Philippines IOC 2011

by site editor Rick McCharles

Nov. 30th – Dec. 6th

These are notes for the Olympic Solidarity Women’s Artistic Gymnastics coaching course held in Manila. I was the volunteer clinician assigned by the International Gymnastics Federation.

Organized by FIG, funding is provided by IOC and host GAPGymnastics Association of the Philippines.

About this course:

One of the mandates of the International Olympic Committee is to help grow Olympic sport around the world.

One stream is called Olympic Solidarity funding. It’s been very successful for a very long time. The goal is to improve the standard of training and performance nation wide.

Coaches worked 6 days, up to 8hrs / day, in classroom and gym.

Though the course was specific to Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, we had participants with expertise in Men’s Artistic, Cheer, Rhythmic, Aerobic, Figure Skating and other acrobatic sports.

Men’s Gymnastics has had a strong tradition for decades, but Women’s Artistic is still developing. Filipino girls have great genetic potential for Artistic and Acrobatic sports. The immediate goal is SEA, the Southeast Asian Games, held every two years.

Progress is most needed on Bars. The best and easiest way to make rapid gains would be by adopting “Strap Bar” training, not yet common across the country.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

That’s a clip from the GymSmarts DVD Working the Strap Bar, by Mas Watanabe

At the clinic we constructed our own ‘trench pit’ on the low bar, setting up a ‘tower of power’ on the high bar.

There are, I think, 3 Tumbl Traks in Philippines. The one at the National Training Center in Manila is excellent.

But that apparatus takes up a lot of space and cannot be easily moved nor stored. I recommended Air Floors as an alternative. Here’s the Air Floor Pro.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

more photos

Detailed course materials were distributed to coaches digitally. GAP has a back-up copy.

If you have questions about the course contact me – RickMcCharles

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