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NCAA rule changes?

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Looks good. But leave a comment if you’ve seen an official announcement on this.

Ontario, Québec, British Columbia

Open Team ranking at the Canadian National Championships:

1. Ontario 215.15
2. Québec 213.65
3. British Columbia 210.65

Gym Score Depot – Open Women – Day 1 — Team Competition and Qualification

Congratulations to all teams. It was fun to watch. :-)

Canadian Championships day 1

1. Woo, Rose-Kaying – Québec 56.20
2. Onyshko, Isabela – Manitoba 55.95
3. Black, Ellie – Nova Scotia 55.10
4. Chant, Maegan – Ontario 54.35
5. Olsen, Shallon – British Columbia 54.10
6 Copiak, Madison – Alberta 53.75
7 Woo, Victoria-Kayen – Québec 53.25

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My guess at Pan Ams team after day one: Black, Onyshko, Chant, Copiak, V.Woo. Alt Rogers.

Rose and Shallon are age ineligible for Pan-Am and World Championships 2015. They turn Senior in 2016.

Brittany Rogers competed. Peng Peng did not.

Certainly the Canadian Pan-Am team should be built around Ellie and Isabela. They’ll look at contributing scores on each apparatus. I could see a number of different teams depending on who’s healthy and consistent.

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Canadian Championships – Open prelims

The competition is finished. Here are some of the AA leaders qualified to the Final.

1 Lu, Ivy – Québec 54.65
2 Tomassini, Sabrina – Québec 54.40
3 Vedenin, Paulina – Ontario 54.00
4 Kaji, Clair – British Columbia 53.75
5 Posidis-Kowalski, Sarah – Ontario 53.45
6 Borges, Samantha – Ontario 52.85
7 Blackner, Emily – Manitoba 52.55
8 Parker, Mackenzie – Alberta 52.30
9 Auclair, Julie – Québec 51.70
10 Goudie, Sarah – Ontario 51.65

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Canadian Championships logo

Canadian Nationals underway

Open flight #1

National Open compete close to FIG rules. There are two flights of competition today with the strongest teams seeded into the second flight.

The team podium will be decided today as well as which gymnasts qualify to the individual Finals.

AA leaders … so far:

1 Blackner, Emily Manitoba 52.55
2 Baggio, Sofia Ontario 50.60
3 Fischer, Alana Ontario 50.20

full results Open

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Alana Fischer and Molly Oswald.

LIVE VIDEO | results

Ireland Gymnastics Championships

Gymnastics Ireland:

… Irish 2012 Olympian Kieran Behan crowned the 2015 Men’s Artistic National Senior Champion, while Ellis O’Reilly claimed the Women’s Artistic National Senior Champion …

1st Kieran Behan
2nd Jack Neil
3rd Daniel Fox

1st Ellis O’Reilly
2nd Tara Donnelly
3rd Denise Moloney

Round up of the 2015 Men’s & Women’s National Finals

Click PLAY or watch an interview with Kieran Behan on YouTube.

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That’s a great interview. Luke is charming, honest and eloquent. He’s now coaching at Rathgael Gymnastics Club.