this will be a nice tool for some younger coaches to learn various progressions and some nice refreshers and new ideas for me :-)

#2 coach Rick on 09.19.07 at 12:06 am

I’ll be getting it, as well.

Let us know how you like it.


#3 Valentin on 09.19.07 at 12:14 am


Looks great…definitiely something to think about… it be good for a club owner to get..

#4 Laurence on 11.26.07 at 8:53 am

Very useful, but I thought there will be more DRILLS.

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#6 Gymnastics 4ever on 06.28.08 at 4:51 am

This is great but I don’t know how to enter it. But I think the idea is great…

#7 coach Rick on 06.28.08 at 9:38 am

There are a few free samples. But to see the 800+ videos you need to join the service.

#8 Coach SL on 11.18.09 at 10:51 pm

There are Good stuffs! But they can provide complete system to cover all 10 events in Gymnastics, that system willl be more valuable!

I suggest them to cover all events soon!

#9 Eileen on 03.30.12 at 2:28 am

Funny how to be a gymnast parody video

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