yet another adult gymnastics program in my town

I’ve moaned for years about the lack of opportunity for adults to do gymnastics in Calgary.

Last year one of the clubs dropped their adult program.

But this year one club added a program — Stampede City and now Jodie Bevis confirms Gymtastics (Tuesday nights 8:45-10PM) is running adult.

There’s more adult gym — at least 4 clubs in a city of 1 million — than ever before.

Is this a trend anywhere else?


By the way, I must say (again) how much I like the Gymtastics website and branding. Congratulations to owner Darlene “the bean” Fedyna. She’s built her club from nothing to one of the programs we all want to emulate.

more photos

It helps Darlene that she competes in the marketplace against clubs governed by elected Boards of Directors. Darlene can make bold decisions far more easily than can volunteer trustees. It’s the biggest weakness of the socialist Canadian gymnastics model.

you can do a James Bond stunt

Stuntman Wayne Michael’s bungie jump as Jame Bond from a 220m dam in GoldenEye was voted the best movie stunt of all time in one 2002 poll:

The jaw-dropping 750ft plunge beat scenes from classics such as Ben Hur and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade to top the Sky Movies poll.

GoldenEye opens with Pierce Brosnan’s 007 leaping from the dam attached to the bungee cord.

007’s bungee jump tops best movie stunt poll

No doubt you can name better movie stunts.

But can you name another you can duplicate yourself?

Head for the Verzasca dam in Switzerland if you want to be like Bond, James Bond.


This, one of the highest commercial jumps in the world, is run by Trekking Outdoor Team.

For fun click PLAY to watch the “GoldenEye” Theatrical Trailer on YouTube.

McCharles presentations at Region 2 Congress

Rick McCharles

Just getting prepared for my 4 sessions for Region 2 Gymnastics Congress (R2R), Spokane, Washington October 19—21, 2007.

  • Computers and the internet for coaches
  • Are computers just time-wasters? Or can they help you do a better job in the gym?

  • Have more FUN in the gym (the “science of fun”)
  • The Canadian gymnastics philosophy is Fun, Fitness, Fundamentals. First priority is Fun.

    An overview of dozens of activities that will make your gym a happier, more productive place.

  • Video presentation: Advanced gymnastics for boys and girls
  • Select gymnastics video clips you’ve likely not seen. Some are from Australia, some from the internet. Most time will be spent on unique drills used by British coach Paul Hall who had both male and female athletes competing at Worlds 2007.

  • Using circuits to teach floor and vault to class kids
  • The art and science of building circuits in the gym. Best practice.

    Detailing the BEST ways to utilize circuits in the gym is particularly fascinating to write-up, I’m finding. I will post this topic on Gymnastics Coaching after I present a similar Circuits session at the British Columbia Congress, end of October.

    Hope to see you at one or the other Congress.


    weight lifters are amazing jumpers

    As a young coach, I recall hearing this factoid. That at the Mexico City Olympic Games Dr. Yessis did a field test where the Olympic lifters had higher vertical jumps than Track and Field athletes.

    Finally, some visual evidence:


    Shi Zhiyong reacts to successfully clean and jerking 170 kg.

    larger original – flickr

    OK, maybe not this guy:

    larger original – flickr

    They are part of a huge collection of Chinese weight lifting photos posted by dehwang.

    Weightlifting – Wikipedia

    history of the Santa Monica Gymnastics Center

    Carol Luber posted some historical photos of herself, her sister Karen, her father Al and much, much more.


    Al Luber, owner of Santa Monica Gymnastics Center in his early years competing for UCLA. I believe they are from around 1967.


    Maya Kato and on a wooden balance beam competing at the Santa Monica Beach Gymfest …

    I still remember Maya from photos in International Gymnast magazine.

    Larger versions of these photos on Carol’s blog – Sparklehaus: Santa Monica Gymnastics Center

    Santa Monica Gymnastics Center – home page

    (via Gymnast Crossing) – History of Santa Monica Gymnastics Center

    what do you think of an air pit?

    JBS runs the Chalk Bucket forum. He posted a thread on this intriguing photo:



  • very clean
  • far less expensive than foam
  • somewhat force absorbent
  • easy to add mats to floor level and higher
  • Problems:

  • somewhat force elastic (risk of injury?)
  • could be punctured
  • risk of vandalism
  • durability?
  • At first glance I’d say no go. But I would need to to see it in action before I could render a final decision.

    If you have seen an air pit or know more about the concept, head over to
    The Chalk Bucket – Air Pits page and leave a comment.

    The same website that posted the air pit photo — Sport Loisirs Creation — from France has this illustration of an air filled vaulting “table” mat.:


    Great idea!

    I LOVE air matting in general, especially those made by Gordons, distributed by TumblTrak.


    But an air pit?

    Call me skeptical.

    Foam suspended on a net is still the safest.

    build your own handstand parallettes

    There could be no simpler instructions than the ones posted on


    Gymnastics Parallettes – DrillsAndSkills

    Need more detail?


    Parallettes are a gymnastics tool that simulate parallel bars — which are similar to dip bars. You can use a pair of parallettes to do wallstands, handstands, dips, ab exercises, and tons of other weird, gymnast stunts. The following tutorial explains the process of making your own parallettes. The entire process shouldn’t take more than an afternoon, and is quite inexpensive because it uses PVC pipe.

    complete instructions – Celtic Kane Online

    The best tutorial on how to use them is on American Gymnast: gymnastics – parallette training – free membership required.

    best Rhythmic photos anywhere

    I hung out with James Glader, a California based Rhythmic photographer, at USA Championships 2007. And immediately became a big fan of his work.

    Just a hint of James’ style from his US_NATIONALS_IMPRESSIONS collection:



    Even those who know nothing about Rhythmic gymnastics appreciate his photos. Check out: US_NATIONALS_IMPRESSIONS

    We added links to James’ Rhythmics photography site — RhythmicGymnastics1 — under Gymnastics Photos and Rhythmic on the right hand navigation.

    Of course he shoots much more than Rhythmic: