what happened at the clinic?

For decades I have been the guy with the video at the clinic. The one taking notes on a laptop computer. The one responsible for sending the report out to clubs. …

Last clinic for 3 coaches from our gym, we had 2 camcorders running.

For the first time I see this for an upcoming coaching workshop:

Personal video/still shot cameras are NOT permitted at any Congress session. Gymnastics Queensland may video all Congress Sessions and DVDs will be available for purchase shortly after the completion of Congress.

Hmm. They clearly want to generate some revenue from the proceedings in addition to the course entry fee.

My fear is that the extra revenue will not cover the cost of production. I hope I’m wrong.

I’ll be reporting on that Congress in the next couple of weeks. Will let you know what happens.

video – “free running” (Parkour or PK)

Only the French could have come up with a sport this insane. You may have seen videos clips of youth in street clothes running, overcoming natural obstacles on the route with a variety of gymnastic and acrobatic moves including jumps & wall runs. It is an urban thing.

As usual, the recently maligned Wikipedia is the best reference on the web for anything interesting:

Parkour – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

David Belle, free runner

The wildest clip I have yet seen should be on this page, if you have high speed internet.

Doug Taylor pointed me to this building jumper video page.

video – Rings – Jordan Jovtchev

RING STRENGTH featuring Jordan Jovtchev is the best video of its type.

Jovtchev was twice world champion. Of course he is super strong.

But I was impressed with the easy progressions included useful for all competitive gymnasts. Production values are good.

front lever

You can buy it through the RingTraining.com website.

video – muscle beach in the 1960s!

The WordSmith from Nantucket, a coach from California, former UCLA gymnast, alerted us to some historic video clips posted on the Santa Monica Gymnastics Center website.

  • Dennis Sherman quad flyaway from swinging rings on to sand
  • Mark Davis triple back flyawar from highbar on to sand
  • Double back tumbling on sand
  • And more beach craziness including big dismounts from swings.

    Watch those historic feats on santamonicagymnasticscenter.com

    USA Technique magazine

    magazine cover

    For years Technique Magazine has been the first place I look for new gymnastics articles.

    The USA Gymnastics members-only hard copy is best — but even the free on-line version is useful. It holds an archive of selected articles back through 1995!

    There is no search utility so you need to simply browse the titles of interest.

    Read anything published by Bill Sands or Jenni McNeal.

    rings – strength “routines”

    CrossFit coach Tyler Hass reports on his talk with World Rings champion Jordan Jovtchev.

    Bottom line — to get super-strong, you need to be training for routines.

    Coach Hass sets out guidelines for designing your personal strength sequences.

    Designing a Ring Strength Routine — PowerAthleteMag.com

    rings – front lever

    Brad Johnson starts at the beginning and works his way up to one of the most challenging strength positions on rings.

    I recall how many of the best gymnasts in the world had trouble holding a front lever when it was included in the (now defunct) Olympic compulsory routines.

    Good article. The only addition I have is use a particularly demanding spotter. A spotter who reduces the resistance just enough to keep you in the correct position.

    The Front Lever: A Hard Core Exercise — PowerAthleteMag.com