Cirque du Soleil auditions – Montreal

An important theme of this site is promoting career opportunities for acrobats and acrobatic coaches. The leading employer is Cirque du Soleil though the number of other options is expanding.

Career opportunities like this are a great motivator for athletes.

The Cirque du Soleil Casting team is specifically seeking artists and athletes in the following disciplines:

Artistic, rhythmic and acrobatic gymnastics, circus arts, trampoline, tumbling, diving, synchronized swimming, martial arts, stunts, extreme sports (BMX, rollerblading, etc.), urban acrobatic disciplines (b-boy/hip-hop, urban movement, acrobat-dancers, etc.).

… Do you know any talented individuals interested in joining Cirque du Soleil? …

Auditions based on video demo submission.


casting @


new – TumblTrak LAUNCH PAD

This company introduces more new equipment than everyone else combined. And they’ve done it again.

Though I can’t find it (yet) on their website, I know the new air inflated mat is available for an introductory price of US$239. Almost a beatboard replacement, it looks like a lot of fun!

Email newsletter @ for details.


USASF World Cheerleading Championships – Orlando

Is this now the biggest and best competition in the world?

Dates: April 21-22, 2007
Location: Orlando, Florida
Venue: Cheer: The Milk House at Disney’s Wide World of Sportsâ„¢!
Venue: Dance: Disney’s MGM Studios

Confusing technical regulations change constantly in the fastest growing acrobatic sport in the world. Check the official website for details: 2007 Cheerleading & Dance Worlds

Ascension Eagles

best small town gymnastics facility anywhere?

Grande Prairie (pop. 50,000) has a sweet new gym with 24,000 sq ft of gym space.


GP-logo.jpgIs there a better gym in a more remote location anywhere?

Open – September 2005
… operated by the GP Gymniks Assoc., who did their own fundraising over the past decade to make this 5.5 million dollar project a reality. Partners in funding also include the City of Grande Prairie, Centennial Legacies Grant (Province of Alberta) and the Swan City Rotary Club.

Programs encompass participants 18 months of age and up. There are recreation programs, rug rat programs, parent and tots, preschool, recreation badge programs, tramp and tumbling programs… Summer camps, fall classes and other year round events means a facility hosting over 1300 participants, with over approximately 100 000 visits annually.

… With this world class facility, future plans are already under way for expanding programs such as adding rhythmic gymnastics and men’s equipment.

The Gymniks Club was founded some 30 years ago. It is a not-for-profit organization that has successfully has raised millions of dollars, recruited Olympic standard coaches and earned the respect of local, regional and provincial funding agencies.

City of GP – CKC Gymnastics Centre – City of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada



If you want to see the gym for yourself, it’s 456km NORTH of Edmonton.


video – Nadia sent to deep space

Viktor of pointed me to this story.

A video montage put together by Heather of was broadcast into space!

… transmissions will travel approximately 1-3 light years. … trillions of miles beyond the Solar System. …

… we hoped to send examples of the best and the brightest into outer space. Nadia’s accomplishment obviously fits that bill.”

“We can only continue to send messages and hope someone or something sees them and understands we have something valuable to offer the universe,” …

Nadia Comaneci’s Perfect Ten, broadcast into space from Cape Canaveral

Click PLAY or watch the clip on YouTube.

There are many more excellent videos on Heather’s ShanFan video montage page.

Trivia. The music is “Nadia’s Theme” by Barry de Vorzon & Perry Botkin. But I knew it first from the soundtrack to the film Bless the Beasts and Children — originally called “Cotton’s Dream” by The Carpenters.

USA Gymnastics summer camp directory

Almost 300 American camps are listed on the USA Gymnastics website. The format of the database has been much improved in recent years.

Gymnastics, Cheer, Trampoline, Tumbling, Action Sports, Rhythmic, Sports Acro and much more is offered.


The SEARCH function works well.


USA Gymnastics summer camp directory – 2007

Circus Smirkus summer camp

Interested in the circus?

One option is to try out a circus camp like this one in Vermont:


Choose from 2-day to 2-week residential sessions for ages 6 to 18, with beginning to advanced skillls.

Smirkling Camp
Two-day (one-night) introductory sleepaway camp for kids 6 to 8 years old.

Intro to Circus Camp
4-day introductory circus camp for kids ages 7 to 13 years old.

Smirkus Camp (Sessions I, II & III)
1- and 2-week sleep-away sessions for campers ages 8 to 15 with beginning to developing skill levels.

Intermediate Camp
For ages 10 to 16 who have previously attended Circus Camp for at least two seasons, or have equivalent skills.

Advanced Camp
Campers ages 14 to 18 with advanced circus skills audition for 45 places.

Circus Smirkus Summer Camp!

ROUND-OFF – problematic tumbling skill

Unfortunately, almost any beginner can do something that “looks” like a round-off.

Round-off is an easy tumbling skill to do badly.

Soon after — that same beginner will want to connect a back handspring or somersault. This is where coaches get in trouble.

The real problem is not the round-off, but the subsequent skill. Beginners cannot easily get into the correct position to connect.


Rik Feeney knows this problem well. He’s distributing a free .PDF document focused on teaching the round-off. To download it to your computer click here.

The illustrations are excellent.


If you like the free excerpt sample, buy a copy of Rik Feeney’s Back Handsprings – The Secret Techniques. And follow his carefully laid out program.

more Rik Feeney – books and articles