wall trampoline – Cirque’s La Nouba

I never got to Orlando to see Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba until 2006.

It blew me away.

I like best the the Cirque shows with huge acrobatic components. La Nouba, like Mystère in Vegas, is brilliant for a gymnastics fanatic.

Most gymnasts who see La Nouba want to try the trampoline act where artists literally launch through windows and to the top of the roof of a three-dimensional building. It’s nuts!

We did a lot of similar trampoline wall work back in the day at Taiso Gym Club. But nothing like this!

Click PLAY or watch trampoline / wall training on YouTube.

UPDATE: The athlete is Josu Sanchez.

best club website – Dragon Gymnastics

I cannot find a better, more inspiring website.

Dragon-logo.jpgDragon Gymnastics is putting Kansas City on the map as the epicenter for elite gymnastics training. With the opening of the new state-of-the-art GAGE Center in March 2006, more athletes will join the Dragon Team tradition of excellence in gymnastics.

The look of the site is gorgeous.

Armine Barutyan-Fong

Al Fong, Head Coach and CEO of Dragon Gymnastics, and owner of the GAGE Center Campus, broke ground on the state-of-the-art facility in March 2004. The facility will provide Dragon Gymnastics with 15,000 square feet of dedicated space, furnished with regulation equipment, to train for the 2008 Olympics and beyond.



Check it out for yourself: DragonGymnastics.com

Leave a comment below if you have another club website to recommend.

video – Sarah Scheunhage – aerialist

Sarah Scheunhage Rules is the name of a short, very well edited promo video for ex-gymnast Sarah Scheunhage who is associated with New Concept Circus Productions.

Sarah trained gym until age-17. Then went into many other sports including hiking, swimming, running and skiing. She studied dance intensively.

Ultimately she competed Ms Fitness Worlds. (Check out the photo on LeanLadies.com)

Click PLAY or watch the video on MetaCafe. http://www.metacafe.com/fplayer/477445/sarah_scheunhage_rules.swf
Sarah Scheunhage RulesFor more amazing video clips, click here

More information on the rising descent performance group website.

vault – reach for the END of the horse

Beginners have difficulty getting enough distance on vault.

I do a lot of drills to lower the preflight, asking kids to reach for the END of the horse.

Olympic Gymnastics, Perth, Australia

For Intermediate gymnasts who easily get enough distance, this becomes a non-issue.

For ELITE athletes doing somersaulting vaults, contacting the horse as quickly as possible is the priority.

Here’s an extreme example by a College gymnast.


vault video – handspring front tips

One of the best WAG coaches in my region is Sandy Boisvert at Norfort Gymnastics. That’s all the more impressive since her club is in a small, rural northern town, Ft. McMurray, 435km (270mi) NE of any major city. (Edmonton, Alberta)

Sandy’s given me permission to post excerpts from a coaching video she put together in 2005.

Many coaches, including myself, believe that Yurchenko vaults will be devalued after 2008. That handspring front vaults will be comparatively more valuable.

For that reason, younger gymnasts today should not target exclusively Yurchenko. The more powerful kids, in particular, should also work towards Tsukahara and Handspring approach.

To see some of Sandy’s drills for coaching the handspring front on vault click PLAY, or watch it on YouTube.

By the way, Sandy is soon off on a gymnastics holiday — to European Championships along with coach Valerie Oudin from Champions Gymnastics.

how to promote gymnastics?

The perfect lead in question on a recent Gymbrooke post:

We have top coaches now when will our organizations learn how to promote the sport?

Gymnastics is a great sport. USA Gymnastics and the NCAA markets it better than anyone else.

Yet our profile is small time compared with skateboarding.


What can we do better?

Look to Greg Marsden and what he has done at Utah, host of the upcoming NCAA championships.

greg.jpegGreg Marsden, the most successful coach in college gymnastics history, breaks new ground with each victory he earns. The sport’s only 800-win coach has racked up an 848-148-5 record in a 31-year career spent entirely at Utah. …

A consummate marketer of his sport, Marsden has turned Utah gymnastics into a revenue producer. Utah has led the nation in gymnastics home attendance in 22 of the last 25 years, including last season, when the Utes averaged 12,747 fans per meet.

He brought promotions and loud music and cheerleaders and the pep band to the quiet, golf-like world of the sport, and made it OK for fans to cheer. …

To combat the Utes’ isolation from the big TV markets, which give his rivals an advantage, Marsden started a multimedia Web site. After every meet, he personally posts video clips and photos of his team’s performances.

Gymbrooke Sports News » Greg Marsden :: Women’s Gymnastics

There’s more. Read the entire Gymbrooke post and click through to the sources.

Especially this one:

Greg Marsden isn’t merely the most successful coach in college gymnastics. He’s John Wooden, Knute Rockne and Bill Veeck all rolled into one. He didn’t invent gymnastics, but he pretty much invented the college version of it.

Marsden a pioneer for gymnastics – Doug Robinson

solar powered snow boarding – cool

Now THIS has potential.

When researchers at the Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College are not busy creating “scalable, solar-powered, science platforms for the Antarctic”, they take their robots out for a bit of snow-surfing. …

Here’s a quote from the team:

One morning, while taking walking behind the robot and dragging a sled of equipment for quantitatively measuring the strength and cohesion of the snow underfoot, we realized what fools we were to man-haul the equipment ourselves. And, for that matter, how silly even to walk. So, we hooked the sled to the robot and went for a ride. The robot, it turns out, can haul its own weight (nearly 200 lbs.) on a sled and hardly notice it…Snow surfing behind the robot is not very exciting however; it only travels at a slow walking pace.

Solar-Powered Robot Used For Snow-Surfing (TreeHugger)


that OTHER great circus from Montreal …

Cirq-rope.jpgI keep hearing wonderful reviews of a production called “Rain” and the Cirque Éloise troop.

Éloise is based in Montreal, which is also the birthplace of the much larger Cirque du Soleil, giving the island city the distinction of creating two of the most theatrical circus companies in the world. But while Soleil performs in grand ballrooms in Las Vegas and huge show spaces elsewhere, Cirque Éloise prefers the intimacy of smaller spaces, having traded the big tent for the theatre.

“Rain” is the second piece of a trilogy of pieces created for Cirque Éloise by Daniele Finzi Pasca, an Italian innovator who has also worked recently with Cirque du Soleil.

The show is built around nostalgia for childhood memories – the simple concept of not having enough sense to come in out of the rain – and each of the astounding feats of strength or agility is linked somehow to a story beyond the act, resulting in perhaps the most mystical, magical and marvelous performance you’ll see this or any other year.

Montecito Journal | On Stage

Cirque Éloise – official website