Jackie Chan would have been a great gymnast

Olympic Vault GOLD

1932 vs 2012

Vanessa Ferrari Floor 2004-2014

She’s been one of the best tumblers in the world for a long, long time. :-)

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Aliya Mustafina’s new coach

Denis Ablyazin’s coach.

Queen E posted an interview translation:

The latest news, that Aliya Mustafina now has a personal coach – not just a personal coach, one of Russia’s best coaches, Sergei Starkin – was only released yesterday. …

Russia- Do you believe that in today’s gymnastics one coach can work with two top-level gymnasts – in this case a man and a woman?

– I believe that in any case you should try. The first thing I did when I decided to take this work on was to sit down and write daily training schedules for Aliya and Denis. On paper, it became apparent that on average p personal trainer works with each gymnast for four and a half hours daily, and that Aliya’s and Denis’s classes do not overlap. Thus I can, without prejudice to each of the students, divide myself fairly between them both. …

– How did the team leaders react? – Andrei Rodionenko and Valentina Rodionenko?

- Oh! Andrei Fedorovich and Valentina responded quickly and with joy. I didn’t expect this, and had a few sleepless nights.

– Aliya is now having treatment in Munich. When will you begin work with her?

- Early on the morning of December 18 I will fly to Germany. I will visit the clinic with Aliya and talk with the doctor. After that, we will plan our work. First of all, Aliya has to get better. If, in order to do so, Aliya needs to miss Russian and European Championships, then we will skip them. Our task is to return to the level of the strongest gymnast in the world. This may take a long time. Possibly up to six months.

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2014 Voronin Cup Results

1 Ekaterina Kramarenko Russia 55.650
2 Kristina Kruglikova Russia 52.850
3 Irina Sazonova Russia 52.100
4 Anna Pavlova Azerbaijan 51.700
5 Ekaterina Shtronda Russia 50.950
6 Dominiqua Belanyi Iceland 50.483

1 Anastasiya Ilyankova Russia 55.250
2 Darya Skryipnik Russia 54.850
3 Ekaterina Sokova Russia 53.800
4 Natalia Kapitonova Russia 53.450
5 Monica Sileoni Finland 52.500
6 Natallia Yakubava Belarus 52.250

Vault podium - Afanasyeva, Paseka, Pavlova

Vault podium – Afanasyeva, Paseka, Pavlova

Lauren posted a run down on the WAG competition.

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Vanessa Atler – 1998 Floor

With the publication of Vanessa‘s new children’s book – – her name is back on the gymternet.

Full Twist linked to her very impressive Floor routine from back during the run-up to the 2000 Olympics. At this time many, including me, assumed she’d be competing in Sydney. It was not to be.

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Brazil’s Zanetti honoured

Brazil’s Olympic Committee announced the nation’s Olympic sports athletes of the year Tuesday, another indicator of host nation athletes to watch at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Gymnast Arthur Zanetti won the men’s award, while sailors Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze shared the women’s honor. …

Zanetti became Brazil’s first Olympic gymnastics medalist in 2012 when he won still rings gold. He won silver at the World Championships this year behind China’s Liu Yang. …

Olympic Talk

Brazil Olympics 2014 Awards Ceremony

Zanetti is the short honouree. :-)

wow – sextuple gainer

flyaway 1/1 bar-to-bar

Cool. :-)

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Simone Biles On Power, Personality And Endless Potential

Team USA named Simone one of the top 14 females of 2014 in any sport.

Dvora Meyers: Mary Lou Retton said that you may be the most talented gymnast ever. Do you think she’s right?

Simone Biles: I wouldn’t say that, but I guess she’s one of the best gymnasts to ever, like, live. Coming from her, that means a lot. And I think it’s an amazing thing to have said about me.

She and others have also said that you’re unbeatable. Do you feel unbeatable?

No, not really. I feel normal. Whenever we go out there, I feel like anyone can beat me. That’s not my goal. I just go out there and have fun.


Impact 25: Simone Biles On Power, Personality And Endless Potential

espnW’s Impact 25 is a who’s who of women and men who made a difference for women and sports in the past year.

related – Leonid Arkayev:

It is clear that gymnastics is now becoming more and more specialized and all-rounders are finding it more and more difficult to compete with those who prepare only one apparatus.

But look at the American Simon Biles – she is a beautiful all arounder, with her completely crazy floor exercise and vault. And the margin of error she has is such that she is easily capable of making up for her weaker pieces, and of making event finals. …

new Seniors in 2015

Lauren Hopkins posted some of the most anticipated new Seniors for 2015. Click through for career highlights and video.

1. Tyesha Mattis, Great Britain
2. Kim Janas, Germany
3. Nia Dennis, United States
4. Wang Yan, China
5. Amy Tinkler, Great Britain
6. Seda Tutkhalyan, Russia
7. Andreea Iridon, Romania

2015’s New Seniors: The Game-Changers, Part 1

8. Ellie Downie, Great Britain
9. Maria Bondareva, Russia
10. Laura Jurca, Romania
11. Rebeca Andrade, Brazil
12. Bailie Key, United States
13. Yuan Xiaoyang, China
14. Flavia Saraiva, Brazil

2015’s New Seniors: The Game-Changers, Part 2

2015’s New Seniors: The Extensive List

How many will qualify for World Championships, Glasgow, Scotland Oct 23rd to Nov 1st?

SSE Hydro Arena

SSE Hydro Arena

Fragapane – Young Sports Personality

Bristol’s Claudia Fragapane wins BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year 2014.


via Nico on GymFever2012

What! … Impossible?