Canadian Gymnastics Championships AA

The All-Around Championships were not nearly as strong as preliminaries. Even National Champion Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs, who had a great meet overall, stepped out of bounds on three tumbling passes.

2008 Canadian Championships
June 5, Calgary

Senior Women’s All-Around Final
1. Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs (Sport Seneca, ON) 57.900
2. Kristina Vaculik (Gemini, ON) 57.200
3. Peng-Peng Lee (Sport Seneca, ON) 56.200
4. Alyssa Brown (Mississauga, ON) 55.850
5. Sydney Sawa (CGC, AB) 55.250
6. Brittany Rogers (Omega, BC) 54.850
7. Charlotte Mackie (Omega, BC) 54.800
8. Emma Willis (Bluewater, ON) 53.200
9. Stephanie McGregror (Gymtastics, AB) 52.650
10. Sarah Flett (Springers, MB) 50.850
11. Barbara Gasser (Bluewater, ON) 50.350
12. Nansy Damianova (Gymnix, QC) 27.950 … (only 2 apparatus)


Day 1 scores were higher:

Kristina Vaculik 58.95
Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs 58.45
Nansy Damianova 57.80

Junior Women’s All-Around Final
1. Dominique Pegg (Bluewater, ON) 55.700
2. Anysia Unick (Stampede City, AB) 55.650
3. Ti Liu (Gymnix, QC) 54.300

full results will be posted on Gym Score Depot


Hopfner-Hibbs outscored top qualifier Kristina Vaculik by seven tenths of a point to recapture the title she won in 2006. The 18-year-old Hopfner-Hibbs was the top scorer on vault, uneven bars and balance beam.

Vaculik, the defending champion, earned the high mark of the night on floor exercise. …

Nansy Damianova, third in qualification, performed uneven bars and floor exercise only in the all-around final. Damianova is currently second behind Hopfner-Hibbs in the points rankings system used to determine Canada’s two Olympic berths.

International Gymnast

I was impressed with home town girl Anysia Unick (recently moved from Regina, SK) who finished 2nd in Junior by only .050, a best ever performance.

Peszek, Memmel, Hong – bars

The best way to make yourself ESSENTIAL to the USA Women’s Gymnastics Olympic team is to show a strong, consistent routine on Bars … with a reasonably high start value.

Certainly China will have higher start values on Bars. But the Americans do not want to be too far behind.

Gymnicestics posted 3 routines from VISA Championships podium training. I like Chellsie Memmel’s best.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

See the other two on Gymnicestics.

Canada a trampoline superpower

That’s what we tell people. Three realistic Olympic medal contenders:

Canada’s power trio of trampoline led the way at the Canadian gymnastics championships on Wednesday, with Karen Cockburn and Rosannagh MacLennan finished 1-2 in the women’s preliminaries and while Jason Burnett easily topped the men’s field. …

all levels trampoline preliminaries – full results (PDF)

Cockburn and Burnett have already qualified. Everyone expects MacLennan to be confirmed, as well, this weekend.

“It was nice to know I didn’t have to peak here because I already have the Olympic berth,” said Cockburn, who is taking aim at her third straight Olympic medal after winning bronze at the 2000 Games and silver four years ago in Athens.

read more – Gymnastics Canada

All 3 train under coach Dave Ross at the Skyriders Trampoline Place in Richmond, Hill, Ontario.

Despite his not feeling 100%, I thought Jason looked GREAT. Very clean. Very early opening on every skill.

If he competes close to his world record degree of difficulty in Beijing, Jason’s a contender for a medal.

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) – JAMD


UPDATE: Tramp and Tumble posted the ranking list for the USA. Here are the top contenders to choose a single competitor in each to go to Beijing:

Blanchard, Erin (66)
Hebert, Alaina (63)
Williams, Alaina (51)

Devine, Michael (54)
Dooley, Logan (51)
Estrada, Chris (46)
Gluckstein, Steven (45)

A tight race. The final selection meet is July 1st. Details

The Front Lever – beast skills

Another comprehensive general fitness tutorial from Jim Bathurst on his beast skills site.

Jim includes variations from EASY …



John Gill – One arm front lever

Front Lever
– Beast Skills

(via Straight to the Bar)

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  • Chicago 2016 Olympic Games

    Chicago is such a hot favourite to win the right to host the 2016 Summer Olympics that only they can mess it up, a senior International Olympic Committee (IOC) member told AFP.

    The Windy City is bidding to succeed where New York failed in the 2012 race won by London …

    National Post


    The IOC narrowed the field to Chicago, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Madrid. Prague, Doha and Baku in Azerbaijan failed to make the cut.

    === UPDATE

    Chicago 2016: Sure Thing, Say Oddsmakers; Long Shot, Says I.O.C. Report – NY Times

    VISA Championships in Boston begins

    Championships begins Thursday with Jr women at 1:00 p.m. ET and Sr women at 7:00 p.m. ET.

    Competition will finish on Saturday.


    Marta Karolyi will be intently focused on selection of gymnasts to advance to Olympic Trials.


    more photos – USAG

    Commentaries on podium training:

  • Live.Breath.Love.Gymnastics
  • Gymnicestics
  • Gymnastics and stuff
  • The big news is that Ashley Priess will not be competing.

    day 1 – Canadian Gymnastics Championships

    photo – Kristina – Leslie Foster –

    The first competition ran Tuesday night: Jr and Sr FIG High Performance Women.

    Kristina-Vaculik.jpgMost of the talk on the floor was about achieving qualifying “points” towards Olympic Selection. Unlike most other nations, Canada will select 2 Olympians and alternates this weekend. Quite early.

    Likely the two assigned to Beijing will come from this trio: Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs, Nansy Damianova and Kristina Vaculik.

    All three look great. All three would be very strong competitors on individual apparatus in the Olympics.

    It’s a shame all 3 cannot compete. In fact, Canada should have qualified a full team to Beijing. Right now they are easily one of the 12 strongest teams in the world. Beam is the most impressive apparatus, overall.

    Senior High Performance AA – day 1


    Sarah Flett was the biggest happy surprise to me, a name I didn’t recognize. On Floor she competed double layout, piked full-in, 2 1/2, double pike. Very powerful tumbler.

    Note that some Juniors — Peng Peng and Charlotte — opted to compete Senior in preparation for the next Olympic cycle.

    Junior High Performance AA – day 1


    day 2 – Thursday. Apparatus finals Saturday.

    full results – Gym Score Depot. Thanks Stu.

    Tiananmen Square massacre – June 4th

    Lest we forget.

    About 600 people marched silently from a Hong Kong park to government headquarters to mark the 19th anniversary of China’s bloody crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.

    But organisers faced the delicate task of not appearing insensitive at a time when China is mourning the deaths of more than 69,000 people from last month’s earthquake in Sichuan province.

    The marchers carried banners that honoured the quake victims, as well as the victims of the 1989 military crackdown, in which hundreds were killed. …


    Chinh’s blog