results – Doha Gymnastics Day 2

waahopfnerhibbsbars.jpg The competition is finished, the second day of Finals complete.

Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs from Canada took home 2 medals. (Bronze on Bars, Silver on Beam). I would say Elyse will be getting one of the two available spots for Canadians in Beijing.

Women’s results

Men’s results

China was the dominant nation, clearly.

I’m still waiting on commentary from the usual sources.

gymnast icing – inspirational photo

Matt Brinker, coach from a brand new club, Southern Ohio Gymnastics Academy (S.O.G.A.), sent us some inspiring photos.

Here’s one with this explanation:

… the little girl fell off of the beam, rolled backward and hit her head quite hard. A few tears were shed and ice was placed on the bump. And then, with little or no hesitation and no pushing from any coach, she got up and walked over to the white board where I write the list of strength and conditioning down, read what she had to do next, and the went to the floor and started working.


What good life lesson is this teaching?

A gymnastics gym is a great place for girls to grow up.

In fact, this was only the 3rd practice ever at S.O.G.A. and there was no way this gymnast was going to sit out.

14yr-old diver to compete at Olympics

Gymnasts Rebecca Bross and Canada’s Peng Peng Lee are too young to compete in the Beijing Olympics.

But Tom Daley, even younger, will be there.

… Daley will be 14 years and 81 days when the Beijing Olympic games begin in August. …

Tom Daley not the youngest British Olympic athlete

It doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Figure skating has concerns too. Some of the top American skaters are not eligible due to age:

… Mirai Nagasu, 14, of Arcadia, and Rachael Flatt, 15, of Del Mar. They, along with fourth-place Caroline Zhang, 14, of Brea, cannot advance to the senior worlds because of the age limit. …

Age-limit rule doesn’t add up for U.S. skating

In a perfect world we would have no age restrictions. But, if we do have one, I wish it was consistent for all Olympic sports.

overshoot on Bars – Ivana Hong

Just one photo from an excellent gallery posted on Gymnastics.

Ivana Hong (USA) performing an overshoot from the high bar to the low bar

© Jeff Gross / Getty

larger original available

From this angle you can see that Ivana has released with one hand before the other to help the twist.

related: video – most frequent SPOT in gymnastics

terrorism in China?

Since the murder of 11 Israeli athletes by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, security has been very tight at the Games.

One advantage of going to Beijing is the low risk of terrorism. Right?

Aussie tour group held hostage in China

… surprised to see this story on the Sydney Morning Herald: Ten Australians freed as hijacker shot dead.

Fortunately no-one was injured. The hijacker who was armed with explosives was shot dead by a sniper.

The ordeal lasted for two hours in the popular tourist city of Xian, famous for its terracotta warriors.

Beijing Olympic Games blog

Terrorism in China is not unknown, though most of the identified “rebels” are in the eastern part of the country. There are millions of Muslims in China, suppressed in many ways, for example, that have no voice. Not to mention the Tibetans:


Tibetan Women’s Association

Houston, Texas High School gymnastics petition

Shannon Miller, Men’s Olympic Team Head Coach Kevin Mazeika and over 1300 others have signed a petition to protest the closing of an award-winning gymnastics program.

To see the petition for yourself, click this link.

If you sign, it will help them reach the goal of 4000 signatures.

For the sake of our sport, it’s important that administrators not cancel programs without good cause. Explaining their reasoning to 4000 critics will help clarify the decision to the girls in the program. Or, even better, reverse the decision.

dangerous tumbling combination

This is exactly the kind of tumbling line we do not want to see. Ever.

Doha World Cup 2008 Finals: Makoto Okigushi (JPN)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Judges were told at the Olympic Test Meet that one and three quarter roll-outs will be eliminated or at least devalued in the next code from difficult acrobatic elements.

Videos are going up from the meet:

TripleFlip – Gym Chat

2008agwc – YouTube

results – Doha Gymnastics World Cup

Prashanth Sellathurai from Austalia won Pommels. (16.075)

I mention him specifically because I’m still irked that he did not qualify for the Beijing Olympics. And because he is such a nice guy.

more Men’s results

Women’s results

commentary on the competition – IG

Here’s the World Cup schedule for 2008. The meet in China will be the most interesting, I reckon.


When will more World Cup events come to North America, do you think?

(Thanks IG)

larger image

gymnasts – Nastia v He Kexin – bars

I prefer Nastia’s routine. It’s so rich in variety of skills. But see who you think won between these two recent routines:

Click PLAY or watch Nastia at American Cup on YouTube. Score 16.60 / A Score 7.5.

Click PLAY or watch He Kexin at the Doha World Cup in Finals on YouTube. Score 16.55.

(via difficulty plus execution)

OK, the Chinese girl “hit” and Nastia “missed”.

Still, I would have to predict He Kexin finishing higher in Beijing because her execution is so much cleaner.


The best review of Tyson American Cup I’ve seen is the one posted by Shannon Miller.

gymnastics coaches in search of perfection

“There’s always a Gretzky out there,” Brian McVey figures. “You just have to find her.”

A nice article by columnist Scott Russell on CBC Sports Weekend looks at the search for talented youngsters.

It features retiring Canadian coaches Brian McVey and Carol-Angela Orchard from Sport Seneca in Toronto.

Carol-Angela Orchard has been coaching Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs, now 18, since she was 10 years old.

Nadia’s Legacy – Coaches in Search of Perfection

People have been asking, “Why doesn’t Carol-Angela apply for the job of Canadian National Coach?”

Good question.