movie – Stick It – a success

10m.jpgGymnasts like it. And the new gymnastics movie has been a financial success — but critic Peter Sobczynski calls it a “brainless and soulless example of marketing masquerading as moviemaking”.

One wag took this as a compliment.

Seems this little movie did some creative advance work with a sophisticated MySpace page.

Disney also packaged a special mailing of the “Stick It” trailer and the Missy Elliott video “We Run This” to International Gymnast magazine’s 30,000 subscribers.

Savvy Gym Clubs organized Stick It parties for their teams. GymnasticsZone posted a positive review, from a gymnastics perspective.

I am happy for the success of the film, but am already slightly dreading “Stick It, Again.”

dance – Compagnie Marie Chouinard, Montreal


Just saw the latest Chouinard show titled bODY_rEMIX/gOLDBERG_vARIATIONS.

… erotics of disability: gorgeous dancers, prosthetics and crutches at hand, twisting tortuously into orthopedic poses of pleasure and pain.

The other day Tiger Wood got blasted for saying his play was spastic. He (and I) learned that word is offensive in 2006. The lexicon of political correctness is ever shifting.

The show is based on the Goldberg Variations as interpreted by Glenn Gould. I liked the electronically distorted sampling of a radio interview with Gould.

Modern dance is my favourite style. Thumbs up from this talent scout!

Marie Chouinard website

Review from the North American Premiere in Oregon.