video – Grace Taylor – Shannon Miller

I had never heard of Grace Taylor before the NCAA Championships.

She immediately caught my eye, a favourite of the audience as well.

A rookie with Florida, defending Champions Georgia, people know her NOW after a Silver on Beam in Salt Lake City and an interview by Shannon Miller.

Click PLAY or watch Grace on YouTube.

See more of Shannon’s online TV show on

By the way, Is Shannon great, or what?

She’s most decorated American gymnast ever with 7 Olympic medals and 9 Worlds medals. Though gymnast are notoriously anaerobic, Shannon ran the 2006 New York Marathon in 4:17.

She’s got her own TV show, Gymnastics USA with Shannon Miller, on CN8, The Comcast Network.

Now, she and Peter Korman are heading up Texas Sports Ranch summer gymnastics camp.

Texas-Sport-Ranch.jpg – official website

Rhythmic Gymnastics in Second Life?

FaerieDevilish posted a Second Life gymnastics image, the first I have heard about. (Not being a Second Life player.)

She’s from Mexico, known as Mariel V in-world.

I will have fun playing around with Photoshop and this snapshot; meanwhile, the whole magic relies on the light particles and her grace.

Your world, your flexibility, your imagination 🙂

(pssst: it’s a ring split leap)

…Rhythmics in SL? II on Flickr


video – amazing acrobatic shadow puppets

This video has been circulating the internet via email.

Click PLAY or watch the video clip on YouTube.

Thanks Dave.

UPDATE: This is the award winning Pilobolus Dance Theater out of Connecticut.

Click PLAY to see them in a commercial for the Hyundai Sante Fe or watch it on YouTube. (Hey Hyundai, great viral marketing!)

Thanks dirtypandabear.

gymnastics credit card

In Canada you can sign up for a gymnastics credit card with a percentage of the revenue going back to support the Associations.

Mosaik MasterCard is a card like no other because you’re like no other customer. Customize your card with the rewards, interest rate plan, protection and services you want while still getting the included features you need.

BMO Bank of Montreal – Mosaik MasterCard

$80 annual fee applies to the Gold Reward Option.

$25 annual fee applies to the Low Rate Option. Ongoing interest rate, payment period and annual fee are subject to change.


Seems like a good fund-raiser. Leave a comment if you have signed on and have some feedback.

Or if you have seen similar credit card plans.

video highlights Sports Acrobatics Worlds

My favourite “gymnastics” sport to watch in 2007 is Sports Acrobatics. It’s the epitome of flexibility, strength, somersaulting and twisting.

Yeesh, they are even doing bar “release moves”.

It’s well worth watching a 9min highlights clip from Worlds 2006 in Coimbra, Portugal.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

summer gym camp – Saskatchewan

I spent many happy years coaching at Emma Lake Gymnastics Camp in the wilds of the Canadian Shield in Saskatchewan.

That camp lapsed after Taiso Head Coach Kelly Thompson headed East with his family. (No one else had Kelly’s energy putting the camp together.)

Happily Randy McMullen, Head coach of the club in Prince Albert, has resurrected the Emma Lake Camp. Call Randy at (306) 922-4812 if you want to know more.


are backyard trampolines safe?

Rick McCharles.

I think NOT.

In evidence I took a bike ride around an upper middle class Canadian neighbourhood and took anonymous photos of home trampolines.

Does this look safe to you?


Manufacturers claim the trampolines are safe when set-up properly and supervised.

Fact is they are rarely set-up properly and even more rarely supervised.

Backyard trampolines should be outlawed.

more backyard trampoline photos – flickr

Olympic torch burns atop Everest

UPDATE – Olympic torch burned well on the highest mountain in the world.

(via The Adventure Blog)

==== original post Nov. 5, 2006:

Beijing is planning to take the Olympic Flame to Mount Everest as a stage on the Olympic Torch Relay to Beijing, an event of major symbolic importance starting by March, 2008. CTMA stated there will be a trial run of the torch ceremony on the mountain next spring.

Everest – Mount Everest by climbers, news

117705.jpgThis is a gutsy move for China considering the amount of world media HEAT they will be taking over their invasion of Tibet in 1951.

And especially in light of the defenseless Tibetan refugees shot by the Chinese army recently, close to Everest.

Beijing had best plan for some good publicity, as well. Perhaps have goodwill envoy Jackie Chan carry it to base camp.

(via The Adventure Blog)

International Gymnastics Hall of Fame inductees

2007 Induction Ceremony, May 11, 2007, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.

… We will conduct our 11th annual induction dinner. The Class of 2007 all represent the highest possible achievement in our sport, and are so deserving of this recognition. The Board is pleased to announce the names of those to be honored:

The Class of 2007:

• Simona Amanar (Romania)
• Eberhard Gienger (Germany)
• Yelena Davydova (Russia)
• Shigeru Kasamatsu (Japan)

Gymbrooke Sports News » International Gymnastics Hall of Fame

Eberhard Gienger, Nadia Comaneci, Simona Amanar, and Yelena Davydova inductees.jpg

The names of Gienger and Kasamatsu are particularly well-remembered for important skills named after them.

Eberhard Gienger has had a most eventful life, eventually becoming a member of the German Parliament (CDU).