Reykjavik, Iceland workshop

by site editor Rick McCharles

Notes and links from a one day coaches workshop in Reykjavik, Iceland, Sat. June 11th, 2011.

A surprisingly numerous group of coaches and judges were able to attend, even though it was a holiday Saturday during the short Icelandic summer.

If your computer will not play these videos (.mov), you need to download some FREE software:

… either VLC or Quicktime. VLC is worth having anyway. It will play almost any movie in any format.


Internet for ADVANCED Coaches

Most important topic – acquiring coaching videos.

Click PLAY or watch a video of his short presentation on YouTube. It includes the excellent new Jason Burnett Demo Reel 2011.

BEST sources of coaching videos for Artistic Gymnastics coaches:

• American Gymnast Gymnastics on Demand videos (now FREE)
• the same American Gymnast videos on the JoeLangley YouTube channel FREE
• Rick’s YouTube channel FREE videos $ some FREE
MostepanovaFan YouTube FREE
GymSmarts videos ($30/DVD)
Gymnastics Minute YouTube channel (FREE)
Geddert DVDs ($30/DVD)

Canadian videos:

• Oakville – Sabrina Gill’s YouTube channel
• Oakville – Physical Preparation
• Oakville – Release Moves on Bars



Search first … and then these sites:

Gymternet – best of 2010



Rick recommended we NOT emphasize ‘grip change’ nor ‘straight elbows’ too much with beginners. Instead let them get comfortable with swings around the bar by doing sole circles at a young age.

Click PLAY or watch the IDEAL on YouTube.

Sole Circles (Presentation MOVIE)
Blind Change (Presentation MOVIE)

We looked very briefly at Pak and Overshoot. Here’s an excellent set-up for the next step …

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Lastly, here’s an overview of Bars basic swings.

Click PLAY or watch the REVIEW on YouTube. (Bwd Giant / Free Hip)


Introduction – Rick McCharles (Presentation MOVIE)
Physical Preparation (Presentation MOVIE)

Requested after the workshop was additional information on these topics:

• Twisting – Preventing Barani Confusion
~ determining direction of twist (George Hery)
introducing forward twisting (George Hery) …
• Trampoline for Gymnasts (PDF) … missing illustrations


Thanks Gummi Brynjólfsson for organizing this event on very short notice.

Email Rick_McCharles@hotmail with questions / suggestions.


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