chaining gymnastics equipment securely

Thanks to the wonder of YouTube, rare events like this one are captured:

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

The gymnast hurt her foot during this accident and did not finish the meet. But has no major injury, according to comments on the video.

Several years ago at Altadore Gymnastics we added a second floor plate on each chain. That way — we hope — if one floor plate pulls out of the ground, the second floor plate will catch the chain and prevent the bars from falling completely.

(via Gymnastics – Equipment Malfunction at Dutch Competition)

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  • 7 minute freefall at 770MPH

    A DAREDEVIL ex-SAS soldier is to attempt a record-breaking skydive — from 120,000ft.

    Movie stuntman Steve Truglia, 40, will jump from a hot air balloon 24 miles up on the edge of space. …

    He will freefall for seven minutes before opening his parachute, and could break the 770mph sound barrier as he hurtles towards the ground. No human has ever travelled at such a speed outside an aircraft — and Steve has no idea how his body will react.

    He will need a pressurised space suit in temperatures of -100°C and risks going into an 800 revolutions per second spin.

    But Steve, of East London, said: “It’s the last great challenge left on Earth. Obviously it will be dangerous. We’re playing with a lot of unknowns. But it’s my job to assess risk and I don’t believe the problems are insurmountable.”

    Steve is a veteran of 1,200 jumps with 21 SAS Regiment and the Royal Marines. He has since co-ordinated stunts in Bond films.

    Daredevil’s super skydive

    The End Skydive.jpg

    Space Jump – official website

    (via Uncooped)

    the only Olympic Rhythmic Gymnast from Asia

    In Canada we think our Olympians have it rough. Others have it far tougher:

    Shin Soo-ji won the top place in the competition to select the rhythmic gymnasts to represent South Korea in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, held at Korea National Sport University on Feb. 3. In the 28th Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships in September last year, Shin placed herself on the 17th rank and succeeded in getting the ticket to the Olympics which is given only to top 20 gymnasts.

    For South Korea, this is the first time in 16 years since the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games that it has won the ticket to Olympics in rhythmic gymnastics. Shin Soo-ji is the only Asian gymnast to compete in the Beijing Olympics.


    … Last year she spent about 200 days abroad to take part in 12 competitions and trainings.

    For the moment the biggest enemy for the young gymnast is money. Training in Russia costs 300,000 won per day, and she had been handling it personally. Recently her parents closed their installment savings.

    All her suits she wears in competitions are second-hand items. Unable to afford the suits priced above 2 million won per set, she bought ones previously worn by Russian gymnasts.

    A small amount of rice, fruits and six nutrition pills per meal are all she eats a day. In the prime of growth, she is tempted by delicious food, but the sad reality says she shouldn’t eat them. When I have something I want to eat, I comfort myself looking at the pictures of food on the Internet, she said. …

    Korean Rhythmic Gymnast to Compete in Beijing – BBC

    Gymnastics World Cup – Doha, Qatar

    I’m excited to see events hosted in Arabic countries. Sport is one of the best ways to break down barriers.

    And who wouldn’t want to compete here:



    Yet there are very few female gymnasts coming:

    The event will see participation of 109 male and 29 female gymnasts from 38 countries. …

    Croatia’s Robert Seligman, France’s Yann Cucherat in parallel bars, Greece’s Dimosthenis Tampakos, a Olympic gold medalist, Italy’s Igor Cassina, Japan’s Hiroyuki Tomita, Netherlands’ Lambertus Van Gelder in ring, Germany’s Oksana Chusovitina and Tunisia’s Wajdi Bouallegue are some of the top gymnasts who will be seen in action during this three-day event. …

    March 4-6th – Artistic Gymnastics World Cup – official website

    Only 29 female competitors?

    I have a theory that the current code of points may eventually fail for an unexpected reason. That too few of the member nations of FIG will be able to field athletes.

    Even the top 12 nations qualified for the Team Olympics are having problems putting together a competitive team for Beijing.

    How long can it be before disgruntled nations force rules change to allow them to be more competitive on the world stage? FIG elections are one nation, one vote.

    gymnastics – bars – Tkachev photos

    Mexico hosted some sort of gymnastics gala. It included top gymnasts in the world including Ivan Ivankov and Alina Kozich.

    Elsa Garcia, of Mexico, performs on the uneven bars during the Gala Gimnastica gymnastics event in Mexico City, Sunday, March 2, 2008.

    (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

    (AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)

    Nastia Liukin competes during the uneven parallel bars event of the American Cup gymnastics competition Saturday, March 1, 2008, in New York.

    more gymnastics pics – ESPN photo wire

    Gymnopolis Gym Survey

    The excellent members-only Gymnopolis discussion group asks that you fill in a survey about your gymnastics club:

    The Gymnopolis Gym Survey is designed to help Parents locate the right gym for their training gymnast. Your participation in the survey can help parents if they relocate or move and need to find a new gym for training a gymnast in the family. Parents as well as Coaches and Gym Owners are welcome to fill out this form. Give your best estimates on any questions with a numerical answer required. Your answers are completely confidential and anonymous.

    Gymnopolis Gym Survey

    We will post any results of interest to coaches here on Gymnastics Coaching.

    UCLA gymnastics coach Art Shurlock

    When I was a young coach, Art Shurlock welcomed us Canadians into his gym many times.

    I particularly remember Christmas 1983 just before Los Angeles hosted the 1984 Olympics. In his gym over the holidays were Vidmar, Dagett, Gaylord and many other greats.

    I have terrific admiration for Art Shurlock the man, and the coach.

    UCLA may no longer have an NCAA Men’s Competitive Gymnastics Team, but Art is going strong at age-70.


    International Gymnast Magazine

    Courtney Kupets – Achilles tendon tear

    GRQIQQNKYETUNSD.20071025200644.jpgWhat a shame.

    This is the two time defending NCAA Champion’s second Achilles injury, both times tumbling on Floor.

    Her recovery the first time was amazing.

    As I wrote recently, “if there is such a thing as a ‘good’ serious injury, it’s a complete Achilles tendon tear.” Courtney could come back again — but not this season.

    What a shame.

    … This doesn’t bode that well for the Georgia Gym Dogs, who are hosting this year’s NCAA Championships and are favored despite pressure from perennial no. 2 Utah. But this team has proven itself incredibly well under pressure — last season it lost seniors Kelsey Ericksen and Ashley Kupets to injury before the NCAA tournament and still managed to win. …


    Courtney Kupets – Georgia biography

    (via difficulty plus execution)

    UPDATE: In case you were wondering, it was Courtney’s other Achilles. Now both have been operated upon. (link)

    gymnastic competitors on the BIG screen

    Funastics Gymnastics hosts an annual competition in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho called the Great West Gym Fest. (You may have read something about it on this blog in the past.)

    One of the hundreds of nice features of this meet is the big screen powerpoint presentation identifying the current competitor. For once everyone knows exactly who is competing.

    Click PLAY or watch it in action on YouTube.

    One family — the Wrights — takes responsibility for displaying the correct slide with the correct competitor during finals. (Even when the order is changed due to “scratches”.)