Australia honours their sporting heros

One of the best of many good things about Australia is that Aussies value sport. That’s how they became one of the most successful sporting nations in the world, per capita.

Down Under you can purchase for your kids …

Personalised Growth Charts
Personalised Birthday Cards
Personalised Special Occasion Cards
Personalised My Heroes Post-e-cards DVD’s
… more

… with an autographed photo of a sports star.

For example:

details – My Heroes

International Aussie gymnasts are available too.


(via Australia Gymnastics Blog)

Applied Circus: Radically Extreme = ACRiX

Gymnastics British Columbia has an interesting pilot scheduled. And check the price:

ACRiX Instructor Training Course

ACRiX Program Description:

The new ACRiX Program (Applied Circus: Radically Extreme), falling under the Youth CanMove initiative, aims to get youth more active in the sport of gymnastics.

ACRiX merges Circus Arts and Gymnastics into seasonal programs that can be put into place within schools, community centers, gymnastics clubs and neighbourhood houses. The goal of this program is to provide unique opportunities to disadvantaged youth and to offer sustainability in the program by training the youth in the classes to become ACRiX and gymnastics instructors.

Some of the skills presented within the program include acrobalancing, juggling and object manipulation, with equipment such as balls, rings, clubs, flowersticks and diabolos.

… This one day certification course

Date: Sunday, July 6 , 2008
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Where: Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics
Conductor: Aaron Johnson and the Vancouver Circus School
Cost: Free !!*

They’ve found a way to make gymnastics training COOL. (add the words “extreme” and “circus”)

More information on the Gymnastics B.C. e-Xtra newsletter.


ACRiX has been added this year to the BC Coaching Intensive workshops:


Related post: great idea – Gymnastics Intensive (2007)

Oscar Pistorius eligible for Olympics

Recall this athlete had been banned from the Olympics by the IAAF.

In a landmark ruling by the Court of Arbitration for Sport, South African athlete Oscar Pistorius – nicknamed ‘Bladerunner’ after the carbon-fibre prosthetics he uses in place of his amputated lower legs – has won the right to compete against able-bodied athletes, and plans to represent his country at either the Beijing Olympics or the later London event. …



In an era where we are demonizing “cheating” by performance enhancing drugs, this is a very interesting development.

Ka’ – the movie?

Here’s a totally believable movie trailer based on the Cirque du Soleil show Ka’ in Las Vegas.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Twin Brother- Orlando Bloom
Twin Sister- Miranda Otto
Chef Archer’s Daughter- Keira Knightley
Chef Archer- Chow Yun Fat
Counselor’s Son- Tom Hardy Twin Brother’s Guardian- Djimon Hounsou
Forest Prince- Rudy Youngblood

I’d LOVE to see this film. Sadly, it’s only real in the creative mind’s eye of editor masongoliver.

I’ll say that again. There is no movie version of Ka’. This is a fake trailer.

EXCELLENT – Level 10 gymnastics Championships

The girls are even better than I expected. And there are so many talented girls. Hundreds.

I followed “the babies”, the youngest competitors.

Good tumbling, in general. Backward layout 2 1/2 twists were not uncommon. Most girls stayed on the apparatus.


Younger Level 10s showed layout Yurchenko or Handspring front, minimum. I was shocked at how many tiny kids were able to do good Yurchenko 1/1. (I wouldn’t believe 50lb kids have enough mass to deflect the beat board.)


The top gymnasts showed two double somersaults. Most often double pike and double tuck. There were very few double Arabians from the younger girls.

coach Marvin Sharp

results Level 10 – Junior A
results Level 10 – Senior A

build your own flat parallel bars

Patrick Carmichael from Island Gymnastics Academy sent in some photo of their new P.Boards. A local woodworker named Paul Bagoloe made them from sturdy Maple. Pat likes them:

“He actually molded the shape of a real PBar out of metal and attached it to a steel plate. They ran around $1000!”



These are an essential training aid. If you’re not sure what P.Boards are used for, check this related post: gymnastics – flat parallel bars

2008 Jr Olympic Level 10 Championships begin

More than 400 elite female gymnasts from across the country will compete in the 2008 Women’s Junior Olympic Level 10 Championships at the Silver Spurs Arena on Saturday and Sunday.

To qualify, gymnasts must first have won state and regional championships …

Gymnasts in the Level 10 Championships are divided into eight age groups and are generally from (10) to 19 years old …

Competitors who place in the top 10 at the Kissimmee event will earn medals and the chance to become National Team members. …

Orlando Sentinel


photography at the meet by Timeless Images – cheer and dance

In December 2007, Madison and her sister Morgan, with plenty of help from their father, started a web site like Myspace — but for cheerleaders and dancers.

Over 1600 people have registered, so far.

Check out


… I had to chuckle at this graphic. My suspicion is that the site is mostly girls chatting about football players at school.