host a gymnastics meet with 1500+ athletes

gwgftextlogo.gifFriend and contributor to Dave Adlard, Head Coach of Funtastics, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, made a presentation at USA Congress 2007 entitled:

>>> Things we have learned building and hosting a Mega-Meet

That competition is the Great West Gym Fest which I have attended several times. It’s one of the best meets I know.


If you host your own (competition of any size) I would highly recommend you check out Dave’s Powerpoint presentation. There are dozens of great ideas you might steal borrow.

top 12 Men’s Gymnastics Teams qualify for Olympics 2008

What a dog fight.

There are far more contending teams in Men’s Gymnastics than in the women’s division.

Congratulations to those who pulled it together enough to earn a spot in the top 12.


German hero Fabian Hambuechen was the star of the meet as far as the fans were concerned.

… Germany passed the Americans in the final rotation of the day thanks to star Fabian Hambuechen, the reigning world bronze medalist in the all-around. Hambuechen was magnificent, posting the fourth-highest individual score.

The 16.025 he scored on high bar was more than a half-point ahead of anyone else, a ridiculous margin on a single event.

Romania and Canada both advanced to Beijing despite missing their best gymnasts. Romania, minus reigning world floor champ Marian Dragalescu, was sixth. Canada, which lost Olympic floor gold medalist Kyle Shewfelt to two broken legs last week, was 11th.

Italy finished 10th, clinching a spot with Igor Cassina’s acrobatic high bar routine. The reigning Olympic gold medalist in the event had the Italian fans shrieking with delight, and when his score was posted, it set off another celebration.

Ukraine, the silver medalist in 2000 and winner of the bronze in 1996, finished 13th and will miss the Olympics for the first time since declaring independence in the wake of the breakup of the Soviet Union. …

A Solid Day for U.S.A. at Worlds –

Karoli happy, Rodionenko not-so-much

More on the Women’s Preliminary competition at Artistic Gymnastics World Championships:

China, which is also trying out some new gymnasts this year, figures to be America’s biggest challenger in the finals. Russia and Romania should also be there.

The Romanians were in third place in qualifying after a nice night of gymnastics Saturday highlighted by the comeback of their star, Catalina Ponor.

The Russians, meanwhile, gave the world its first glimpse of national champion Ksenia Semenova. The 14-year-old scored a 16.325 on uneven bars – tied for the best score of the meet – to leave Russia in fourth.

It looked like a good enough day for the rebuilding Russian squad, one not quite deserving of the dressing down the gymnasts received from coach Andrei Rodionenko in the hall behind the competition area moments after they finished.

“Completely everything,” Rodionenko said when asked what he didn’t like about the day. “They just did not do their program. I will analyze and I will make a decision.”

The Americans got a much different reception from national team coordinator Martha Karolyi.

Never one to hold back on her displeasure, she spent much of this night clapping with her hands above her head, shouting out words of encouragement from the stands.

The Americans opened on beam, normally the toughest apparatus on the floor, and after all five gymnasts made it through their routines without anyone falling off, Karolyi ran to the railing to show how excited she was.

“I’m just happy with the general atmosphere right now,” she said. “It’s a happy group of young ladies who are all trying to do their best.”

Americans Shine at World Gymnastics –

enjoy a free Jamba Juice at USA Championships?

I had several.

You or one of your colleagues visited the JumpSport booth at the recent USA Gymnastics trade show in San Jose, California.

We’ve been advised by state and federal public health officials that some of the Jamba Juice smoothie drinks distributed from our booth on Thursday the 16th, and Friday the 17th, may have been prepared with the assistance of a Jamba employee who was unknowingly infected with the Hepatitis A virus. This employee did not work in the booth or attend the show. …

Draft – email subject line: Please read: Important Health Alert

Dragulescu, Shewfelt injured out of Worlds

The top 2 Floor competitors from the last Olympics are both out due to training injuries in Germany.

Romanian superstar fractures back in training

September 2, 2007 – Romanian superstar Marian Dragulescu, the defending world champion on both vault and floor exercise, will not compete in Stuttgart after fracturing his vertebra in training on Saturday.

Adrian Stoica of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation told IG that during Saturday’s practice, Dragulescu landed normally during training and felt pain.

“Apparently the muscles pulled bone away from one of the vertebra,” Stoica said.

Dragulescu was treated for pain on Saturday night, but by Sunday evening was unable to move. X-rays revealed a cracked lumbar vertebra.

International GYMNAST Online | 2007 World Championships

Training mishap knocks Kyle Shewfelt out of World Artistic Gymnastics Championships

Olympic champion Kyle Shewfelt of Calgary has been knocked out of the upcoming artistic gymnastics world championships after sustaining injuries to both knees during a training session Monday in the host city of Stuttgart, Germany.

Shewfelt, expected to lead the Canadian men’s team to an Olympic berth at the competition next week, sustained small fractures to both knees after a hard landing while practising his floor routine.

Surgery will not be required, but the gold medal winner in the men’s floor event at the 2004 Olympics in Athens is expected to be out of action for six to eight weeks during his recovery, says Gymnastics Canada president and CEO Jean-Paul Caron of Ottawa.

Gymnastics Canada


top 12 Women’s Gymnastics Teams qualify for Olympics 2008

Bad news for Spain, Canada and North Korea.

And highly touted Australia finished only 11th.

The new code of points punishes falls more than in the past. And rewards consistency.

It’s official. The field of 12 countries that will send full teams to the 2008 Beijing Olympics has been set. The teams, in order of qualification, are:

1 United States 245.025

2 China 241.175

3 Romania 239.875

4 Russia 238.000

5 Italy 234.425

6 Great Britain 233.025

7 France 232.700

8 Brazil 232.250

9 Ukraine 231.425

10 Germany 231.125

11 Australia 230.850

12 Japan 228.175

Teams that were part of the 2004 Athens team competition but failed to qualify include North Korea, Spain and Canada. Spain had the greatest drop after placing seventh at the 2004 Olympics. Italy, Germany and Japan made the roster after an absence in Athens.

The top eight teams here in Stuttgart have qualified to the team-finals competition, later this week.

Rounding out the field in today’s team qualification round:

13 North Korea 226.575

14 Canada 225.975

15 Spain 224.850

News – Inside Gymnastics Magazine

The FINALS deciding World Team Champions are set for later in the week, the top 8 teams qualifying to that round. But the most important part of the competition — earning a spot in Beijing — is already over.

For more detailed coverage check

As expected, the USA was dominant.

Congratulations — especially to Nastia Liukin who had been subjected to a lot of heat after falls at USA Championships on Floor and Vault.

photos Inside Gymnastics – Grace Chiu

Karen Goeller gymnastics books

Karen Goeller is a coach / author who we have recommended in the past.

Here’s a list of her gymnastics and conditioning books that may be useful to gymnastics coaches and fitness professionals. Click through if any of the titles are of interest.

· Fitness on a Swing Set with Training Programs
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There are more like this to check out on one of Karen’s URLs: (We’ve added a link to that page under BOOKS AND MANUALS under the right hand navigation.)

Fitness Journal: My Goals, My Training, and My Success

perfect 10 on 2007 USA Championships

More good commentary on the excellent competition in San Jose, California from the Perfect 10 blog. Here are a couple of samples from that post:

Ivana Hong: Her floor routine is outstanding. Absolutely incredible presentation. A given for GAGE gymnasts, it seems. And I can’t believe her beautiful double yurchenko. Such clean form and great height for such a tiny gymnast. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her.

perfect 10 » 2007 US Nationals

Having had a chance to watch podium training, I was impressed to see the emphasis coach Al Fong put on basics getting Ivana ready to compete her double twisting Yurchenko. Almost all her time was spent on position on the round-off and take-off from the beat board. She did very few twisting vaults in training. And obviously it worked.

Fong catching Ivana on a “set” drill out of round-off on Floor:


original photo – flickr

Bridget Sloan: I can’t say. I didn’t get to see her. You would think that the winner of the US Classic might at least get some TV time. … From what I’ve seen so far, she looks like a good all arounder and a great asset for the US team. I particularly like her double turn on Beam and her toe-on tkatchev on Bars.

perfect 10 » 2007 US Nationals

Bridget was the biggest, best surprise of the competition for me. Not only is she great now. But she has terrific potential for the future. Coach Marvin Sharp has done an impressive job bringing Bridget along carefully. He expects her to be one of the strongest American gymnasts in the 2012 Olympic cycle, as well.

original photo – flickr