Komova montage

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She has great form. Like Courtney McCool.

It’s impossible to accurately and consistently reward “artistry” in Artistic Gymnastics. But if the judges simply did not deduct those gymnasts with feet together, legs together, hands on shins (not thighs) … artistic gymnasts like Komova would be rewarded.

In 2015 gymnasts with great form and line do not get much credit over those who don’t. :-(

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Jim Hartung to Nebraska Hall of Fame

Here’s a terrific, inspiring feature on Nebraska assistant coach Jim Hartung:

… The first Husker men’s gymnast named to the inaugural Nebraska Athletics Hall of Fame class last week, Hartung remains etched in the NCAA record book with seven individual national championships. A 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist, Hartung has earned 22 All-America honors – the most of any male student-athlete in Nebraska history. He shares an NCAA record of seven individual national career titles with Illinois’ Joe Giallombardo (1938-39-40) and Michigan’s Sam Mikulak (2011-12-13-14). …

Throat Cancer Became Hartung’s Toughest Test, Biggest Trial

Hartung faced adversity himself after learning he had throat cancer more than four years ago.

“I was judging the World Gymnastics Championships in Belgium in 2010,” he told me. “I wore a tie all day, and when I took it off, I rubbed my neck and found a bump. I remember thinking ‘I don’t have a sore throat. I don’t have a cold.’ I just had an ominous feeling from that moment to the rest of the trip. When I got back to Lincoln, I saw a doctor the next morning. I was diagnosed with a type of throat cancer that was right behind my voice box.” …

There were times when Hartung wondered if he was going to see the next morning.

“My support system is what got me through,” he said. “I’ve always had a huge appreciation for my family and friends. The experience certainly put a lot of things into a new perspective. I had to go the doctor’s office every day. My wife, Lisa, would take me on Monday. Chuck (Chmelka), my boss, would take me on Tuesday. Johnny (Robinson), our other assistant, would take me on Wednesday. Dan Kendig, our women’s gymnastics coach, would take me on Thursday. Jim Devine, a doctor friend of mine, would take me on Friday. It was the same schedule for 10 weeks. I am indebted forever to all of them. …

… I started the ordeal at 185 pounds and by June, I was down to 119 pounds and struggling. I don’t know how to describe it. …

… “Jim never missed a routine in the NCAA Championships,” Chmelka said. “He was an absolute machine for four straight years. What he did was unheard of then and is still unheard of now. In the 1980s, you had to compete in twice as many routines as there is now. Jim’s strength and his focus were unbelievable. He was the toughest competitor I’ve ever seen. He was great individually but a total team player. …

Humble Hartung Values Life More Than Medals

Jim Hartung

It looks like Jim has beaten Cancer. If he stays clear through to November he’ll be “statistically cured”. :-)

German Jr Championships

Lisa Schwarz has a write-up:

… At these championships, the girls compete in four different age groups … . At the end of the day, all four age group winners came from the “Kunst-Turn-Forum” in Stuttgart, trained by Robert Mai and Marie-Luise Probst-Hindermann. …

Gymternet – Stuttgart Dominates at German Junior Championships | results

Click PLAY or watch Florine Harder’s Bars on YouTube. She’s from Hockenheim.

H Bar – slo mo triple double

Sam on instagram.

Nastia & Derek DWTS week 3

Fantastic. Nastia out-danced Derek IMHO. :-)

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EDGE Symposium

Elite Development Gymnastics Education.

June 19-20, 2015 at Illinois Gymnastics Institute (IGI) in Chicago

I want to attend this new event. Check the curriculum.

Tammy Biggs & Todd Gardiner will teach you the systems, drills, spotting and concepts the best elite coaches know and utilize. EDGE is an intensive clinic that will greatly improve your knowledge base. Tammy and Todd have coached Olympic, World, and Junior Olympic gymnasts for the past three decades. They love sharing their knowledge and experience to help you, and your staff become better coaches.

EDGE website

Cost $450 for 1 coach with 1 gymnast. Discounts for more people. A great way for clubs to upgrade their Head Coaches.

Note that it’s geared for those who want to develop Elite FIG gymnasts, as well as J.O.

new TV show – “Douglas Family Gold”

Planned (working title).

Gabrielle “Gabby” Douglas stunned the world in 2012 by becoming the first African American in history to win the individual all-around gold medal at the Summer Olympics. Behind her meteoric rise was a supportive family willing to sacrifice everything for years to help her dream.

Now 19, Gabby is ready to do it all over again in hopes of making it back to the medal podium in 2016. The Douglas family shuttles between California and Ohio to support Gabby’s training regimen while also juggling their own lives.

Her brother John is the family’s second Olympic hopeful in track and field, while devoted sisters Arie and Joy are eager to blaze their own paths. “Momager” Natalie keeps this tight-knit family in check, knowing regardless of what happens, “Team Douglas” has already won gold.


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