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We’re big fans of the photo host — — the best social networking site of all.

You connect to others who have similar interests by finding their photos. You can even join “groups” like the “Gymnastics Group“.

Flickr is either free. Or US$25 / year for Pros if you want to upload a LOT of photos. (Unlimited right now.)

Someday all photos will be geotagged as they are date stamped today. Flickr already has that function though you normally need to geotag your own photos.


If you have high speed internet, you can check it out for yourself: Explore geotagged photos from the Gymnastics group on a Map

USA Diving Screensaver and Communicator

USA Diving does some great things. Yet when I attended American Championships in Indianapolis 2006 I was disappointed in how the competition was presented.

USA Gymnastics Championships in St. Paul 2006, in comparison, was far more spectacular, far better marketed.

This puzzles me. Diving should be a much bigger sport in the States.

To help promote diving, consider these nifty computer add-ons:

… download the USA Diving 2006-07 Communicator and the 2006-07 USA Diving Screensaver.

With the USA Diving Communicator you will always be one “click” away from the latest news and information from your USA Diving Team. With the USA Diving screensaver your screen will come alive with full-screen USA Diving Team action images.


The Communicator provides important breaking news, an RSS feed, countdown to Beijing timer and more.


USA Diving Screensaver and Communicator

gymnastics videos on Gym-Web

The future of gymnastics coaching is video. There is no shortage of good stuff on the internet, but finding exactly what you want is difficult.

Daryl Johnston edits a site with plenty of artistic gymnastics content. He even tries to post entire competitions as a series of YouTube clips.

For example, the 2007 American Cup is included:

This page has videos containing the whole coverage of a meet. I dont think any site on the net has a page like this so it’s very special. … These videos are mixed together mens and womens!

Gym-Web :: Gymnastics multimedia is now in your hands


Sébastien Foucan – Casino Royale

Have you seen the new James Bond film, Casino Royale?

The opening free running chase scene on foot is truly astounding. (I don’t know how James Bond kept up with Sébastien Foucan.)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.


Sébastien Foucan is the founder of free running.

Additionally, he has had influences on the art of parkour and is generally considered to be a “second generation” founder of parkour (second to David Belle). He is well known as an ambassador for free running to many countries and is generally considered to represent free running.

Well known for his views on the philosophy behind free running, he also stresses the need for proper training in the basics of free running, not only for safety, but also to maintain the positive appearance of the activity in the public eye.

S̩bastien Foucan РWikipediaa

Dew Action Sports Tour 2007

X-Games 13 are Aug. 2-5th again in Los Angeles

And the new Mountain Dew tour seems to be thriving. (Why can’t gymnasts get anywhere near this kind of prize money?)


Panasonic Open – June 21-24 – Baltimore, MD
Right Guard Open – July 19-22 – Cleveland, Ohio
Vans Invitational – Aug. 16-19 – Portland, Ore.
Toyota Challenge – Sept. 20-23 – Salt Lake City, Utah
PlayStation® Pro – Oct. 18-21 -Orlando, Fla.

… the ASPT Dew Tour, the Action Sports Pro Tour, debuted in June 2005, and consists of five major, multi-sport events with a cumulative points system, a $2.5 million competitive purse – the largest in action sports – and an additional $1 million bonus pool based upon year-end standings.

… The Tour features skateboarding (park and vert), BMX (park, vert, and dirt) and freestyle motocross, and at season’s end, the Tour awards champions in the six disciplines with the Dew Cup.

The ASPT Dew Tour name comes from the name of Mountain Dew, the Tour’s title sponsor.

Dew Action Sports Tour – Wikipedia

ASPT Dew Tour – official website


JMU drops both NCAA gymnastics teams

Coach Roger Burke is preparing one of his JMU gymnasts to compete in the Men’s NCAA championships starting April 12.

It must be tough coaching with the knowledge that both Men and Women’s Gymnastics teams will be dropped July 1st by James Madison University.

On Sept. 29, JMU announced it would drop seven men’s teams – archery, cross country, gymnastics, indoor track, outdoor track, swimming and wrestling – as well as three women’s teams – archery, fencing and gymnastics – because the school was not in compliance with Title IX, the 1972 law designed to guarantee equal opportunities for men and women.

I’m still confused. If Title IX is intended to help women’s athletics — why is the Women’s Team being cut?

Sounds like there is still a slight chance some of the sports may be saved at JMU.

The qualifying teams for Championships have been announced. Ohio, Oklahoma and Penn State are the top 3 seeds.

But how many years remain in the proud history of NCAA Championships if men’s teams continue to get dropped?


Field set for 2007 National Collegiate Men’s Gymnastics Championships