500 adult gymnasts – Chelsea Piers, NYC


This is awesome.

With a membership of over 500 adults, Chelsea Piers boasts the largest adult gymnastics program in the world. Classes are offered for all levels from first-timers to seasoned pros. Our experienced staff is specially trained in adult gymnastics coaching, safety, and spotting techniques. Our 25,000 square foot gymnasium is equipped with state-of-the-art gymnastics equipment including all Olympic men’s and women’s events, in ground trampolines and foamed filled safety pits. Beginner to elite level classes are offered year round.

Adult Gymnastics – The Field House at Chelsea Piers – New York City – NYC


gymnastics demos – are they worth it?

When I was a kid we did dozens of displays every year. Football games, shopping malls, anywhere that would let us set up equipment.

I loved them. Especially the tramp and mini-tramp shows.

Later, as a coach, I began to tire of transporting the equipment. Bemoan the wear and tear on the equipment. Finally — I decided to exit the world of gymnastics displays.

We still sent club kids to demo. But usually the precompetitive “cute” kids with young coaches and simple, safe equipment.

In 2006 I feel that gymnastics displays are not the best way to build membership. “Bring a Friend Day” works better.

But if you do choose to do displays, at least do something original.

Setting up a Tumbl Trak makes for a brilliant show. Safety straps on a horizontal bar even better.

former World Championships competitor Rhett Stinson

Taiso Gymnastics in Saskatoon, Canada even set up rings in a public park.


Somebody has to fix the sign atop the ring tower.

More photos of this 2002 gymnastics display – Warren Long

Powertrack tumbling trampoline – purchased!

After months of consideration, the fitness club at Altadore Gymnastics has custom ordered a Powertrack from Dave Ross at Rebound Products in Toronto.

I was personally convinced after testing a Powertrack at Cirque du Soleil in Montreal.

This is by far the most expensive tumbling trampoline we could find — C$15,000 including shipping for 40ft — but I’m convinced it is worth the big bucks.

Dave Ross is the leader in trampoline design these days, recognized around the world.

Though Rebound Products is expanding their production facilities, we don’t expect to receive our Powertrack until January. Build-to-order equipment takes time.


Beth Tweddle – world champion on Bars

beth.jpgI was cheering Beth Tweddle at Worlds.

She is a HUGE star in the UK, nominated for the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year … in a meagre year. Good luck!

Here’s an excellent interview where Beth talks boyfriends, Uni, travel, training 36-hrs-a week and her history of ankle injury.

Tweddle reveals the scars that made her a world beater – Guardian


British Gymnastics TV online is crappy

Another baby step towards quality gymnastics TV.

Unfortunately BGtv has a lot of problems!

Internet TV company Narrowstep has launched a broadband channel for the British Gymnastics Association, called British Gymnastics TV.

http://www.bgtv.biz will provide live coverage of major gymnastic events starting with the Men’s British Masters this week, with further live broadcasts planned on November 11 and 25.

Alan Sommerville, chief executive officer of the British Gymnastics Association, said: “British Gymnastics is extremely excited with this new initiative, where BGtv is to become the central plank of our corporate communications policy, to deliver information, news, reviews, interviews and cover domestic and international events wherever we can secure rights.”

Narrowstep already runs a number of specialist sports channels including Sail TV, Martial Arts TV, Cycling TV, and Field Hockey TV, in addition to non-sports channels ITV Local and London TV. To launch the channel, Narrowstep worked with Sportsgate, which helps with and provides technology services to sporting bodies to help them harness new technologies.

Digital Spy – Broadcasting – Narrowstep launches ‘Gymnastics Channel’

Sounds good. …

Unfortunately the interface is ugly. The TV monitor is a pop-up window, blocked by most modern browsers. And video won’t stream on my modern computer with high speed connection.

BGtv posts a Viewing Problems page.

Give Bgtv a try. But it seems to me they need to completely redesign the website.


UPDATE: Marie commented that the streaming works well for her. Perhaps it is a problem with my own computer.

strength training – hanging V-sit and variations

Yet another excellent article by Christopher Sommer on the DragonDoor website.

Click thumbnail photo for larger image.

hanging-V.jpgThis post details the correct stages of development of leg raises, also called hanging leg lifts.

For gymnastics coaches, this strength development is essential, especially helpful for beginners learning “kip”.

I’ve had good success spotting hanging L-sit, hanging V-sit, as well as leg raises. (Ensure the knees stay straight throughout.) Progress can come astonishingly quickly for some kids.

see Chris’ full article with excellent photo illustrations

Christopher Sommer is the men’s head coach at the Dessert Devil Gymnastics National Team Training Center in Mesa, Arizona and has one of the premiere men’s gymnastics programs in the United States. He’s also been training female gymnasts, Navy SEALS, Air Force Para Rescue, undercover DEA, Hostage Rescue and FBI among others.

video – trampoline – Adam Menzies

I thought I’d seen everything there was to be done on and off a trampoline.

Here Adam Menzies from BC, Canada shows some variations I’d never seen.

Click PLAY or watch the video on YouTube.

outdated Bio

Gymnastics: Menzies to join legendary Cirque du Soleil – Advance News

What’s Adam doing right now? The GetOudoors blog says: Adam Menzies Should Have Been A Snowboarder

gymnast – Brandon O’Neill

brandon-IG.jpgUPDATE: Brandon’s coach Liang Cheng was awarded the Petro-Canada Coaching Excellence Award. Congratulations.

UPDATE: Brandon finished an impressive 3rd behind Dragulescu and Jotchev in a four apparatus one-day competition.

Brandon took the silver on Floor at the last World Championships. But this judge ranked him #1 — after a couple of video reviews.

He is one of the cleanest, most artistic working today. Nice to see him featured on the Canadian supplement of International Gymnast magazine. Thanks George, for sending it to me.

Brandon O’Neill Gymnastics Canada profile

Icer Air 2006 – Getoutdoors.com report

UPDATE: Riders and Skiers Weigh In On Icer Air Safety Issues

How do they get insurance for these big snow ramps?

The ski ramp itself was pretty impressive, about 160 feet high with the approach ramp starting at the scoreboard. Pretty hairy landing, one mistake sending you into the side of the ramp over wood steps into a barrier. Whoever put up the jump wasn’t thinking much about safety. Though I didn’t see any bad crashes, one of the women evidently crashed hard into the wooden steps and another fell before the kicker lip into a net, causing the women’s competition to be cancelled. The men’s competition was also hampered by the bad conditions of the snow (think skiing on a slurpee) melting under the hot sun. It was hard to get enough speed to pull off anything huge, but they did a good job with what they had. Regardless, for $10 this was a great show.

Get Outdoors – Icer Air 2006 Results – Getoutdoors.com Outdoor Blog