the myth of anorexia in artistic gymnastics

There is an author named Murray Hughes who’s work I can dismiss unseen.

At a glance, his website shouted alarmist sensationalism. When I read this statement, Hughes lost me forever.

Anorexia: As many as 62% of gymnasts are effected!

This is wrong, long ago debunked by Bill Sands and others. Competitive female artistic gymnasts are at no greater risk than their non-gymnast classmates.

I am still irate from the day one of my gymnast came into the gym in tears, crying, because kids at school called her an anorexic gymnast. Needless to say she was a healthy, slim gymnast.

If you see any products tagged with “Secrets Revealed”, approach with caution.

Mr. Hughes, the real danger in our society is child obesity. Why don’t you write a book on that topic.

U.S. Winter Olympic Team

Free downloads of Shaun White and the rest of their team. Very professional photo wallpaper.

White_640.jpgUnited States Olympic Committee – 2006 U.S. Olympic Team wallpapers, videos

I cheered when Shaun White won the Olympic Gold in men’s halfpipe snowboard in 2006.

He’s a double pro, snowboarder and skateboarder, from California. I became a fan after seeing a DVD he circulated widely in 2005 called The White Album. His life story as a teen prodigy, hanging with Tony Hawk, is truly remarkable.

Choosing a Gymnastics Summer Camp

gymnastics.gifI’m booked as a guest coach at 4 summer camps, so far. I love them. Summer training is my favourite time of year.

John Howard, prolific gymnastics pundit, posted a good article:

5 Reasons to Pick a Gymnastics Camp

  • Innovation
  • A High Level of Training Available
  • Training Equipment
  • College Scholarships (University-based camps)
  • Elite Contacts
  • 5 Reasons to Pick a Gymnastics Camp | Summer Camps Guide

    USA Gymnastics Athlete Wellness Program

    USA Wellness logoUSA Gymnastics Athlete Wellness Program National Health Care Referral Network.

    Check their list of medical practitioners with proven experience working with high level athletes.

    This is one small part of the US Athlete Wellness program, the goals of which I am not entirely clear. (Leave a comment on this post if you can illuminate me.)

    Many excellent articles are associated with this program including, as an example, Creating a Healthy & Effective Motivational Climate, by Marilyn Strawbridge, Ph.D. & Nancy Marshall, B.A. published in Technique magazine.

    Nancy Thies Marshall is the manager of USA Gymnastics Athlete Wellness Program 2006.

    ASEC – Action Sports Environmental Coalition

    Some of the big names in Action Sports joined together in a good cause. The best description of their program I’ve seen is a cool movie, surprisingly, on Darryl Hanna’s website: ASEC video clip


    After respecting the environment, I recommend the boys run out and rent Darryl Hanna’s first movie — Summer Lovers. Ooooo.

    Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs (Canada)

    H-hibbs.jpgIG Online Interview:
    I currently have no issues with the new Code. I think it does allow the gymnasts to be unique, and because we are all trying to throw our most difficult skills, it makes it more exciting and interesting, both to watch and perform.

    profile on Gymnastics Canada

    One of the first international athletes I’ve heard not grumbling about the new code of points. Perhaps the dissension is beginning to fade.

    I still bemoan the loss of Nadia’s perfect 10, one of the great brands of all time.