dance – Compagnie Marie Chouinard, Montreal


Just saw the latest Chouinard show titled bODY_rEMIX/gOLDBERG_vARIATIONS.

… erotics of disability: gorgeous dancers, prosthetics and crutches at hand, twisting tortuously into orthopedic poses of pleasure and pain.

The other day Tiger Wood got blasted for saying his play was spastic. He (and I) learned that word is offensive in 2006. The lexicon of political correctness is ever shifting.

The show is based on the Goldberg Variations as interpreted by Glenn Gould. I liked the electronically distorted sampling of a radio interview with Gould.

Modern dance is my favourite style. Thumbs up from this talent scout!

Marie Chouinard website

Review from the North American Premiere in Oregon.

cycling – world’s longest line?

Did you happen to see Darren Berrecloth’s uninterrupted ride down a steep arid mountain ridge in Utah?

Very cool!

It first aired on Discovery Channel’s Stunt Junkies Feb. 1st, 2006. But I notice they are replaying that episode frequently where I live.


Berrecloth is widely considered to be the top mountain bike freerider on extremely steep and technical terrain.

From Discovery Channel:

Bike Magazine’s 2004 “Rider of the Year,” Canadian Darren “Bearclaw” Berrecloth has spent the last few years radicalizing the already extreme sport of freeride mountain biking. His signature spins, hand grabs and no-hands seat grabs have redefined the sport and earned him tons of accolades in the biking world.

Canadian Men’s Gymnastics Team

gym team

The boys from Calgary, Canada are on a roll.

They won the Commonwealth Games last month. And now stepped up to defeat the States, China and Korea at Pacific Alliance in Hawaii. That’s a first.


In fact, they were only 0.2 away from Olympic Champions Japan. (They need to improve Rings.)

History in the making! Silver medal for the Men’s Team at the Pacific Alliance Championships

Olympic Floor champion Kyle Shewfelt reminded the world that he is still the man to beat. He brought home gold on Floor and Vault. In fact, Canada and China split the available individual gold medals.