Can Georgia get its groove back?

Blythe Lawrence:

Under coach Suzanne Yoculan and 2004 Olympic medalist Courtney Kupets, the Gym Dogs built a dynasty during the mid-2000s with five straight national titles.

It didn’t last: Yoculan retired, Kupets graduated, and the team has not been the same since.

After a few embarrassing seasons by Georgia gymnastics standards (one in which the team didn’t make it past regionals), second-year head coach Danna Durante has started a turnaround. It may be too little, too soon to call No. 6 Georgia a title contender again, but if sophomores Brittany Rogers (a 2012 Olympian for Canada) and Brandie Jay can lead their team to a podium finish, it would be the first time in the five years since Yoculan’s retirement.


I’d say the Gym Dogs are back, already.

NCAA Semifinal 1 – Georgia 197.3 without Brittany Rogers at full strength. :-)

Super 6: Oklahoma, Georgia, LSU

The best 3 teams moved on. No controversy.

NCAA Semifinal 1

Oklahoma 197.5
Georgia 197.3
LSU 197.1

Stanford 196.6
Michigan 196.425
Illini 195.80

9.95 FX for Haley Scaman

9.95 FX for Haley Scaman – HUGE double layout

I’m still liking LSU in the Team Final. :-)

Macko Bars – NCAA Podium

Florida’s Mackenzie Caquatto’s bars at podium training.

Click PLAY or watch it on Gymnastike.

Watch more videos on Gymnastike

Gymnastike had some free videos up in advance of the competition, but watching the competition itself requires Premium Gold membership.

count twists on the 2nd skill

Shixiong Zhou in training. :-)

via Nico on GymFever

AA Champion NCAAs 2014?

Jessie DeZiel? Lindsay Mable? Alaina Johnson? Kytra Hunter? Joanna Sampson? Emily Wong? Katherine Grable?

A betting man would put money on Sam Peszek or Bridget Sloan. Sam may have paced herself perfectly this season. She has terrific presence on the Floor.

I’m all in for LSU, so I’m all in for Rheagan Courville. :-)

Click PLAY or watch her Beam Arabian on Gymnastike.

Watch more videos on Gymnastike

Awesome, but she had a fall on it too in Podium training.

Click PLAY or watch her interview with Jennifer from Gymnastike. (Who’s picking LSU.)

Watch more videos on Gymnastike

Check Balance Beam Situation‘s excellent preview of the AA competition.

The AA is decided during today’s preliminary competition.

Peng Wang – quad twist


Click PLAY or watch his Doha routine on YouTube.

Men’s Floor is stupider than ever now. Who needs to see so many variations of twist?

No double somersaults.

Merde. :-(

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Bboy One Hand Balance

Stacy Clark:

Dear Normal People,

Don’t be discouraged; you’re probably really good at grocery shopping or something. :-)

FIG worried about Rio

International Gymnastics Federation:

“We have many meetings, the same meetings, but nothing happens. That is probably due to the lack of full-time competition directors on site. We are very worried about our test event, about accommodation and the type of apparatus to be used. We have still not heard anything on this side. We are in a period where those details now should be decided.” …

Over half of Olympic sports cite major concerns over Rio 2016, with calls for IOC contingency plans

Rio logo

Brazilian authorities unveiled an infrastructure budget of 24.1 billion reais ($10.76 billion) for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, 25 percent more than planned, as they try to reassure the world they can deliver facilities on time.

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coach Terry Steiner wants feedback

Jessica O’Beirne showed me this Facebook post from Terry Steiner, USA National Coach for Women’s Wrestling.

Gutsy move.

The only similar action I can recall was by Bernard Petiot, then head coach of Gymnix, Quebec.

He hired Boris Verkhovsky to visit Gymnix, challenging him and his coaching staff on their training system.

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all in for LSU

After watching about half the podium training today, including all the LSU training, I’m predicting the Tigers National Champions 2014.

I voted LSU in the Gym Nerd Poll: The 2014 NCAA Gymnastics Championships. Check the poll results.


The best thing that could happen for NCAA Gymnastics is to have another first time team win Championships.

Oklahoma or LSU.

I’d even be happy to see Utah win again. It’s been too long. Utah looks better than I can ever remember, by the way.

If every team hits I expect Florida will repeat. On Bars today, they looked like Champions. The Gators, however, seem to miss routines in the most important meets.

After Florida I like LSU for the very many reasons @yoev detailed in GymCastic Episode 88.

Advocate – You seem to have a complete team this season after some years where you were lacking on either bars or beam. Is this the most talented and most consistent team you’ve ever had across the four events?

D-D Breaux – … this group is kind of complete. From the coaches, to the athletes, all the way down to the trainer — it’s the best group we’ve had. Everything is just unified; it’s been very good. …


Breaux reflects on 37 years of gymnastics at LSU

LSU has super difficult tumbling. And the highest tumbling — as a team — that I can ever recall.

Nobody discounts Alabama. In their home State, the rowdy crowd might just Roll the Tide to Victory.

Finally, I should note, my NCAA predictions have been near worthless in the past. It’s very difficult to foresee who is going to hit and stick on any given day. :-)

The Tigers weakest apparatus is Bars. But I feel Jay Clark is going to have them hitting enough handstands and sticking enough dismounts to stay close.

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Emily Wong wins 2014 AAI

GREAT choice. :-)

Nebraska gymnast Emily Wong has been named the 2014 AAI Award winner, recognizing the most outstanding female gymnast in the country. The honor is given annually to the nation’s top gymnast on the basis of athleticism, academic excellence and civic responsibility. The award is voted on by the NCAA women’s gymnastics head coaches and was announced at the championship banquet Wednesday night in Birmingham, Ala.

Wong is the second Nebraska gymnast to receive this coveted award behind Richelle Simpson who captured the honor in 2005. …

Emily Wong

NU gymnast Emily Wong relies on faith, support of team after father’s death

Emily Wong – A Leader and Champion


Gabby Douglas returns to Iowa

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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