Commonwealths dropping Gymnastics?


“@GraceClick believes they are not adding trampoline. But keeping the current Gymnastics disciplines.

Jennifer Isbister checked the official website, finding that Gymnastics is listed. The exact gymnastics disciplines to be included is not clear.

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This is the first I’ve heard. :-(

New sports and capping of numbers are on the agenda of the Commonwealth Games Federation as it seeks to keep the Commonwealth Games relevant in tune with modern times.

With the programme for Gold Coast 2018 already locked and basketball set to replace gymnastics, the CGF general assembly, to be held next year in Auckland, will determine the new structure besides voting on the host city for the 2022 Games.

Durban (South Africa) and Edmonton (Canada) are in the fray for the 2022 Games, while Wales has hinted at the possibility of putting up a joint bid with Cardiff, Newport and Swansea to gain the right to host the 2026 Games. …

Changes ahead for the Games

Leave a comment if you know more about Gymnastics being dropped for 2018.

best of Jr Europeans FX


Catherine Lyons
Amy Tinkler
Andreea Iridon
Chiara Imeraj
Laura Jurc?
Anastasia Dmitrieva
Axelle Klinckaert
Seda Tutkhalyan

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Freerunning Europe

An entertaining edit.

… England to Italy, stopping in Germany and Switzerland …

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Thanks Vadim.

Kovacs ~ Kovacs ~ Kolman

Koji Uematsu

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slow motion diving

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Elites training at CGA

Mary Lee Tracy.

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popular Beam series 2014

Morgan Hurd.

via Katie on GymFever

USA Pommel history

Dave Demanty on Facebook:

Second in a series of short video slideshows set to music.

Gymnasts include Mark Adams, Glenn Seymour, Tom Weeden, Steve Hug, and Ted Marcy. …

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Commonwealth Games started

The Gymternet posted a series of social media pics from WAG teams.

South Africa

South Africa

the Mykayla Skinner story

She has a 6.8 start on FX.

Our next Beyond the Routine series features senior national team member Mykayla Skinner. Everyone who knows Mykayla describes her as a daredevil for her lack of fear and willingness to throw the big skills. While Mykayla has struggled with form, she has been working hard on her flexibility and it has paid off. Martha Karolyi is recognizing her as one of the best of Team USA and Mykayla is ready to prove that to the world.

Episode 1 premieres Tuesday, July 29.

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minimum age for Olympics?

Age 16. Right?

Actually, no.

Not for MAG.

@sbregman87 tweeted the regs:

age regs

How do you justify a difference between the Olympic disciplines?

There should be no age restrictions for Olympic competitors.

Air Barrel balancing

Coach Deb and her girls wanted to try this balancing challenge on a Tumbl Trak Air Barrel.

walking the barrel

That’s dangerous without spot.

So they took it to the pit.

Air Barrel pit

Fun. :-)

That’s Avant Coeur Gymnastics at IEGA.

1970s USA Men’s FX

Dave Demanty put some of his old photos into a slideshow.

Bart Conner, Peter Kormann, Tom Beach and others, set to California surf music. …

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