British T&T Championships

Sept 20-21, 2014.

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Platform Diving Protection

Here’s a brilliant idea we could modify for Bar release training. A machine that slides the pad on to the bar after release.

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details on

Thank Tom Trapp for the link. He’s the diving coach keeping us updated on what’s new in that Olympic discipline.

MAG and WAG.

Logo_COP_300x120This site was designed specifically with gymnasts and their coaches in mind and so you’ll find tons of videos categorized by event and sorted by difficulty.

Learn gymnastics skills with a video version of the Code of Points.

Looks great. I’ve added a link on every page under the Video for Coaches Category in the right hand navigation.

Michael Jackson Immortal closed

Nearly 3.5 million people saw this show. And I wasn’t one of them. :-(

Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson the Immortal World Tour has wrapped after its three-year run, earning the No. 8 slot on the list of the top-grossing tours of all time

Michael Jackson Immortal Tour Wraps With Eighth-Best Gross of All Time

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The other Michael Jackson show, One, you can still catch in Vegas.

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Bobby Lockwood’s Trapeze performance

One of the best performances from the BBC TV show Tumble.

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Kyle Shewfelt’s new gym

… The 11,000+ square foot facility in Calgary is very well done. Bright and appealing. Lots of parking. …

Opened 10 months ago, Kyle has about 950 members a week. Business is great.

If you want to see a new club well launched, check out Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics. …


That’s the club mascot, not Kyle. :-)

read more on Rec Gymnastics

1st air flare on skates

What could go wrong?

Alberta Congress Oct. 16-18th

HIDEO “MIZO” MIZOGUCHI, JEFF LULLA and JOHN GEDDERT are three of the special guest clinicians. It’s going to be great. :-)

AG logo


U.S. Worlds Team

Alyssa Baumann, Plano, Texas/WOGA
Simone Biles, Spring, Texas/World Champions Centre
Madison Desch, Blue Springs, Mo./GAGE
Madison Kocian, Dallas/WOGA
Ashton Locklear, Huntersville, N.C./Everest Gymnastics
Kyla Ross, Aliso Viejo, Calif./Gym-Max
MyKayla Skinner, Gilbert, Ariz./Desert Lights

The non-traveling alternate is Brenna Dowell of Odessa, Mo./GAGE.


USA Team

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recognize these guys?


They are mascots for Worlds 2014 Nanning.

If you got that, try the 2014 WORLDS QUIZ on ISRAELI GYMNASTICS.

If not … better click over to The GymternetAsked, Answered: WORLDS EDITION :-)

AcroArmy – AGT Finale

VOTE. :-)

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North Korean gymnast banned. Again.

… the FIG Disciplinary Commission has made the decision to withdraw Cha Yong Hwa’s license

… All results obtained by Cha Yong Hwa and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Gymnastics Federation’s (DPRKGF) Women’s Artistic Gymnastic team in all events at which Cha Yong Hwa participated as a team member from August 2006 onwards are cancelled …

The DPRKGF is blamed for submitting a fake passport for Cha Yong Hwa

Disciplinary decisions – The FIG takes action

Even in a totalitarian State as inefficient as North Korea, I hope the officials running this Federation are fired. :-(

This is the 3rd time they’ve been sanctioned.

(via TAA)

gymternet plagerism? – Gymnastike responds

Check the comments for additional information on whether or not this kind of cut and pasting is illegal. Seems it is.

Gymnastike got back to me with this response:

That article from British Gymnastics is a press release. Below is a screenshot of the email that came to me from British Gymnastics and you will see it’s clearly branded as a press release. We get press releases from media sources every day. They want to get their message out, and encourage us to post it. It is in no way illegal. …

BG press release

Apologies to Gymnastike.

Perhaps this is common practice. I still don’t like it. Some are calling it lazy journalism.

Gymnastike does not often link to other sites. They should not be surprised if that policy is reciprocated.

___ original post:

This site is an aggregator. We link to good content wherever we find it — and try to send interested readers to other websites.

While not perfect, I don’t think there’s any other gymnastics site that tries harder to credit and promote the source of original content. With a lot of traffic, a link from Gymnastics Coaching gives increased PageRank to the sites we link.

On September 15th British Gymnastics put up a great post – 2014 World Championship team announced.

Soon after Gymnastike cut and pasted the entire textBritish Gymnastics Officially Announces Worlds Team.

They changed a few words. With this credit – Release via British Gymnastics. (with no link because they don’t actually want their readers to leave Gymnastike)

Worse, they went through the British Gymnastics replacing the BG links with links to Gymnastike pages. Some BG links were left, so someone at Gymnastike went to the trouble of removing those links.

I checked, not a single link to British Gymnastics remained in the end. It might have been faster to simply write their own story.

This may not be illegal, but it’s certainly unethical. I’ll continue my boycott of Gymnastike and recommend you do the same.

I feel badly for Anne and the other ethical people at Flocasts Gymnastike. But everyone I’ve spoken with feels you should work from within to address the many complaints.