management of gymnastics clubs

In Canada most gyms are operated by an elected Board of Directors.

In some clubs, Boards delegate operations to a “Business Manager” or “General Manager” or even a “Head Coach”. Ideally there is no confusion over who is responsible to make any given decision.

BG-dilbert.gifUnfortunately, there are often serious problems with this management structure. I can name dozens of coaches who quit clubs not because of what was happening with athletes, but due to unhappiness with Board decisions.

I believe the Canadian model is doomed to failure, long-term:

» Board members are too transient, resigning when their child drops out of gym

» Board members first loyalty is to their child, as it should be

» Board members are often not the most qualified people to make decisions, but they have the authority to make decisions

Personally, I have worked with some wonderful Boards and have never had a major conflict in over 25-years. I tried hard to make it work with each Board of Directors.

But many clubs do have serious problems sooner or later.

What can we do?

I feel we need to move to an ownership model, the norm in the USA. The full-time coaches should be part owners in the gym as a business. Decisions are made by the owners. Parents are customers that can choose to buy in to the service, or not.

A handful of clubs in Canada are structured this way, with full or part ownership by coaches. Champions in Edmonton, Gymtastics in Calgary, Gymnastics Adventure in Regina to name a few.

I believe clubs owned by coaches will be more stable, long-term. Coaches who have a financial stake in the club will be more committed.

Parents need not feel conflicted between what is best for their child, and what is best for the club. They should do what is best for the gymnast.

If I am right the change in management model is inevitable. It will not be easy. It will take time.

I recall the day one club (in financial trouble) offered to sell me the assets and liabilities for one dollar. Perhaps I should have accepted.

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gymnastics coach – Christopher Sommer

I took a boys team to the Peter Vidmar competition in Los Angeles in 2004. (photos)

Christopher Sommer’s gymnasts from Desert Devils, Mesa AZ were the most impressive I saw at the meet. I immediately introduced myself and congratulated his athletes.

As a coach, Sommers emphasizes conditioning. It showed in his athletes!

Check the website for a wealth of conditioning articles.

A good starting point is this article:

Building an Olympic Body through Bodyweight Conditioning, by Christopher Sommer


Joe Eigo

Eigo.jpgToronto gymnastics coach Gary Legault has discovered more than his fair share of talent.

One of the best was Joe Eigo. Eigo is now one of Jackie Chan’s stuntmen and worked as an Orc in Lord of the Rings.

Eigo combines gymnastics, martial arts — and often puts it on the street. This guy is fit.

There are plenty of Joe Eigo video clips on YouTube. Or you could check Eigo’s home page for the latest news.

Seems Eigo is super-fueled by a special Tahitian drink called Noni.

gymnastics in China

Shichahai 04

Originally uploaded by

Shichahai Sports School in Beijing 2006. China is getting ready for the Olympics 2008!

Natalie Behring has 14 good photos posted on Flickr.

Find more good photos by searching for “gymnastics” and selecting the “most interesting” option.

Flickr is an amazingly useful and friendly site.

Why Gymnastics? – Bill Sands

The definitive article by the most prolific gymnastics researcher in the world — Dr. Bill Sands.

Many times I have photocopied this article for distribution to parents and coaches. It is superb.

Bill answers the question, scientifically; What are the benefits of gymnastics?

It was published in the March 1999 issue of Technique, Vol. 19, No. 3.

What are the benefits of Gymnastics?

Funtastics Gymnastics, Couer d’Alene

June 19-26th I am again booked to coach at the wonderful FUNtastics training camp in Couer d’Alene, Idaho. This will be my 4th year.

Why is this summer camp so great?

The focus is FUN. How much FUN can a gymnast have in a day? We try to push the known limits.

So what happens to kids who train mainly for FUN? They are awesome! Funtastics is one of the strongest teams in their region. This gym is on exactly the right track.


You can get an idea of how it looks by checking photos of past FUNtastics camps.