book – Biomechanics of Women’s Gymnastics

This classic book is still valuable today. Superb illustrations. The best description of artistry and technique available. Look for a copy in the library.

Biomechanics of Women’s Gymnastics, G. S. George, 1980. (Or is it 1979?)

I recall when it was first published I bought 10 copies to distribute to coaches in the gym!

It was that ground breaking at the time.

Cirque du Soleil signs Elvis

When the Beatles-inspired LOVE opens in a few days, Cirque will have 13 shows worldwide, five of them based in Las Vegas.

Insiders have told me that LOVE is fantastic. It will be a huge hit.

Just announced are 10 or more Elvis-themed Cirque touring and permanent productions around the world between 2008 & 2021.

CBC Arts: Cirque du Soleil all shook up over Elvis deal

The Cirque will need a lot of acrobatic performers in the coming years!

Everybody loves Elvis.

nutrition for the female athlete

By Dawn Weatherax, R.D.

Coaches Tips:

Team up with a Dietitian that specializes in sports nutrition to promote healthy eating for performance.

Have monthly presentations on nutrition related topics.

Promote a healthy (training) environment and avoid continuously putting emphasis on weight and performance, especially if you coach a sport that appearance is half the score. This could backfire and escalate disordered eating issues and increase injury rates.

Any athletes with special nutritional needs must see the Sports Nutritionist. This allows the Coach to be a Coach.

Must work as a team and have the same (team nutrition) philosophy.

Promote 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetable servings a day (At least 3-5 servings of vegetables).

Limit the freebies to one a day.

Take a pharmaceutical grade calcium supplement starting around age 12 (Consult Dietitian for earlier ages). Recommend four tablets per day that provides 800 mg/d elemental calcium (as calcium citrate and carbonate), 400mg/d elemental magnesium (as magnesium citrate and oxide), 400 IU/d vitamin D3, boron and silicon, (two additional minerals thought to be essential for bone health, in trace amounts) 1.33 mg/d and 9 mg/d respectively.

Take a pharmaceutical grade multivitamin/mineral supplement specific to age.

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Do you know this image? It’s the new nutrition MyPyramind, updated in 2005

Danny Way bomb drops giant guitar

“This, by far,” he said, “is the scariest thing I’ve ever done.”


Danny Way dropped in off the 78ft-high guitar in front of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on Apr 6th, 2006.

Way’s new world record for longest skateboarding free fall is 28ft. The old mark was 12ft, 3.6in.

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TV – Gymnastics USA with Shannon Miller

tnhomemiller.jpgFormer World Champion Shannon Miller has her own show on CN8, the Comcast Network that airs only in Northeastern markets including New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Boston, reaching a total of 7.1 million cable homes on the east coast.


Shannon is the most decorated American gymnast, male or female, in history. She’s done it all.

I wish I could see her show but it is not yet streamed on the internet