Hard Way To Success – Maartje Ruikes

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Cuba’s Marcia Videaux – Vault

This is the first girl I’ve ever seen who could compete a 2 1/2 twisting Vault from Tsukahara approach. This double twist is easy.

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She’s certainly one of the very best vaulters in the world.

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Gators and Sooners

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BMX in 2015

Cirque du Soleil’s Stacy Clark linked to a highlights reel from an event in France. Mostly twisting: riders, their bikes … or both.

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worst WAG corner move ever


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Australian Championships

1 Georgia Godwin Queensland
2 Emily Little Western Australia
3 Madelaine Leydin Victoria

1 Emily Little Western Australia 14.937
2 Stephanie Magiros New South Wales 13.937
3 Madelaine Leydin Victoria 12.363

Steph Magiros is hoping to become the first Australian to go back-to-back in winter and then summer Olympics.


1 Rianna Mizzen Queensland 14.075
2 Madelaine Leydin Victoria 13.900
3 Georgia Godwin Queensland 13.750

1 Emily Whitehead Victoria
2 Talia Folino Victoria
3 Charleis Kingston-White Victoria

1 Talia Folino Victoria
2 Emily Whitehead Victoria
3 Charleis Kingston-White Victoria

1 Emily Whitehead Victoria
2 Talia Folino Victoria
3 Charleis Kingston-White Victoria

Gymternet – 2015 Australian Championships Results

Wayne Goldsmith on over-coaching

WayneAnother thought provoking article by the leader in though provoking coaching articles. :-)

Who OVER coaches?

Typically five types of coaches OVER coach:

1. Young, inexperienced coaches who are trying too hard

2. Coaches who lack real belief in themselves and who try to make up for it by giving too much information. …

3. Coaches who lack belief in their athletes and feel the need to control every element of preparation and performance

4. Coaches who are being evaluated or assessed and aim to impress …

5. EGO driven coaches …

Problems with Over-coaching:

1. All sports require athletes / players to take responsibility for decision making and problem solving in competition.

6. Coaching is about creating independent athletes / players.

9. Over coaching can create anxiety and pressure

read more … Improve your Coaching by NOT Coaching