new – video review at Worlds

images.jpgWhen Worlds starts Saturday in Aarhus, Denmark, nations can appeal (difficulty score only) to video review. The first protest costs US$300, the second $500 & the third $1,000.

If a team wins the appeal, it gets the money back. If not, it goes to the charitable foundation of the federation (FIG).

Hopefully video review will not be used often. Certainly it could slow down the already too lengthy competition.

Former MTC chairman Hardy Fink from Canada feels that video appeal is necessary. It’s been used in Canada for years and not been abused. I agree.

Not everyone agrees. Many are taking a wait-and-see approach.

Jury still out on new gymnastics replay system

favourite trampolinists

Karen_Cockburn.jpgMore and more athletes are starting blogs.

This is a good way for coaches to gain perspective on the point of view of their students. The athlete’s worldview is often much different than coaches expect.

The Trampoline Queen lists her favourite trampolinists:

Women: Kirsten Lawton, Huang Shanshan & Karen Cockburn (pictured)

Men: Yasuhiro Ueyama, Gary Smith, Jason Burnett

Leave a comment if you know of any other good acrobatic athlete blogs.

World Gymnastics Championships

Artistic Worlds in Denmark begin October 13th.

Some countries will enjoy TV coverage of the event. Better we feel is on-line internet webcast for only $4.95 a month. That’s cheap! Sign up on

Commentary by Bart Conner. Watch the video live or archived after the competition.

Some call this the “unimportant Worlds” as it does not directly qualify for the Olympics. It is important in the sense that the top 24 teams advance to Worlds 2007.

More on the official website of the 2006 World Gymnastics Championships.

Or check the up-to-date Google News coverage.


Nemov dislikes new code of points

“I don’t like the fact that a 10 score is no longer possible as that was the system under which I competed,” said Nemov, who compiled an impressive tally of 12 Olympic medals before bowing out in 2004.

Nemov laments demise of perfect 10

Public criticism of Nemov’s horizontal bar score in Athens was as much as anything else the impetus for the new code of points where the scoring is virtually open-ended.

But I agree with him. Disposing of the 10.0 brand brought to us by Nadia is a colossal mistake.

device for training balance – Indo board

Often as a rehabilitation tool, most gyms have some kind of “wobble” board, home made or of commercial design. Before getting to Woodward I had never seen the Indo board — it’s much more challenging than any other I’ve seen.

It offers a difficult balance task ideal for gymnasts, skateboarders and anyone wanting to improve. This clip was filmed at Woodward West Action Sports camp where skaters, skateboarders and cyclist of every description train in the gymnastics gym — enjoying trampolines, foam pits and training aids like the Indo Board.

Click PLAY or watch the video on YouTube.

job – Rec Director Required

Wages based on experience. First Aid & CPR, Police check required.

Clarington Gymnastics Academy is a privately owned and operated gymnastics club. We are conveniently located close to the 401 in Bowmanville ON, Canada (20 mins east of Toronto). Clarington Gymnastics prides itself on having the best Recreational Programs around. With over 1,500 kids passing through our doors on a yearly bases and programs always full!

For more information:

where’s the best playground?

The best I know is the huge new Lions Adventureland children’s playground/waterpark, in Parksville on Vancouver Island in Canada.

The town wanted to live up to their name.


Most kids must be introduced to gymnastics-like activities on the playground. Those who excel on the playground (like Nadia) are often recommend to a gym club.

There must be many fantastic free outdoor gymnastics playgrounds around the world. Where are the best ones?

If you have a favourite — leave a comment below.

UPDATE: Here’s my shout out for the VitaCourse fitness playgrounds.

teaching and learning

Rick McCharles

It’s a truism that the best way to learn anything, is to teach it.

I recall as a young coach identifying biomechanics as my weakest area of understanding. My mentor Keith Russell subsequently made me teach it. (This is always the most controversial section of any coaching course.)

Just editing this blog (hardly teaching) has schooled me in many specialized acrobatic activities in which I was unaware when merely coaching gymnastics.


“Stick It” will be a cult classic

The successful gymnastics movie Stick It will live long.

It is not a perfect film, but I find I can easily watch it repeatedly.


The great visuals. It was a master stroke using the red GymNova mats. And some of the cinematography reminds me of the ultimate cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

To see what I mean click PLAY or watch a short clip on YouTube.