Sae Miyakawa – Floor

A Japanese Simone Biles. :-)

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Sae Miyakawa fell on both bars and beam in qualification as well as in final but her strong performance on floor and vault made up a bit for her ranking. She opened her floor routine with double layout out full out with a little bit uncontrolled landing and one foot went out of bounce. Then she nearly stuck her front layout to front double tuck and double layout. Finally, she finished her routine with double twisting double tuck with chest a bit low but she nearly stuck it. However, the counted dance elements are spilt leap 1/1, switch leap and a single turn which only worth 0.6 in total. Hence, her D score is “only” 6.2 with two H rated skills. She vaulted a Rudi and got 15.5 to finished in 7th. …

Couch Gymnast – All Japan WAG AA final

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Why Gymnastics Is The Best Sport In The World

James Greaves on Buzzfeed:

1. Gymnastics shows individuality


2. …and age is just a number right?


see the rest – 12 Reasons Why Gymnastics Is The Best Sport In The World

NCAA home attendance

Season average:

1. Utah 14,858
2. Alabama 12,086
3. Georgia 9,381
4. LSU 9,208
5. Auburn 6,188
6. Florida 5,850
7. UCLA 5,417
8. Oregon State 3,548
9. Michigan 3,032
10. Oklahoma 2,973

The Times

All those Utah fans have more social media to enjoy than any other team.

Greg Marsden:

I don’t know if I found him or he found me, but one of the things I have enjoyed most over the past few years is documenting our team’s journey with Kory Mortensen. He is a savant. His camerawork, editing skills, musicality and creativity come together in a way that uniquely captures the joy and athleticism of these incredible athletes. …

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Bruin Banter – Danusia Francis

It’s the end of an era, as Samantha Peszek hosts her final episode of #BruinBanter, passing the torch to new host Danusia Francis!

Thanks, Sam, for three great years of the show and five legendary years as a Bruin!

UCLA Gymnastics

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Max Parrot – Switch Quadruple Underflip 1620

Looks difficult and dangerous to me.

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Karl Kosztka – P Bars

Some cool combinations.

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Fun day at the gym, working on some new p-bar connections 💯 #progress #gymnastics #gsvideo

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Thanks Hal.

turning leap drill

Al Fong posted a good drill.

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But our current Code of Points gives far too much reward for these elements. The take-off is often cheated. The landing is usually cheated. And most are simply not pretty to watch. :-(