Cuban gymnast to Worlds 2015

Nico and others were unsure whether or not Cuba would be allowed to compete Worlds in Glasgow next year. Happily, it sounds like any nation can send up to 3 MAG and 3 WAG competitors. :-)


Though the Cuban gymnastics program has eschewed the World Championships and the Olympic Games ever since three gymnasts defected during Worlds in Anaheim in 2003, it looks like we’ll finally see them back on the major international stage as their gymnasts will attempt to qualify for Rio 2016.

GimnasiaLatina reports that William Garcia, head of Cuba’s national program, announced … that after the success of the Cuban team at the 2014 Central American and Caribbean Games in Veracruz, he wants two of his top prospects – MAG’s Manrique Larduet and WAG’s Yesenia Ferrera – to get the chance to compete at the Olympic Games.

Cuban Gymnasts Will Make a Bid For Rio


Zhou Duan – 1997 Bars

Monster routine. Includes a BIG Gaylord 2.

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mini-tramp takeoff training device

The ‘Foam Dorado‘ allows gymnasts to train the optimum take off technique in safety, without concern for the flight which would results from the rebound. …

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What do you think? Do we need this for TeamGym or Tramp training?

Damien Walters | Bangkok

A little Thai massage.

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Fail Harder | Basketball Motivation

Don’t be afraid to fail in training.

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Downriver Gymnastics murder-suicide?


News – 2 people found dead inside Downriver Gymnastics in Southgate in apparent murder-suicide (UPDATED)

Malmedy Junior – Belgium

Junior Men
1. Joe Fraser 78.950 (GBR)
2. Hamish Carter 78.800 (GBR)
3. Bernard Pire 78.350 (BEL)

Junior Women
1. Sydney Soloski 52.332 (CAN)
2. Andreea Ciurusniuc 51.549 (ROU)
3. Sydney Laird 50.716 (CAN)

One of two big competitions for up-and-coming juniors in Belgium each year, Malmedy precedes the much anticipated Top Gym in Charleroi by a weekend. The competition features a Junior Men’s and Women’s competition, as well as Espoir (under-14) division and an under-12 competition.


A sign of things to come? Joe Fraser (GBR), Sydney Soloski (CAN) win Belgium’s Coupe Avenir

Sydney and Sydney train at Calgary Gymnastics Centre, one of the most up-and-coming gyms in the nation.

JAO – clear hip progressions

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related – my presentation on free hip progressions including a 9min VIDEO of progressions. I lean towards safety strap drills.

Worlds montage


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27 things parents of gymnasts should avoid

Tony Retrosi:

I cannot remember the first time I read this but I remember being a VERY rookie coach handing this out to all the parents of my current team. It was written by J. Howard, Professional gymnastics coach since 1980, Tumbling, Double mini and Trampoline coach since 1986, gymnastics author of 26 books …

Here are 27 things parents of gymnasts should avoid doing so they don’t interfere with the positive benefits:

1 Don’t compare your gymnast’s progress with that of other gymnasts.

2 Don’t become overly ego-involved with your gymnast’s success or lack of it.

3 Don’t take judge’s scores too seriously, especially at the lower levels.

4 Don’t forget the need for fun in gymnastics.

5 Don’t stand for unacceptable behavior from your gymnast during practice or competitions.

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Kelli Hill – kip cast handstand

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8 essentials for Gymnastics success

John GeddertDesire
Support System

John Geddert explains – THE ESSENTIAL 8

Rio Olympic mascots

The organizing committee is yet to name them.

Here’s one.

… a mixture of different Brazilian animals, blessed with their many qualities: the agility of the cats, the sway of the monkeys, the grace of the birds. With his keen sense of smell, he can sniff out exciting adventures. His incredible hearing allows him to find the most enthusiastic fans. He can imitate the voice of any animal. …

Born out of an explosion of Brazilian joy… the Rio 2016 mascots – magical creatures with super powers

Rio mascot