Xiao Qin Pommel champion 2006

The state of the art on pommel horse.

Click PLAY or watch Xiao Qin win Worlds Finals 2006 on YouTube.

He fell at the 2004 Olympics. But should be the man to beat again in Beijing.

We’ve previously posted the routine of Australian Prashanth Sellathurai.

One of his few other serious rivals to Xiao Qin is Krisztian Berki from Hungary. (Best scissors I’ve seen since the 1970s! Maybe ever.)

Click PLAY or watch Berki at 2007 Europeans on YouTube.

improving – gender equity in coaching

A Gym Chat forum post quotes some optimistic FIG statistics:

In the top positions of the FIG though, there are more men in charge than women, but it is getting more even:


According to statistics, female gymnasts participating in official competitions and registered in the FIG Gala data base are the majority. Out of a total of 4,681 gymnasts, 2,769 are women, a whopping 59.2%. This majority can be attributed to Rhythmic Gymnastics, an exclusively female discipline, while Artistic, Trampoline, Aerobic and Acrobatic are nearly 50/50.

The demographic picture of the athletes does not in reflect the one of the FIG authorities, the majority of which is made up of men.

For the current Olympic cycle spanning from 2004-2008, the Federation’s authorities include 85 elected members, who make up the Council, the Executive Committee and the seven Technical Committees. The demographic breakdown shows 48 men and 37 women, respectively 56% and 44%.

Nonetheless, if the statistics are to be believed, the FIG is moving toward equality…

Gymnastics Message Boards – Gym Chat :: View topic – Men/Women coach ratio smaller in gymnastics than other sport

My feeling is that we all need to promote female coaches in all sports.

As a club General Manager I’ve found that female coaches are more responsible, on average, to fulfil their job descriptions.

Rachael Tart – Funtastics Gymnastics, Idaho

Shannon Miller fights childhood obesity

Shannon.jpgGood luck Shannon. This is one of the most important issues of the day.

I look forward to The Shannon Miller Fit Camps planned for 2008.

Bringing Awareness To Childhood Obesity

America’s Most Decorated Gymnast, Shannon Miller, Aims to Bring Awareness To Childhood Obesity.

Shannon Miller recently announced the formation of the Shannon Miller Foundation, which is dedicated to fighting childhood obesity.

Today, an estimated one third of all children in the United States are over weight, while the occurrence of obesity has more than quadrupled in the last 25 years. …

The Shannon Miller Foundation gives children the opportunity to be physically active, and gain greater nutritional knowledge. Through selected programs, these children will learn why it is important and fun to be physically active, and why it is crucial to fuel their bodies with healthy foods. …

The Shannon Miller Foundation is a 501c3 Not For Profit Corporation, and all contributions are therefore tax deductible.

For more information regarding The Shannon Miller Foundation please email: smfoundation@shannonmiller.com or contact Sheryl Shade at 212-307-5128.

Shannon Miller – Bringing Awareness To Childhood Obesity



Shannon has a blog on WCSN. As does Chellsie Memmel.

(via Kat on Gym Chat)

standing somersaults – bit of a trend?

Seems every time I look at YouTube lately, someone is demonstrating a new standing somersault.

Here’s standing “Thomas” (1/1-in, 1/2-out to roll-out) into a mat on a pit as well as other crazy (and sloppy) flips:

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Also, a tutorial on standing front somersault with “Russian” (back) arm action:

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

saltocafe gymnastics videos

My favourite channel subscription on YouTube is saltocafe which has over 80 videos, many quite unique.

That’s Coach Don at Woodward West Gymnastics and Action Sports Camp. (He’s looking GREAT for his age, by the way.)

As an example, check out this monster forward somersault on a trick bike.

Just a few years ago “fronts” on a bike were considered far more difficult than backward flips. Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

saltocafe – YouTube

I will be at Woodward July 22-25th. Looking forward to Dodgeball!

Gleason’s Introductory Trampoline DVD

This is an entry level instructional DVD designed for trampoline teachers and coaches. Your host, David Kennedy, takes you through the basic progressions of introductory trampoline using techniques that are the foundation of Larry Gleason’s trampoline program.

A list of skills and themes covered are as follows:

* Controlled straight jumps
* Body bouncing skills
* Half turns
* Full turns
* Seat drops
* Basic skill combinations
* Height building

Gleason’s Teacher Training Series

Check the sample video showing some front drop progressions I’ve never used. (Front drop is the most dangerous “basic” skill for beginners.)

To see an introduction to the video by Gleason himself click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

The DVD is available for US$40 from several retailers linked from the home page