video – spotting Pak – part 2

Quite a bit of discussion was generated when spotting Pak (part 1) was posted on this site.

Many gyms are just introducing this excellent skill.

At a coaching clinic Patrick Carmichael came up with a foolproof spotting method when introducing the skill to beginners. The youngest kids on this footage (demonstrators) had no concept of what “Pak” meant before we filmed them.

Click PLAY or watch the video on YouTube.

Pat is one of the excellent young coaches I like to profile on this blog. He has a command of the art and science of coaching well beyond his years. Pat is coaching full-time at the Island Gymnastics Academy in Charlottetown, PEI.

Gymnast TV – men’s gymnastics

I’ve long awaited “gymnastics TV”. And here it is.


But this show is far different than I imagined.

1996 USA Gymnastics Olympic Team Member and Hall of Famer Mihai Bagiu takes you behind the scenes with Brett Brown for unique interviews with some of the world’s top gymnasts, past and present. Only 2 more years until Beijing. The countdown to Olympic gold has started!


The interviews are long and in depth. Mostly the top men in the USA. The focus is on the gymnasts as people, far more than the gymnastics. It’s definitely worth checking out!

Click PLAY to see the promo clip or watch it on YouTube.

See more on GymnastTV or search for “GymnastTV” on iTunes.

Episode 2 is a great in-gym feature with US Champion Artemev and his father.

circus schools

I’ve heard good things about a youth circus school in St. Paul, MN called Circus Juventas.

Since my gymastics club is considering starting “circus classes”, I did a little research on their website. And some other circus school sites.

About Circus Juventas.

Circus training seems ideal for the kind of kids who love to perform, but not compete.

from St. Paul Winter Carnival

skateboarding – insane BIG AIR – X Games 12

I was surprised to see how well the best in the world handled the new mega Big Air ramp at X Games this summer. It looks far too dangerous. Especially from the 80ft-high roll in.

Great- Wall-of-China-jumping Danny Way is still the man. He is starting to make his gainer back somersault look easy.

I won’t blame you if you skip this one. But click PLAY if you want to see the insanity. Or watch insanity on YouTube.

Grant Golding

Today Gymnastics Canada Gymnastique confirmed the seven member men’s team for next month’s world championships in Aarhus, Denmark. The team is Nathan Gafuik (U of Calgary), Grant Golding (U of Calgary), Ken Ikeda (Abbostford Twisters), David Kikuchi (Alta), Brandon O’Neil (Capital City), Kyle Shewfelt (U of Calgary), and Adam Wong (Calgary Gymnastics Center).

2006 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships – Gymnastics Canada

The Canadian team is one to be reckoned with. They have never been stronger.

Interesting sidebar is Grant Golding who went to Cirque du Soleil for months of training (after Pacific Alliance) and is back on the National Team roster. One day he may be a performer in a show — but for now look for him at Worlds in Denmark.


video – Xiao Tingting 6 releases

One day to win Bars you will need multiple release parts.

Chinese gymnast Xiao Tingting shows 6 in one routine (counting Pak) in a 2006 World Cup competition in Shanghai. Not surprisingly she took the gold in this her first international event.

No doubt she is the first to include in one routines Tkatchev to Gienger; Hindorff; Jaeger, and Comaneci.

Click PLAY to see the future. Or watch the video on YouTube.

Thanks Jess.

gymnast “statue” – body preserved in plastic

Click on the thumbnail photo of the gymnast on beam for a more educatioinal look.

Originally uploaded by kevinv033â„¢.

On the recommendation of sport scientist Jenni McNeal, we visited the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul for the BODY WORLDS exhibition.

We saw 200 authentic human specimens, including entire bodies, preserved through the process of Plastination, a technique that replaces bodily fluids and fat with plastic.

The purported goal of the exhibit is to “educate the public about the inner workings of the human body”. But it is ghoulish fascination which has been drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors to this and 2 other touring shows.

more photos of the Body World exhibits on Flickr