coaching jobs

Where I live there is a big shortage of gymnastics coaches.

Now is a good time to jump into a full-time position in Western Canada. Send me an email (top right corner of the home page says “Email Us” if you are looking.

My own club, for example, needs a full-time Recreation Director pronto. On the job training provided.

I’ve long compared the starting salaries of gymnastics coaches with new teachers. The gap is closing steadily.

tumbling downhill

Tumbling downhill is standard progression for beginners — but I know it could be used much more with advanced athletes. Speed training, similar to that used by sprinters.

The best apparatus I ever built was a 40ft tumbling floor, slanted at about 10 degrees, constructed out of plywood. (I wish I had a photo.) It worked great!

For fun, tumble downhill on sand or grass.

George Novak, Ica, Peru. The world’s highest sand dunes.

building a “trampoline board”

Those I have designed (foam, shoes & duct tape) never survive more than a few weeks.

Those constructed out of an old skateboard, I fear will damage the tramp bed. The padding tends to disintegrate.

Have you built a good one? Have you ever seen one sold commercially? If so, leave a comment below.

Woodward West Action Sports Camp

wheel gymnastics

As a kid I remember playing around in a “German Wheel”.

Coach Doug Taylor bought one and would bring it out to our gymnastics events. He even took it on the road and charged people a few bucks to try it.

Recently, it has become even more popular in the circus. I love it!

Did you know there was a World competition in “Wheel Gymnastics”?

Details on this page.


circus – Gypsy Roze – Alicia Schultze

Alicia.jpgScott Whiteside introduced me to Alicia Schultze, a circus flyer, while on tour with Motley Crue. She had popped into the local gym in Lethbridge for a workout.

This is one seriously fit athlete with serious circus background. See video.

I learned that many of the top music acts are adding Cirque-type performers to their stage shows. Alicia has toured with Busta Rhymes, Outkast, The Roots, De LA Soul, and the Rolling Stones.

.: Gypsy Roze – Alicia Schultze – Bio :.

video – pommel mushroom & tire tube

Shaping Skills with Drills

Once boys learn circles on the mushroom, they need drills to improve height. They need an incentive to lean the shoulders as far as possible.

There are many ways to do this, but a quick, safe and easy way is use a tire tube.

gymnastics – Pommel Mushroom – Altadore Gym Club on Vimeo

I taped this drill — so simple it works — at Altadore Gym Club. The coaches are Miguel Costante and Richard Herb.

Obviously you cannot use the tube unless the gymnast can stay stretched.