another NCAA gymnast ruptures Achilles tendon

Like Courtney Kupets, another powerful tumbler is out.

1462249.jpegUCLA placed third in its final home meet Sunday afternoon and, more unfortunately, lost another gymnast to injury, as redshirt freshman Brittani McCullough ruptured her left Achilles tendon on the takeoff of her opening tumbling pass. McCullough will miss the remainder of the season.

“If it’s possible to feel worse for an athlete than you normally would after an injury, that’s how we all feel about Brittani McCullough,” said UCLA head coach Valorie Kondos Field. “She ruptured her right Achilles two years ago, was in a car accident last year and severed a tendon in her toe, and now this. It’s heartbreaking to see someone who does everything right in life have to suffer so much.” …

UCLA Gymnastics

Are these injuries the result of years of “fraying”.

What causes them?

How can we reduce the frequency of them?

gymnastics – Yurchenko vault round-off drill

Coach Lisa Rennebaum-Adlard at Funtastics, Idaho uses a folding panel mat instead of a normal (flat) Yurchenko hand mat.

Young gymnasts find it easier to finish the round-off in the correct position on the board as they are not required to tumble “up hill” as much.

Click PLAY or watch the drill on YouTube.

That’s a trampoline vault horse called the Porta Table, no longer available.

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  • Quebec WAG gymnastics development

    A glimpse into the technical requirements of the Quebec WAG Development Programme.

    I thought you might find it interesting to see a video of our developmental programme. it is similar to Tops and not every clubs competes this system. It is called Defi (means challenge) and has levels 1 – 6. Girls can begin when they are 5/6 and they oldest girls are about 9/10. The girls are given a % for the skills performed, they end up with an overall percentage which accords them different levels of final success and whether they are reay to move up to the next level.

    bogwoppit on Chalk Bucket

    Click PLAY or watch a gymnast showing Level 5 requirements on YouTube.

    Of course there is far more to the system than we see here.

    If you read French, check it out on this page: Programme DEFI 2007-2008

    Johnson over Ferrari in Italy

    This is the big story of the friendly competition held this past weekend:

    1. Shawn Johnson (USA) – 61.700
    2. Vanessa Ferrari (Italy) – 60.100

    Americans generally don’t like competing in Europe as their scores are often lower than at home.

    johnson_smile07.jpgIt took guts for Shawn to face off against her top rival for the Olympics in her own country. This means people were pretty confident Shawn could still win, even in Italy.

    The bigger question is … Why did Ferrari compete?

    Vanessa had no chance to win competing only a Yurchenko full vault. It would have been better to sit out rather than lose at home to her top competitor the way she did.

    Shawn Johnson is the Olympic favourite, no question, if she has no major errors in the AA competiton.

    The second biggest story was the 3rd place finish of Samantha Peszek. She looks like a lock for the Olympic team at this point.

    More results – GYMmedia

    CONGRATS to Jordyn Wieber (USA) who won the all-around in the Junior meet. Rebecca Bross finished 2nd with a fall on beam.

    Amanda Beard – swim meets are boring

    Amanda Beard has won seven medals at three Olympic Games and is hoping to compete in the next Beijing Olympic games in 2008.

    She’s was tabbed the “world’s sexiest athlete nude” after appearing in the July 2007 edition of Playboy.


    I’ve actually talked to my agents a lot about producing my own swim meets where we’d do a couple different swim meets in different locations and mix it up like that — not having your traditional races and having someone like Budweiser or Go Daddy be big sponsors and make it more risqué, make it more fun for the fans to get really into it. That kind of stuff could really draw a lot more people to swimming and then, maybe, they’ll continue watching year-round instead of every four years for the Olympics.

    Beard Constantly Swims Against Tide – AOL Sports

    Aquatics meets are even duller than traditional gymnastics competitions. I recall the empty spectator bleachers at the USA Diving Championships 2006.


    (via Olympic Games blog – Amanda Beard says swimming should be more risque)

    Gymnastics is not the only sport trying to find a way to draw spectators.

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    Nastia Liukin photos and video

    The Behind the Team channel on AT&T blue room posed a few professional photos of the American Cup Champion.

    Nastia Lunkin at practice – flickr

    Nastia on Bars – flickr

    The new judging regulations have “improved” Bars for the best few gymnasts in the world more than any other apparatus, I would say. There is no way Nastia would be starting with a 7.6 routine if we still had the code from 2004.

    AT&T blue room.

    Check the new video profile on Nastia, as well.

    HBO – In Treatment – features elite gymnast

    An actress playing a 16-year-old elite gymnast — who was abused by her gymnastics coach — is getting good reviews:


    A young actress from Australia with no formal acting training is delivering the finest performance you’ll see anywhere on TV this season.

    She’s 18-year-old Mia Wasikowska, who plays a 16-year-old emotionally damaged gymnast on “In Treatment,” HBO’s nightly series, now in its sixth week (out of nine), about the relationship between a therapist (Gabriel Byrne) and his patients.

    Wasikowska’s character, Sophie, is the featured patient on Wednesday nights (at 9:30). Whenever the topic of “In Treatment” are raised with people who’s watching the series, they nearly always cite Sophie, an Olympic hopeful who broke both her arms in a suicide attempt, as the one who intrigues them most. …

    read the review – SOPHIE’S FLIPPED OUT TALE – New York Post

    There’s not much gymnastics shown. The “elite gymnast” is simply a back story for a very disturbed but charismatic young woman.

    HBO posted the full premiere episode on YouTube.

    NASCAR – Carl Edwards backflip

    What is your score for this somersault?


    It’s the signature victory backflip Carl Edwards performs after a win, something he did twice lately with victories in California and Las Vegas. (He’s the defending Nationwide Series Champion in case you know as much about NASCAR as I do.)

    9.35 out of 10 – Suzanne Yoculan, Georgia Coach
    9.5 out of 10 – Kevin Mazeika, USA Olympic Coach
    9.6 out of 10 – D-D Breaux, LSU Coach

    Edwards gets high marks for his post-victory backflip – ESPN

    Olympic wild card gymnasts?

    The campaign for Aljaz Pegan to be selected as the last competitor for the Beijing Olympics is well known. Though there are several other strong candidates.

    What about the single spot available for a woman?

    Dwight Normile of International Gymnast has convinced me that Elsa Garcia should be the pick. Problem is, her teammate Marisela Cantu has already qualified.

    Mexico.jpg… Garcia is a worthy exception to any rule that suggests Mexico shouldn’t have two gymnasts in Beijing. She deserves to compete in the Olympics because she’s a medal contender in more than one event. Her presence would make a positive difference in the competition. …

    Says Garcia: “I am supposed to get an answer between March and May. I really hope they grant me a place in the Olympics.”

    So do I. Elsa Garcia deserves the chance to make the 2008 Olympics, because she’ll make them even better.

    IG – Stretching Out

    (AP Photo/Gregory Bull) – ESPN

    Chinese acrobat – amazing handstand feat

    One of my gymnasts from long ago, Mark A. Cordingley, decided (for some reason) he’d learn to drop from handstand on pommel horse to “stick” a handstand on the pommel mats.

    I was impressed.

    The fall from this similar trick is a little longer:

    … An acrobat, balancing upside down, piles two parallel rows of wooden blocks on a bench while establishing various poses along the way. The performance in which the acrobat pushes away the piled blocks and drops himself onto the bench is particulary impressive …

    handstand on blocks.JPG

    Lost Art of Hand Balancing