trampoline – La Nouba

The best trampoline act I’ve ever seen is in La Nouba, Cirque du Soleil, in Orlando. It includes a lot of backdrop skills into, onto and on top of a 3-story “building”. (We did a lot of this kind of “spiderman” work at Taiso in Saskatoon over the years.)

The two feature trampolinists are fantastic. Coach Mathew Sparks gave me a tour of the set last month. Wow!

You can watch a brief video on the La Nouba site. This show includes trick bikes too. Cool.

movie – Stick It – a success

10m.jpgGymnasts like it. And the new gymnastics movie has been a financial success — but critic Peter Sobczynski calls it a “brainless and soulless example of marketing masquerading as moviemaking”.

One wag took this as a compliment.

Seems this little movie did some creative advance work with a sophisticated MySpace page.

Disney also packaged a special mailing of the “Stick It” trailer and the Missy Elliott video “We Run This” to International Gymnast magazine’s 30,000 subscribers.

Savvy Gym Clubs organized Stick It parties for their teams. GymnasticsZone posted a positive review, from a gymnastics perspective.

I am happy for the success of the film, but am already slightly dreading “Stick It, Again.”

photo – heart jump

Wonderful photo, don’t you think?

heart jump

Larger version on GrinnellGirl’s photostream.

I found it on flickr using a cool search page by Air Tight Interactive.

If you want to use a flickr photo in a project (as I am here) first check the copyright restrictions. In this case the photo is in limbo, source unknown. Add a comment if you know where it comes from.