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Watch through to the end to see it connected.

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LSU 197.350 – 197.225 Alabama

Alabama was seeking its 50th straight home win, but the Tigers halted the streak behind solid routines throughout the meet. Before tonight the last time Alabama lost at home was Feb. 13, 2009 when LSU won …

Gymnastics Beats Alabama; Undefeated in SEC


Oklahoma 457.300 – another new record


When the Sooners broke the record Feb 14th against Michigan, some felt it was just one of those nights when everything went right. That College judges got a little excited in the moment.

But to do it AGAIN Feb 27th. …

It’s nearly impossible for so many guys to hit so many routines so well, two meets in series.

And the first record night had a 6-up/5-count lineup format. This time it was 5-up/5-count!

The top-ranked Oklahoma men’s gymnastics team rewrote history, again, as it topped its own NCAA record on Saturday in a showdown between the nation’s top two teams, defeating No. 2 Illinois 457.300 to 434.200 …

The Sooners were stellar across all events on the night, recording 24 scores of 15 or higher …

NCAA Record Falls for Second Straight Meet

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Oyama sticks the landing on vault for a 15.6! #Sooners lead No. 2 Illinois after four events 305.850-291.950!

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Men’s NCAA Championships goes April 9-11th in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma women had an OK night too. 197.875 away at Illinois. :-)

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gymnastics bar grips – finger wedgies

What are they?

This photo was posted by bogwoppit on the Chalk Bucket forum.

bogwoppit explains:

They make the finger holes of your grips smaller. I managed to get some from the UK, where they call them wedgies!

Order from in Europe.

1039Ginnasta USA sells something similar. Cheap. $3 per package of 8.

Without them, kids simply stuff foam into the finger holes to fill the gap. Messy and inconsistent.

Leave a comment if you know of anyone else selling something like this.

covergirl J-Lo


J Lo covergirl

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JTree Gym Balm

Testimonial for this product from Nia Dennis and friends.

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Tumbl Trak Quick Flex Bar

I love the Quick Flex Bar-in-a-Bag. ($299) AKA the Al Fong Bar.

For introducing Tkachev it’s far safer than a hard rail.

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The Tumbl Trak can be flat or sloped.

We are currently using it for Hop 1/1 on Bar, as well. The last step following this stage.

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That’s Kennedy Sterenberg from Manjak’s. (Who’s interested in competing NCAA, by the way.)

Tony Retrosi is using the Quick Flex Bar for Shaposhnikova drills.

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If you have a Tumbl Trak in your gym, consider getting this add-on. It will be used non-stop by gymnasts of all level.

Elite Canada 2015 Bars Champ Sabrina Gill.

Sabrina Gill Tumbl Trak

related – Tom Forster and Todd Gardner explain how they use the “Al Fong” bar.