WAG Tkatchev variations


The Tkatchev, named for Alexander Vasilyevich Tkatchev, is also known as a reverse hecht. At its most basic definition, it’s done from a back giant swing, involves a release backwards and over the bar, and is caught again on the other side. Where it gets interesting is the entry (i.e. from a stalder, inbar, toe-on, or clear hip instead of a giant) and then the body position in the air (i.e. straddle, pike, or layout). Here’s a handy chart I made to help with the variations.

Straddle Pike Layout
Giant Tkatchev (D) Piked Tkatchev (E)
Toe-On Ray (E) Church (E) Nabieva (G)
Clear Hip Hindorff (E) Shang (F)
Stalder Ricna (E) Downie (F)
Inbar Galante (E)

That’s from You Asked, The Gymternet Answered 61st edition. Of the fan sites, The Gymternet is most valuable for the WAG coach.

Horton Ring strength training

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When the going gets tough, the tough get going. @labradanutrition #labradanutrition #RoadToRio #ineverquit

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Sandra Izbasa – Cheng

In training.

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Durban wins 2022 Commonwealth Games

The South African city of Durban has been selected as the host for the 2022 Commonwealth Games at the Federation’s general assembly in New Zealand on Wednesday.

The coastal city was the only bidder for the multi-sports event after the Canadian city of Edmonton withdrew from contention in February, citing falling oil prices …


Unfortunately Durban did not include Gymnastics in their bid because they had no suitable venue. Durban Gymnastics coach Jesse Kitzen-Abelson says Gymnastics can still be added. My guess is that it will.

UPDATE: Over on the private Gymternet Clan Facebook group, there’s much discussion on that topic. The proposal in the works would require Commonwealth Games to include 16 mandatory sports, one of them Artistic Gymnastics.

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Zou Li Min drowned in fishing accident

Zou Li Min was swept off rocks by a rogue wave. :-(

Zou Li Min

Mr Zou was well known in the Canberra gymnastics community, having trained senior gymnasts at the Woden Valley Gymnastics Club.

In a statement the club said members had been deeply affected, and sent condolences to Mr Zou’s wife and two children.

“This tragedy has deeply affected everyone at the club, particularly coaches and the senior boys and girls competitive training squads,” the statement said. …


Zou Li Min was silver medalist on Horizontal Bars at the 1985 World Championships. He’d been coaching in Australia since 1993.

Rest in peace.

NCAA Code Modifications: 2016 and 2017


On vault, the big news is the fact that the Yurchenko layout full (a round-off onto the board, back handspring onto the table and a layout with a full twist) and Yurchenko layout-half have been devalued to start from a 9.95 …

… vaults that are still valued at a 10.0 start value. For example:

Front handspring pike-front half

Tsukahara (cartwheel or half turn entry directly onto the table) layout full or layout half (or Phelps, 1/2 turn to Front Layout)

Yurchenko or Tsukahara tuck 1 1/2

Omelianchik (round-off half turn to front pike) and Podkapaeva (round-off half turn to front tuck 1/2)

Tuck or pike Luconi (round-off backhandspring with a full twist on, back tuck/pike off)

Pike Ilg (front handpring onto board, front pike off)

Handspring 2/1 twist

Click through to College Gym Fans for more.

Originally I’d heard Y 1/1 would not be devalued until 2017. But this document states it will begin January 2016.

Nothing is ratified, as yet. There could be clarifications yet to come.

In my opinion Handspring pike 1/2 is the easiest of the remaining 10.0 vaults.

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Bars – Shushunova release

I’ve liked this skill since I saw Yelena compete it at the 1985 Worlds.

It’s weird and interesting.

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Of course finishing the Blind Change before doing the release makes the variation far easier. Neither should or could be called “full twisting Tkachev”. (Ask a gymnast who can actually do a full twisting Tkachev their opinion on Shushunova release.)

Click PLAY or watch the easier version on YouTube. In slow motion.

Note that Yelena’s name is often spelled Shushunova or Schuschunova.

related – Bars: Shushunova vs Monckton

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