Glenville – Acrobatics & Tumbling


GLENVILLE, W. Va. – Glenville State College … announced the addition of Acrobatics & Tumbling as the College’s 13th varsity sport. In addition, Amber King has been named the program’s first head coach …

Glenville State … is a member of the Mountain East Conference, an NCAA Division II-affiliated conference …

Intending to begin competition in 2016, Glenville State becomes the 12th member of the NCATA, further bolstering the presence of the sport in the Mountain State as the third member from the state of West Virginia, joining Alderson-Broaddus College in Phillipi, and Fairmont State University in Fairmont. …


Glenville State College Adds Acrobatics & Tumbling

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Andrew Brower – P Bar dismount


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another great Simone Biles article


“World champion is an understatement.”


“I’ve never been to a party, like, ever. I don’t even know what they do there.”

Simone bounce

The Next Olympic Star

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Jason Burnett ACL

Bad news. :-(

Jason Burnett headed to rehab after knee surgery

JasonHigh flying Canadian men’s trampoline champion Jason Burnett has been grounded after undergoing knee surgery on Thursday.

“I survived!! ACL reconstruction surgery complete!” said Jason on Twitter. “Now for the fun part… Rehab rehab rehab.”
Jason injured his knee while in training earlier this month and will miss the upcoming world championships in Daytona Beach, Florida.

In an earlier tweet prior to surgery Jason reported: “The damage is a complete ACL tear, second degree MCL tear, medial and lateral meniscus tear, and bone bruise with microfracture (right knee).

“This injury comes at a very frustrating time but I’ve been in this position before. I’ll be back!!

Gymnastics Canada

NCAA Vault – a stick contest

Since College judges do not much reward height, distance or body position, getting a good score is pretty much determined by the landing.

Click PLAY or watch Utah training landings on YouTube.

11yr-old dancer Adilyn Malcolm

I’m astonished at the number of brilliant very young dancers getting notice on YouTube of late.

For example … super difficult dubstep comes easy to Adi.

… Adilyn — also known as “Audacious Adi” — says she loves dubstep and learned to dance from watching YouTube videos.

And to make her even more impressive, Adi’s only been dancing for about six months as she’s been busy with a different passion: “I am actually a motocross racer, but when I’m not on my bike, this is the next best thing!” she writes.


Click PLAY or watch Audacious Adi #2 on YouTube.

If you like that, check “Audacious Adi” #1 on YouTube.

Romania Update

Bea Gheorghisor:

We are over-flooded with news from Romania these days …

Octavian Bellu was interviewed “Things get more complicated next year and I don’t want to think that the Romanian team will be for the first time in history in a position to not qualify for the Olympics. The objectives, beyond the excitement of the moment created by the Worlds, are very clear to me and they remain clear: Romania must not fall from the podium in the team competition …

A new head coach will be appointed … Lucian Sandu, Lacramioara Moldovan and Cristian Moldovan were the interim team for Nanning and are also among the front runners for the permanent position. …

Nicolae Forminte, former head coach of the Romanian Seniors, is now a coach at Deva, for the Junior team …

Larisa Iordache was everywhere … doing TV, radio and newspaper interviews …


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the ballet body

Australian Ballet:

Our Body Conditioning Specialist Paula-Baird Colt talks injury prevention and, with the help of dancers Dimity Azoury and Rudy Hawkes, demonstrates the exercises (including “Just Pick it Up” and “Superman”) that help keep the company healthy.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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elephant acrobatics

This is for real.


… that’s Rene Casselly, this act won gold at the Monte Carlo circus festival two years ago.

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Sam Mikulak in Rio?

When pressed to predict who would finish 2nd to Kohei in Nanning I named Sam Mikulak.

Why Sam?

I felt his NCAA success would give him consistency under pressure. And that his relaxed psychology would help in that loud arena in Nanning. If Sam hit 6 for 6, he would score high.

My confidence in Sam’s consistency is not holding up, however. In the training hall we heard Sam was having problems, especially on P Bars.

He fell on P Bars in the AA Final and shouldn’t have been allowed to continue as he took longer than 30sec to resume his routine.

(Later Zhang was allowed to resume his H Bar routine after breaking a grip, even though it took longer than 30sec to get a new one. A new rule on that has been discussed by FIG MTC, but it had now been implemented by Nanning.)

Sam’s still a podium contender for Rio. But don’t bet the mortgage.

And he’s trying to upgrade.

Karolyi Ranch improvements

Hilton, a sponsor, upgrades ranch cabins to Hilton hotel standard. … Well, not quite.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Looks who’s at Camp. :-)

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hmm … Victoria Moors at UCLA?


Some of the UCLA crew is in Toronto as the new Gymnastics movie is being filmed there.

Real Val and fake Val (Jennifer Beals) ????

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Two 2 UCLA Olympians (@jordyn_wieber @samanthapeszek) are visiting Toronto, as well.

Simone – double lay 1/1-out

Tumbling is so easy for our World Champ. She could compete this tomorrow.

Working for upgrades. #wcc #gymnastics @simonebiles

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