Level 2 Technical Calgary 2010

These are course notes from Rick McCharles, one of the clinicians at the NCCP Level 2 Gymnastics Coaching Certification course hosted by Altadore and University of Calgary, Sept. 3-6, 2010.

Yves leading Level 2 Gymnastics Coaching clinic

Rick McCharles presentations (open as small movies)

• Gymnastics is FUN, EASY, SAFE
• Understand – Teach model (handstand)
• Vault
Parallel Bars
• Internet and Computers for Coaches
• Wrap-up


Building a Successful Boys Gymnastics Program (VIDEO)

Recommended websites:

Gymnastics Coaching
Gymnastics Examiner

Recommended sources for coaching video:

• Gymnastics Minute (FREE)
GymnastTube (FREE)
Gymnastics on Demand (subscription)
GymSmarts DVDs ($30ea)
John Geddert DVDS ($30ea) …

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