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2014 Rhythmic Worlds montage

Izmir (TUR) September 22-28 2014.

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gymnastics on public transit

French comedian Remi Gaillard shows you how.


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how gymnasts get into bed


A gif from Buzzfeed linked by wogymnastika.

getting into bed

Hong vs Biles – Vault

The 2008 Olympic Champion competed first. And hit better than we’d seen her in training or prelims.

Click PLAY or watch Hong Un Jong on YouTube.

With 0.8 lower start scores, Simone needed to stick or near stick to move ahead.

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Two fantastic vaulters. I was happy with the podium ranking.

1. Hong Un Jong
2. Simone Biles
3. Mykayla Skinner

vault results

commentary by Catherine – Beautiful Gymnastics – EF Day 1: Vault and Bars

She notes that we had no falls, a wide variety of vaults and, happily for me, no Produnovas. Only Dipa of India competed one at this Worlds.

hey coach – put the phone away

Tony Retrosi:

When you are in the gym, DON’T BRING YOUR CELL PHONE IN WITH YOU.

I know you “just want to video that skill”.

Don’t just put down your smartphone, put it away. Once it is out of sight, it’s less likely to distract you and shows your gymnasts that they are priority. …

Kids Learn from our examples

I’m with Tony on this one.

Certainly some coaches manage their smart phones well in the gym. But most don’t. Especially the addicts.

That goes for the gymnasts, too, of course.

Jordan Jovtchev phone

crazy Air Flare variations

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Georgia Gymnastics intro

Video scoreboard intro for the 2014 Georgia Gym Dogs vs Florida

Georgia Gym Dogs Hype: So Sick from Georgia Gymnastics on Vimeo.

Thanks Jordyn.

Simone – crazy high

Though Simone is short, she launches her vaults as high as anyone aside from Maroney.

I’d love to have a computer evaluate air time, height and distance as part of the Vault score. As they do in Trampoline.

See more 2014 USA World Championships – Event Finals (Day 1) photos by John Cheng.

Erika Fasana – Floor

World Championships Final, Nanning.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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related – Couch Gymnast – Italy: Quiet Achiever or Underrated?

pit pillow throw mat

I was visiting Jeremy Mosier and the crew at Gymtastics when I saw the girls using a Tumbl Trak Pit Pillow as a trampoline throw mat.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Jeremy explained that the Pit Pillow was light enough for one gymnast to throw accurately. He preferred it to a conventional (heavier) throw mat.

Armine Barutyan on Beam artistry

Armine was a fantastic gymnast, 1st All Around in the 1985 Russian National Championships. The strongest era of Soviet gymnastics. Her life story is fascinating.

As co-Head Coach of GAGE Gymnastics, Armine has been one of the most successful Beam coaches in the world.

Al Fong:

My wife was asked to give a presentation during the 2014 World Championships in Nanning, China on how to train artistry for the balance beam.

“… is very possible to create an elegant, beautiful, pleasing routine with well timed accents, rhythm, and exclamation points!

I don’t use a cookie cutter system to design routines for my gymnasts. I have always had different girls with varying abilities and physical qualities that I must work with instead of trying to make every athlete look the same. It’s important that every routine be unique to the individual. …”

Armine Barutyan’s Presentation to the International Judges of the World!

That links to videos of Armine’s training program.

the men of Nanning

The Liukin:

Ri Se Gwang (PRK)
Danell Leyva (USA)
Denis Ablyazin (RUS)
Petro Pakhnyuk (AZE)
Jossimar Calvo (COL)
Zhang Chenglong (CHN)

For once a Chinese gymnast who’s exciting to watch on high bar! How many years has it been?


He won many points from me for finally being interesting, so I hope he keeps doing what he’s doing. In fact, I even felt sorry for him in the high bar final when his grip broke during his routine. A hit routine from him could’ve shaken up the medal standings and perhaps made Epke Zonderland a little nervous. I still haven’t figured out the messy handling of the time rule.

The Men of Nanning and Their Lasting Impressions: Part II

Despite confusion at the time, it sounds like the judges should not have let him continue the routine. It took more than 30sec to locate and put on a new grip.

Yang Hak Seon (KOR)
Krisztián Berki (HUN)
Sam Mikulak (USA)
Nikolai Kuksenkov (RUS)
Nile Wilson (GBR)
Manrique Larduet (CUB)

The Men of Nanning and their Lasting Impressions: Part III

coaching difficult athletes

Let’s face it. If you teach or coach long enough, inevitably you will have some students who you find irritating, abrasive or exasperating. …

… you owe it to the child, yourself as a professional and to the profession at large to find ways to rise above your feelings and find a way to positively work with these students.

Here are 20 actions that might help you make the transition from difficult to delightful student.

Ask yourself why you find this child difficult. …

Check to see if it is just the age you find difficult. …

Fake it until you make it. …

Use neutral language that describes the behavior, not the child. Watch the labeling and the backhanded name calling. A child is not a headcase, rather she is struggling with fear. She is not lazy, but she isn’t working to the level that you know she is capable.

Give the athlete some responsibly. …

Set clear rules and standards and reinforce them consistently. …

Refrain from arguing, lecturing or yelling. ….

Commit to keeping your cool. No matter what. …

If all else fails, own that you might not be the right fit and have the courage to let the child move on. …


Jag GymWhen You Want to Tear Your Hair Out: 20 Tips for Coaching Difficult Athletes

Click through to read the rest. I’m really enjoying Anne Josephson’s blog these days. :-)