world’s highest bungie jump, Macau

You will be hearing a lot about Macau in the coming years.

It’s being developed as Las Vegas EAST. (Cirque du Soleil is already in creation.)

source – LaTur – flickr

The Macau Tower (aka Dr Ho’s erection) is becoming a world adventure tourism destination.

You can climb to the top of the mast (video), “Sky Jump” (video), or “Sky Walk” around the tower. No hand rail.

source – jo_chua1081 – flickr

Or bungie jump from a platform 233m high stopping about 30m from the ground. You reach speeds of 200km / hr during the 4-5sec freefall.

Details –

(via TeamGearedUp blog)

UPDATE: more photos – Adventure Blog

Austrian gymnast Carina Hasenöhrl injured

Get well soon.

Carina Hasenöhrl (18) was badly injured in a training accident in the Netherlands on November 7th. She landed a double front on the floor on her head with full force. The MRI-diagnosis revealed that the 4th cervical vertebra is broken and the 3rd vertebrae is dislocated but luckily there are no signs of paralysis (anymore).

Backflip Gymnastics News РCarina Hasen̦hrl injured


photo – V. Minkus, FIG

surfing movie – Riding Giants

I was so impressed with director Stacy Peralta’s skateboard documentary Dogtown and Z-boys that I immediately got his next film, Riding Giants (2004).

The film profiles Greg Noll, Laird Hamilton, and Jeff Clark, fantastic athletes I’d never heard of before. These three invented modern big wave surfing and tow-in surfing by having the courage to try things no one else had ever done.

It’s inspiring. Peralta is one brilliant film maker.

To see the trailer click PLAY or watch the video on YouTube.

Riding Giants – Wikipedia

30 medals to 14 countries – World Cup


Even with many conspicuously missing athletes, this is a great sign for the sport!

Cups and Medals

Wajdi Bouallegue (TUN) was the first Arab gymnast yet to qualify for a WC Final. Congratulations!

After a very successful meet, Brazil is ready to celebrate Christmas!

Crowds were good and the competition a success by all reports.

GymMedia posted an excellent wrap-up page with full results and photos of many of the winners:

13th World Cup Final finished a very hard year of competitions! – GymMedia

As at World Championships, GymMedia had by far the best coverage on the internet.

photo Brazilian FX winners – Lais SOUZA bronze (left) and gold medalist Daiane DOS SANTOS

what’s wrong with gymnastics (and other sports with subjective judging)

I’m too fatigued with the issue to read all the comments on this post. But if you are still keen on the topic …

Gymnastics is certainly a sport, but there’s something kooky about a sport where the results are determined by judges who can sometimes give out baffling scores.

The Yin Blog: Olympics: What’s wrong with gymnastics (and other sports with scoring judges)

FIG – World Cup coverage

FIG-banner.jpgThe FIG website is not one I normally like. Generally it is messy and content dull.

But they have a good page up for the World Cup. It includes interviews, news coverage, information on organizers and — best of all — more (small) photos by official photographer Volker Minkus.

FIG РF̩d̩ration Internationale de Gymnastique РWorld Cup Final 2006 РBrazil

If interested ONLY in the photos, you are better to go directly to the website.

indoor skydiving

I went to check out the indoor skydiving at Flyaway, Las Vegas.

It’s expensive if you just show up at the door. Get a group of people together and book a time in advance for a good price.

The video clips of advanced flyers look great. They can flip and twist as can real skydivers.

But beginners are limited in what they are allowed to do — basically just spin like a turntable.


Procedure: It involves floating on a column of high-speed air inside a tube-like chamber. training session includes a five-minute video, you’re taught the proper posture: back arched, arms above your head and legs slightly bent. It seems easy, but once you get into the chamber, there are so many fluctuations.

Precaution : People with neck or shoulder problems, or previous shoulder separations should avoid it.

Adventure Blog – SkyVenture, Orlando

video of beginner at Flyaway in Las Vegas – Google video

Cheng Fei wins vault, again

China’s Cheng Fei took gold on vault winning by a margin of almost 0.5.

It’s nice to see a vault / floor specialist from China. Those are traditionally the weak events.

Cheng, Tweedle win gold in gymnastics World Cup Final in Brazil – Sports – International Herald Tribune


more photos –

Two Canadians on podium – World Cup Final

World-Cup-FX.jpgAfter missing the Final last year due to scheduling conflicts, Kyle Shewfelt took the silver medal on Floor Exercise joined by team-mate Brandon O’Neill in third.

Kyle congratulates winner Diego Hypolito who was under tremendous pressure competing in his own country. Diego delivered.

photo – Sam Sanford Blades

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