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MAG scores 2014 | WAG UTRS 2013 and TAA 2014

Dave Tilley at Region 6 Congress

The coach / editor of hybridperspective.com is presenting.

Friday August 1st – Providence RI

9:00 AM – The Crucial Role and Benefits of Using Preventative Rehabilitation in Gymnastics Training

10:00 – Extension Movements In Gymnastics: Methods For Reducing Spine Injury Risk and Improving Skill Performance

Region 6 Congress Lecture Topics & Random July Thoughts

Dave tries to simplify complicated injury prevention and rehab protocols for coaches.


Bar release to cross-grip

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Bars – Jazzy Foberg

Mallakhamb competitors

Indian pole gymnastics.

Over 270,000 hits.

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Why do these kids have to wear bathing suits to compete?

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Du-Shaunt “Fik-Shun” Stegall

I think he can dance. :-)

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He was one of the winners of SYTYCD 2013.

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USA Men’s Nat Qualifier

2014 Men’s National Qualifier July 19-20

2013 World bronze medalists John Orozco of the Bronx, N.Y./Team Hilton HHonors, and Brandon Wynn of Voorhees, N.J./Team Hilton HHonors, headline the field of the 2014 Men’s National Qualifier July 19-20 at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo. The event is the last opportunity for men to qualify for the 2014 P&G Gymnastics Championships in Pittsburgh, Pa., in August …



roof flyaway double back


H Bar – Shaham

That comes from this longer video – Kovacs 3/2 twist – Noam Shaham.

P Bars – double front pike half

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The Strangest Sport

Gaar Adams:

In 1936, a troupe of 35 acrobats from a small town in Central India traveled to the Berlin Olympic Games to demonstrate the ancient sport of Mallakhamb. At a formal gala convened by the International Olympic Committee, athletics officials and eager media from around the world gathered to witness the 900-year-old exotic sport’s global unveiling. The team’s intricate feats of contortion, strength, and death-defying gymnastics atop a skinny, eight-and-a-half foot pole thrilled Adolf Hitler; the Führer personally bestowed each acrobat with an honorary Olympic medal before the group returned to India.

The world’s first real glimpse of this curious athletic form was also its last. But today, in the lush highlands that hug sprawling Mumbai, this peculiar sport with apparatuses that look uncannily like medieval torture devises is still practiced. …

Athletes perform 90-second routines packed with intricate skill combinations as a panel of three judges assesses each competitor’s speed, grace, and difficulty on one of the sport’s three apparatuses: Pole Mallakhamb, Hanging Mallakhamb, or Rope Mallakhamb. …

pole acrobat


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Beam – flic LO LO LO

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SEC coaches – “Sarah & Suzanne”

Watch that documentary on the great rivalry between the Alabama and Georgia head coaches on College Gymnastics Board. (52min)

Sarah Suzanne

Bar – stem rise to cast

Another drill for connecting kip to cast.