NFLD Canada Winter Games

by site editor Rick McCharles

These are the course notes, links, videos and photos from the Newfoundland Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Training Camp held July 5-8, 2010 in preparation for the Canada Winter Games.

Athletes and coaches are focused on the upcoming Games in Halifax. And the next, 2015 in B.C.

• HOW can Newfoundland develop an Olympic champion? … like Kyle Shewfelt

Kyle Shewfelt tumbling clinic

• Uchimura at Japan Cup 2010 (VIDEOS)


Thanks Campia Gymnastics for hosting the first 2 days of our Men’s Gymnastics Canada Winter Games Training Camp.

Newfoundland Men's Gymnastics Camp - Campia

Newfoundland Men's Gymnastics Camp - Campia

_____ Rick’s basic warm-up:

– run, e.g. obstacle course run
– games
– side-to-side shuffle

– on high toes
– on heels
– toe-in
– toe-out
– jog, sprint x 2
– jog, sprint 1-leg

Sit in circle or lines
– flex / stretch ankles
– toe point, flex ankles
– shake out legs
– deep squats
– heel lifts
– lie on stomach
– leg kicks L & R
– dish rocks
– upper body flexions
– lie on back
– arch rocks
– upper body extensions
– arch ups
– alternate arms & legs
– hands & knees
– warm-up wrists
– Cobra stretch
– Cat stretch
– stand, to touch elbows to floor
– PARTNER stoop stretch
– Splits
– easy bad, good, bad leg

Wall handstand work
– wall bridge
– wall stride handstand
– tic-toc legs
– PARTNER wall stride hand
– advanced walk-overs …
– bwd from foot on wall
– fwd to foot on wall
– tic-toc to elevation
– tic-toc on floor
– bwd & fwd limbers
– etc.
– handstand straddle splits
– press to handstand

Games and contests

(adapted from a warm-up used in a Russian gym, St. Petersburg)

We watched videos of High Performance Argo boys from Calgary Gymnastics Centre training on Parallel Bars and Pommels.

Vault Presentation (VIDEO)

Pommel Presentation (VIDEO)

Parallel Bars Presentation (VIDEO)

_____ Twisting

introducing forward twisting

twist direction

preventing “barani confusion“

The last 2 day of camp were hosted by Cygnus.

Click PLAY or watch some of the Cygnus training on YouTube.

Thanks Gymnastics Newfoundland and Labrador!


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