video – spotting a fall from H Bar

Coach Kurt shows quick reflexes slowing down a gymnast who slips from horizontal bar.

But this lad looks like he is competing skills he cannot yet do well.

Click PLAY or watch the video on YouTube.

Catching athletes after a real “ping” (slipping at the bottom of the swing) from bar or rings is nearly impossible. This gymnast lost his grip on the upswing.

training “beast skills”

James Bathurst hosts an interesting website called devoted to his personal strength training.

I wanted to share what I’ve learned and help those with similar interests in strength. I called it “Beast Skills” because the page deals with those skills which seem impossible, or “beastly” — one arm chin-ups, handstand pushups, planches, etc.

Here’s a sample: learning “the Flag”.

straight flag.jpg

4 Olympics – Chusovitina is amazing!

chusovitina_oksana.jpgIs Oksana Chusovitina of Uzbekistan the most impressive gymnast of all time?

I think so.

At age 31, she is the only female four-time Olympic gymnast. She’s won medals at major competitions from 1991 through to a Bronze on Vault at Worlds 2006.

She’s competed for the Unified Soviet team, Uzbekistan and Germany.

The 31-year-old Chusovitina has lived and trained in Cologne for the past several years. She applied for citizenship in the spring of 2006 and was approved in time for Worlds.

Chusovitina to Compete for Germany
– International Gymnast

What a career! So far …

“I am strong and I could possibly compete in London Olympics,” Chusovitina said jokingly. “I think the young gymnasts should be afraid of me. I got a family and has a seven-year-old son and I have everything now.”

quoted in China View

aerial arts

For those who want to fly, Steven Santos posts answers to frequently asked questions on

This is a superb resource for those wanting to know more about aerial acts: Russian Swing, Silks, Trapeze, Cloud Swing, etc.

It’s part of a bigger project under development, the Simply Circus wiki.

Certainly the more widely distributed this information, the better.

Suspending people in mid-air is inherently dangerous. Damage to persons and property, including death, can result. This FAQ is an attempt to share knowledge and experience and to promote safety. But do not rely on anything you read here without verifying its accuracy and applicability to what you are doing.

The last section — Finding videos on the internet — is particularly useful.

CLICK PLAY to see a lovely Aerial Contortion in Silk performance by Cirque du Soleil Quidam’s Isabelle Chassé — or watch the video on YouTube.

use a foam pit to learn inverted skills

I’ve seen video (Kaspars Garda aka TopEvil) of cyclists trying to learn back flip on dirt by the throw-and-go method.

That’s just stupidity.

Set up a jump into water. Or learn it at a camp with a foam pit.

Forward and backward flips on a bike are not that difficult if you have the right bike, protective gear, a trampoline coach and a safe environment in case of mistakes.

Check out a guy learning a no handed front correctly — into a foam pit at Woodward West Action Sport camp. He has enough speed and confidence to go for good height.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

more posts on Woodward West in California

Thanks George.

Ryan Sheckler: Extreme Skateboarding

Ryan.jpgAt 16-years-old, Ryan Sheckler is already a superstar of extreme sports.

He has his own shoe, toured with Tony Hawk, and has a long list of corporate sponsors. Sheckler is the youngest ever to win a gold medal at X Games (“SBX Park”).

No acrobatic sport has done a better job of marketing than skateboarding. We have much to learn from them.

Ryan Sheckler: Extreme Skateboarding Millionaire Icon at 16

official website – Ryan Sheckler

Chinese head coach on 2008 Olympics


Chinese gymnastic head coach Huang Yubin shrugged off their eight gold triumph in the Arhus world championships on Tuesday, expecting tougher challenge in the 2008 Olympic Games.

“Of course we are very happy to see the result, especially after the Athens waterloo,” … “But our ultimate goal is the Beijing Olympic Games. There is still two years to go and many things could change as what we experienced over the Athens Games,” he said.

The Chinese squad collected a sole men’s pommel horse gold medal in the 2004 Olympics, a heavy blow to domestic pre-game expectation and a team which won five titles in the 2003 world championships in Anaheim.

Huang contributed the success to their correct understanding of the new rules, which was first introduced into a world championships in Arhus.

“I think we enjoy the temporary leading position because we studied the new judging system maybe earlier than the other teams and therefore understand it better.

“But after the championships, they would learn more about the rules and train better. I believe they would catch up soon.” Huang said.

Gym coach Huang expects tougher challenge in 2008

video – circus gymnastics

Michael Sanders put together a cute montage of kids doing circus activities at summer gymnastics camp: juggling, magic, unicycle, and the always dangerous slack rope.

Since we are looking to offer circus gymnastics classes at my club sometime in the future, I was intrigued.

To see Cirque du SMGC click PLAY, or watch the clip on YouTube (where it often seems to stream better).

Now, I am still waiting to see someone muscle-up on to a slack rope from underneath. I believe it impossible. (Could you kip?)