WORLD GYM CALENDAR Stuttgart – Beijing

Ronny Ziesmer is a German gymnast who was paralyzed just before the 2004 Olympics, under-rotating a Tsukahara double back vault.

But Ronny’s still very involved in the sport.

As a fund-raiser for nerve cell regeneration research, he’s produced a gymnastics calendar that could be used as a prize in gym clubs. If ordering more than 100 calendars your club logo will be added.

issued by

‘Since my accident just before the Olympic Games in July 2004 my life has changed totally. As a gymnasts, fighting for technical perfection in all dimensions, you tend not to think about risks. But now I live in a completely different world. The first thing that impressed me when I became paraplegic was the solidarity shown by many people, who give up a lot to help handicapped people.

Please support the project!”

Ronny Ziesmer, Germany
Former member of German 2004 Olympic and National Team
Diversity Ambassador “European Year of Equal Opportunities for All” – 2007

International Version cover

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my gym club CANNOT be 40yrs old

logo.jpgI must be ancient.

Altadore Gymnastics in Calgary, Canada is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary since being founded by Jim McLuskey so long ago.

Nov. 3rd – OPEN HOUSE 3-5PM. Request silent auction item in lieu of entry charge.

Nov. 10th – 40th ANNIVERSARY PARTY & Silent Auction.

Altadore – official website

gymnastics – preventing RIPS on the hands

At a gymnastics coaching weekend in Brooks, Alberta, we had a lengthy discussion about prevention and (inevitable) management of rips on bars and horizontal bar.

On this site are a number of posts on that topic:

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  • Here’s something new.

    The Pickaway County YMCA Gymnastics Team:

    Each gymnast must bring their own rip kit in their gym bag for every practice. This kit should include the following: nail clippers, tweezers, manicure scissors, gauze pads, Band-aids, Neosporin or an antibiotic cream, and gymnastics tape. …

    Their web page has more good tips: rips

    For me, prevention is the highest priority. At the clinic we did many drills on the safety strap bar, floor bar, low bar from trampoline and bar games — all of which had a low risk of hand rips.

    The fewer of these we see, the better.


    (via kaycie on the Gym Chat forum) – topic Community rip/nail scissors, nail clippers personal products

    new video – Skateboard Explained

    Featuring Pro Dan MacFarlane, filmed at Woodward Lake Owen, this would be the ideal primer for any acrobat wanting to start training for 2012 Olympics Vert.

    The instructional DVD … is currently available in stores like Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Target, Blockbuster and more.

    ~ Lake Owen Camp Action Sports Staff

    Skateboarding Explained”

    Skateboarding Explained – Amazon

    Skateboarding Explained – official website

    Lake Owen Camp

    Olympic Games for sale

    Before 1980, many IOC (International Olympic Committee) members paid their own expenses to attend annual meetings. The administrative offices in the Chateau de Vidy had fewer than 10 staff.

    World cities had to be begged to apply to host the Games after the financial disaster that was Montreal in 1976.

    Then the boycott of the 1980 Games in Moscow.

    Then the boycott of the 1984 Games in Los Angeles.

    Ted Turner started the Goodwill Games as an Olympic alternative. (Unfortunately they were discontinued in 2001.)

    Finally the L.A. Games in 1984, out of nothing, made a profit of well over US$200 million.

    The money began rolling in. By the Sydney Olympics in 2000, the IOC had a gross income of over US$4 billion for the quadrennial.

    How did an organization so undemocratic, so un-businesslike, turn it around?

    Much of the credit often goes to Dick Pound from Toronto, the front man in the steady stream of TV contracts and sponsorship deals with the world’s biggest corporations.

    1536027.jpgThe definitive book on the subject is award winning Selling The Five Rings: The IOC and the Rise of the Olympic Commercialism (2002) by Barney, Wenn and Martyn.

    But if you really want to get angry about the Olympic Movement, pick up the Lords of the Rings books:

    The Lord of the Rings: Power, Money and Drugs In the Modern Olympics.

    The New Lords of the Rings: Olympic Corruption and How to Buy Gold Medals

    video – Anna Bessonova, World Champion RG

    As we reported at the time, Anna from the Ukraine won Worlds, one of the few Gold medals not taken back to Russia.

    Kaja Harms posted a montage of training and competition footage. Kaja’s convinced that Anna has been underscored by RG judges in the past.

    Finally, FINALLY, Anna Bessonova became the World All-Around Champion. The best moment in Rhythmic Gymnastics in 10 years!

    Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

    full-time Men’s Coaches needed in Canada

    I’m always talking to people who would love to coach Men’s Gymnastics — but who tell me they cannot find jobs.

    … They end up coaching girls.

    Here’s your chance, guys.

    Tony Smith.jpgTony Smith is looking for two coaches at University of Calgary in Canada to work with him in their tremendously successful program. (Grant Golding, Kyle Shewfelt, Nathan Gafuik, many more)

    Both would likely be working with Tony and the Sr. Men’s Team, as well as coaching a group of their own young gymnast. Good possibility for international travel, as well.

    Tony would even be happy to mentor an ex-gymnast who wants to pursue a career in coaching.

    This is the best Men’s coaching opportunity I’ve heard of this year.

    If you want to know more, email Tony: asmit @

    ring strength training – for girls

    RING STRENGTH featuring Jordan Jovtchev is the best video of its kind. Superb.

    But Straight to the Bar alerted us to a Ring Push-ups video. With a woman demonstrator.

    I LOVE seeing female athletes using rings. They benefit even more than men.

    video linked from

    (via Straight to the Bar, Lean and Hungry Fitness, MarkFu’s Barbarian) … These links really make the rounds.

    video – goodbye Yelena Mukhina

    The 1978 World Champion died Dec. 22nd, 2006, 46-years-old.

    I had forgotten what a “big trick” gymnast she was. “A flyer, not a flower”, as Bela would say.

    This bittersweet montage may bring a tear to your eye.

    A montage for Yelena Mukhina, who recently passed away twenty-six years after being paralyzed in a floor accident. You will be missed, Yelena.


    Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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