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Jeffrey Wammes – Pole

If you thought the concept of BBC Tumble was a little extreme, how about a TV show where celebrities try Pole Dance?

Click PLAY or watch Dutch Artistic gymnast Jeffrey Wammes on YouTube.

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MG Elite documentary planned

Like Gymnastike’s Beyond The Routine (subscription) and the terrific Sports2Visuals documentary series launched May 2013, THE HARD WAY TO SUCCESS (free), Lauren Hopkins and collaborators on The Gymnternet have something exciting coming our way. Free. :-)

MG Elite

In a new and very exciting endeavor, The Gymternet will produce a documentary series about MG Elite’s journey leading up to the Olympic Games.

The series will focus on 2014 U.S. junior national champion Jazzy Foberg and 2013 U.S. junior national silver medalist Laurie Hernandez – two of the biggest junior prospects in the country leading up to Rio 2016

2013 U.S. junior national vault champion Ariana Agrapides, too young for Rio 2016 but training for Tokyo 2020 – will also make appearances throughout the series. …

Our plan is to release episodes online every few months leading up to the Olympic Games, right down to the team being named at Olympic Trials. If Hernandez and/or Foberg are selected for the team that will compete in Rio, we will follow their journey there …

The Gymternet Will Produce MG Elite Documentary

related – Triple Twist – Aug 2013 – Chatting with the MG Elites…Laurie Hernandez, Ariana Agrapides, and Jazmyn Foberg

These in depth documentaries are terrifically popular. We need MORE aspiring movie makers.

Andrey Medvedev – Vault

Israeli Championships

Click PLAY or watch Vault 1 on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Vault 2 on YouTube.

on parents watching Gymnastics

This article by Kim Dale got some angry responses from coaches and parents. Click through to read the comments on that post and on our Facebook page.

original post ___

Kim Z Dale:

Why are you staying? Be free. This isn’t the Olympics. You don’t need to watch every move. …

To the parents at my daughter’s gymnastics class: Why are you there?


Uchimura’s Mom competes All Japan

If you’ve seen Shuko Uchimura, you know she’s lean and muscled.

I’m not surprised she could put on a leotard and still do gymnastics. :-)

Shuko Uchimura Floor

Mother “active return” All Japan Senior gymnastics, Uchimura (Japanese)

GymFever2012 is talking about it. This was Mom’s first meet in 30 years!

Haruhi Uchimura, Kohei’s sister, competed as well.

Northern Europeans

1. Wales, 156.400
2. Denmark, 147.500
3. Finland, 147.100

4. Northern Ireland, 146.725
5. Norway, 142.500
6. Iceland, 136.700

1. Maisie Methuen, Wales, 51.225
2. Annika Urvikko, Finland, 50.300
3. Rebecca Moore, Wales, 50.175

4. Ellis O’Reilly, Northern Ireland, 50.100
5. Grace Harrison, Isle of Man, 48.775
6. Casey Jo Bell, Northern Ireland, 48.575

Gymternet – Wales Leads the Way at Northern Europeans

extreme kiteboarding

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via Dave Brubaker)

Captains America

MG Elite Pole

The MG girls haven’t quite figured out Pole Gymnastics. :-)

Uchimura wins Japan Sr 92.25

It’s not going to be easy to beat Japan at Worlds this time, if Kohei is in good shape.

And he is.


Max Whitlock, for comparison, won the London Open with 89.70

via @OnoNoKomachi1

Italian Golden League

Valeria Violi previews the new Italian Golden League competition Sept 13-14th:

… will be held for the first time ever this weekend in Porto San Giorgio. It will act as a trial for the Italian team looking to represent their country at the upcoming World Championships in Nanning, China.

The four best teams who competed in the last Italian team championships (called “Serie A”) will take part in the Golden League with both senior and junior gymnasts. …

teams will be able to use as many gymnasts as they’d like on each event with only the top five scores counting to their total. The team competition will also define the all-around ranking while acting as a qualification for the event finals.

Since the aim of this meet is to give every national team’s member the opportunity to show the routines that could be useful for the World Championships team competition, the national team director decided to add a second vault final, which will be open to all gymnasts …



introducing free hip

BEST resources:

Search YouTube for …
JAOVideos: Bounce Gymnastics Girls Team

The Back Hip Circle Process (JAO)

The Clear Hip Process (JAO)

Teaching Casts to Little Ones (JAO)

• Joe Langley 200+ Bar videos (formerly American Gymnast videos)



Here’s a 9min video overview of teaching the skill, a low resolution video of one of my Powerpoint presentations.

• use safety strap bar as much as possible
• follow the JAO tutorials, best available for young female gymnasts

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Leave comment or links if you have any other essential drills for introducing Free Hip.

Uchimura H Bar releases

As clean as ever.

more Japanese videos

via @OnoNoKomachi1