Maria Paseka – Amanar

Qualification round at FISU in Korea.

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American success story – Chris Young

The USA is the greatest nation in the world. But gets plenty of criticism too. It’s a big target.

Good things don’t tend to get as much press as bad stories. Here’s a good story. :-)

1999 USA World Championships Team Member Chris Young credits his first coach, Bob Kohut, with shaping his gymnastics career. And his life.

It’s been 15 years since Chris Young retired from competitive gymnastics. Nevertheless, the inspiring story of how he overcame long odds to become a world-class gymnast never gets old.

Young, who was born and raised in Winston-Salem, was introduced to the sport by Big Brother/Big Sisters volunteer Ron Brown. Initially, the sport seemed to be an odd fit for a black youngster who didn’t grow up in the suburbs. …

Former world-class gymnast Chris Young continues to pay it forward

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Today Chris is a coach and co-owner of Flip Force Gymnastics.

30% off Gymneo.TV

I’m a paid member of Gymneo.TV, the best coaching video tutorials on the web.

Based out of France, they offer two memberships: French and English.

From July 4th through August 31st Gymneo is offering a 30% discount. That takes the 219€ / year ($243) membership to 153€ ($170).


There are more French language videos than English. But the English section is catching up as each of the French originals is translated.

They are offering free samples on Facebook, this page and on their YouTube channel.

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Happy 4th of July USA

USAG has had another excellent year. Congratulations. And happy birthday. :-)


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Brazil and USA

Training camp together in advance of the Pan Am Games.

Bruno Klaus giants at age-78

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Olympic Games torch

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