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Karolyi Ranch improvements

Hilton, a sponsor, upgrades ranch cabins to Hilton hotel standard. … Well, not quite.

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Looks who’s at Camp. :-)

:) @gabbycvdouglas

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hmm … Victoria Moors at UCLA?


Some of the UCLA crew is in Toronto as the new Gymnastics movie is being filmed there.

Real Val and fake Val (Jennifer Beals) ????

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Two 2 UCLA Olympians (@jordyn_wieber @samanthapeszek) are visiting Toronto, as well.

Simone – double lay 1/1-out

Tumbling is so easy for our World Champ. She could compete this tomorrow.

Working for upgrades. #wcc #gymnastics @simonebiles

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Tanaka on Rings

One of the few new elements competed at World Championships 2014.


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He does it well.

the hoverboard is real

Sean Hollister:

I stepped onto a glorified piece of plywood equipped with eighty pounds of batteries and electromagnets… and glided effortlessly across the ground. Ladies and gentlemen, the hoverboard is real.

… Yes, the batteries drain after a few minutes

And yes, it only floats above non-ferrous, highly conductive surfaces like copper or aluminum, since it works by rapidly electro-magnetizing the surfaces beneath it to actually lift off the ground. You won’t be able to take this on the pavement, or really anywhere outside of its testing grounds.

But when I stepped onto the floating board and felt it effortlessly resist my 200-pound frame—without even trying to slip out from under my feet, I might add—I was filled with joy. …

Where is all of this going?

Good question, because the answer isn’t quite clear. Most immediately, the company intends to ship a few working $10,000 hoverboards and quite a few $300 and $900 Whiteboxes one year from now, on October 21st, 2015. (Yes, that’s the day Marty McFly goes back to the future.) …

Gizmodo – The Hoverboard Is Real, and I Rode It


outdoor gymnastics in winter

77-year-old retired teacher Gao Yinyu from Jilin, in northeastern China, has exercised like this everyday for more than a decade. The only reason he wears gloves is to stop sticking to the frozen bars. …

CHN outdoor exercise

Daily Mail

Eythora Thorsdottir – Beam

Original. Interesting.

You can’t define artistry, but you know it when you see it. :-)

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Eythora is a fan favourite of GymFever2012 and many others.

LSU training

Here’s a chance to see their upgrading facility.

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(via College Gymnastics Board)

Danell Leyva – P Bars

Awesome set. Silver medal at Worlds 2014 after Oleg. The correct ranking, in my opinion.

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My favourite apparatus over the past 2 cycles is Parallel Bars.

There are many ways to reach a high start score. Leyva chooses to use Felge and Giant variations with difficult turns.

Worlds, Nanning – slideshow

The fantastic lights. Wonderful photos. And a glimpse at the post-competition party. :-)

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Shang Chunsong – missing handstands

Shang Chunsong is my favourite of the current Chinese Senior Team. Right now she’s worried about her future after disappointing performances on Bars in Nanning.

I was shocked to see a Chinese gymnast miss handstands like this.

Shang Bar handstand
photo posted by ALX BLACK

Chinese coaches put very high priority on saving handstands.

Why Can’t Susie Control Her Handstand?
Leonard Isaacs – saving handstand

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Jennifer Beals as Miss Val

BealsJennifer Beals has joined the cast of Sean Cisterna’s Full Out, a inspirational sports movie based on the true story of Ariana Berlin, a California gymnast …

Beals will play UCLA gymnastics coach Valorie Kondos Field, who helped Berlin return to her school’s gymnastics team and win an NCAA championship. …

The ‘Flashdance’ star plays a UCLA coach alongside co-star Ana Golja of ‘Degrassi’ fame

nerve cells can grow back

This could be a big leap forward.

BBC – Paralysed man walks again after cell transplant

A paralysed man has been able to walk again after a pioneering therapy that involved transplanting cells from his nasal cavity into his spinal cord. Darek Fidyka, who was paralyzed from the chest down in a knife attack in 2010, can now walk using a frame.

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