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Secret Classic start scores

2014 Secret U.S. Classic
Aug. 2, 2014

A qualifier for Nationals in August.


Since 2012 the meet has been sponsored by Secret deodorant.

… I don’t think many would argue with a healthy Simone Biles as the top senior AAer in the country right now. The difficulty only backs that up. But after Biles, it’s a fairly open race. I wouldn’t be surprised by Skinner showing up this summer with the second-highest difficulty total, but I can’t imagine that her execution will keep her ahead of the rest without help. There’s still an AA opening for someone who is capable of nailing four events with a difficulty in the lowish 24s.

Probably the most interesting figure in the AA race this summer/fall will be Ross. People have been predicting the demise of her life as a top AAer for a while now, but this will be the real test of whether she can hang on to that spot. She had been passed by Elizabeth Price, but got a reprieve when Price decided to get her Cardinal on instead. Is she able to squeak by with a DTY and a mid-5s on floor? …

Balance Beam Situation – Pre-Classic Difficulties

Fact is Marta has many, many options for Worlds 2014.

The USA has crazy depth.

port-a-table vs T Trainer

Tumbl Trak loaned equipment to the HPTC Camp in Idaho last week.

The most popular new piece of equipment was the T-Trainer.

Port-a-Table T-trainer

That’s it on the left.

We were able to compare the pros and cons of the T Trainer vs the apparatus it replaced, the port-a-table on the right. (no longer available).

Both are great.

The T Trainer starts at $764.15 right now.

… help train skills for vault, tumbling AND bars. Shaped like a vault top, springy like a Mini Tramp and as useful as a vault board …

The removable Suede Cover (sold separately), attaches by Velcro to the top, making it look and feel more like a traditional vault top. …

get to know Max Whitlock

Can Max challenge Uchimura in the AA?

Training Secrets Part 2 – Olympic Gymnast Max Whitlock

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Ring strength is Max’s greatest weakness though it doesn’t much hurt his score on that apparatus.

His Horizontal Bar is weak too, compared with the great Kohei. Max scored over 15 on Pipe in AA Final. That’s simply not right.

Still, I’d say Max is on the list of those who could finish 2nd to Uchimura at Worlds 2014. He’s a great competitor. Young and improving. And seems to be very durable.

Aly Raisman tumbling

Looks strong. :-)

Maroney is out for the season due to injury. She mentions it on this video.

That might make room for Skinner on the Worlds 2014 team.

pole vault back flip

Thanks Scott.

England sweeps Commonwealth AA

C Fragapane (ENG) 56.132
R Harrold (ENG) 55.232
H Whelan (ENG) 54.699

E Black (CAN) 54.157
O Vivian (AUS) 52.632
G Hockenhull (WAL) 52.598
I Onyshko (CAN) 52.565
E Beddoe (WAL) 52.540
M Chant (CAN) 52.032
E White (SCO) 51.532

Team England produced the dream performance in the Commonwealth Games women’s all-around event to take gold, silver and bronze.

Claudia Fragapane sealed the title with a memorable final floor routine that lifted the roof of the Hydro arena …


England glorious in women’s final

Lauren Hopkins has a terrific write-up – 2014 COMMONWEALTHS: ENGLISH AA SWEEP!

Theme of the day = too many falls on Beam.

CHALK IT UP – the film

Brooke Buffington and Maddy Curley are still looking for money to produce the NEXT Gymnastics movie.

Brooke updates via email:

Thanks to some amazing investors, CHALK IT UP begins production on September 4th in Riverside, CA and then will move to International Gymnastics camp in the middle of September to film all of our gymnastics sequences.

If you would like to contact CHALK IT UP please email:


LIKE their Facebook page.

Props Department

Props Department

circus camp fundraiser

Calgary, AB.

Monday July 28 – Friday August 1/14, Flip Factory, a gymnastics and circus centre will be hosting an intensive circus camp.

Forty-five athletes from 8-15 years of age will be trained by former Cirque coaches and artists along with members of the Flip Team, Green Fools Theatre and Calgary Circus Studio. Performers will present a show which combines acrobatics, trampoline and circus arts on Friday, August 1 at 7pm.

Proceeds from the camp and show are being donated to the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation …

Acro Circus

Flip Factory owner Darlene tells me that coaches include Cirque du Soleil experienced Ivan Vladimirov, Dmitry Troyan and Tyler Ayres.

Whitlock, Keatings, Wilson

Consistently hitting the most difficult Pommel routine in the world.

Yurchenko triple twist.

Whitlock truly is a great gymnast.

Max Whitlock

1. Max Whitlock 90.631
2. Keatings 88.298
3. Nile Wilson 87.965

Purvis made mistakes today.

Scores were too high, I thought. Don’t expect those same numbers at Worlds.

I’m thrilled for Keatings. He aggressively nailed his final routine, H Bar.

I was very impressed with Nile Wilson, too. As is Max. :-)

Max Whitlock is age-21. Nile Wilson only age-18. The future looks bright for GBR. I’d rank them ahead of RUS for 2016.

Lauren Hopkins – Commonwealth Team

In case you missed all the excitement yesterday – (there were more than a few falls) – Lauren can quickly get you up to speed in this detailed wrap-up:

1. England – 167.555

Claudia Fragapane, the absolute superstar of this entire competition so far …


2. Australia – 161.646

Such a rough day for the Aussies, sadly, though I commend them for remaining in good spirits straight to the end …

Obviously this team is in a somewhat precarious position after being denied Worlds last year, so they will have to improve on their consistency if they want to help the program; but if you’re going to fall, you may as well do it with class. …

3. Wales – 160.095

4. Canada – 159.563

This was a disappointment to me. It’s not as though they sent a team of amateurs – the team is largely experienced, and features some of Canada’s best. There’s no way Victoria Moors’ departure alone was responsible for their implosion…while I don’t think they could have challenged England, a team of this caliber should have been battling Australia for silver, not falling behind Wales and leaving empty-handed.

Other Notable

We obviously need to talk about Kirsten Beckett of South Africa again, because this girl qualified into every apparatus final but beam in addition to a 6th place all-around spot. She is on fire …


Inside Gymnastics cover boy

August Issue cover revealed.

Style. Grace. Charisma. Dance. Emotion. Expressiveness. Where has it gone in our sport?

In this special issue of Inside Gymnastics magazine, we zone in to explore artistry in the sport today. We take a look back at the most artistic eras and also get candid commentary on the state of artistry today, from the NCAA to Elite ranks. Gracing this special throwback cover is Dmitri Bilozertchev, one of the most successful and artistic gymnasts of all time.


Romanian Update

Bea Gheorghisor:

… Romania started off the stage of intense preparation for 2014 Worlds with a camp in Sweden, earlier in July.

There, the seniors (Iordache, Bulimar, Munteanu, Stanila, Zarzu, Ocolisan and Tudorache) and one junior (Laura Jurca) traveled together with coaches Lacramioara and Cristian Moldovan and Lucian Sandu. …

On Worlds:

Iordache will be the one doing the “heavy lifting”, Romania have not won a medal at Worlds since 2007. Larisa wishes to earn an all around medal and then on her favorite event, beam.

On Belu’s retirement:

Octavian Bellu and Mariana Bitang have quietly (or not so much if we are talking about it) returned at the helm of the National team. The coaching duo had left the team after the failed COSR (Romanian Olympic Committee ) elections in late May when Octavian Bellu was defeated by Alin Petrache for the position of President of COSR. Those were messy “elections” with a predictable – and tainted- result which left Octavian Bellu upset and bitter. …


read more – Romanian Update

Jurca is training with the Seniors in preparation for YOGs.

extreme water-skiing

World Barefoot Center in Florida

Keith St. Onge
David Small
Ben Groen
Lauren St. Onge

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via Mashable)