Canadian High Performance Seniors

28 athletes as of Feb 26, 2015

1. E. Black
2. C. Carvalho
3. M. Chant
4. S. Gill
5. V. Moors
6. S. Olsen
7. I. Onyshko
8. J. Pedersen
9. K. Peterman
10. A. Rousseau
11. S. Townsend
12. R. Woo
13. V. Woo
14. A. Yu

TOP 6 BORN IN ’99 IF TOP 14 AA (4)
15. S. Soloski
16. L. Demers
17. A. Diallutto-Perez
18. M. Bastien

19. M. Copiak
20. H. Cyrenne

21. G. Douglas
22. C. Lee
23. E. Dumont
24. B. Rogers

25. M-J. Fortier
26. S. Laird
27. M. Lebeau
28. C. Wright

Gymnastics Canada via email

Quite a bit of depth. I’m looking forward to seeing who ends up competing for Canada at Worlds 2015.

We’re hoping Heaven Latimer continues her comeback. She’s not competed the AA for some time.

Charlie Wright
Charlie Wright

“Up, Up Stations” for Vault

Doug Davis:

… The drills demonstrated in the video below will be useful for tumblers at most any level, and are very worthwhile for vaulters that hope to achieve higher levels. Start early tumblers moving skills up onto safe, soft surfaces (pit pillows, bear mats), from the beginning to build confidence. Work up toward higher and higher stations involving more rebound and correct shaping. …

Tumbl Talk: Tumbling Becomes Vaulting

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Sam Peszek – 9.95 Vault

I think we can call this a STICK. :-)

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OK … now what?


Like this extreme acrobatic photo on Facebook.


standing double full into tumbling

Notice that he doesn’t need the full diagonal.

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(via the Kenzo Shirai page)

layout Bretschneider?

Watch through to the end to see it connected.

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via @theliukin

LSU 197.350 – 197.225 Alabama

Alabama was seeking its 50th straight home win, but the Tigers halted the streak behind solid routines throughout the meet. Before tonight the last time Alabama lost at home was Feb. 13, 2009 when LSU won …

Gymnastics Beats Alabama; Undefeated in SEC