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Simone Biles – Olympic Champion?

That’s the way it looks, peering 2 years into the future.

Marta Simone

Mary Lou Retton:

“She’s not human,” Retton said. “She may be the most talented gymnast I’ve ever seen in my life, honestly. And I don’t even think she’s tapped into what she really can do. I think she’s unbeatable.”

Olympic Talk

I called Simone the Uchimura of women’s gymnastics. She can fall once or twice over 4 routines and, most likely finish higher in the all-around than the second best female gymnast in the world.

On the other hand, it’s a long road to Rio.

Dvora MeyerAnxious About The World’s Most Dominant Gymnast? Blame It On Rio.

Simone is not indestructible. She can miss in competition.

But Simone has something that other presumed future Olympic Champions did not have. A relaxed attitude towards the sport.

Simone Biles, Kyla Ross, Brenna Dowell

I believe that increases her chances for a long run at or near the top of the world.

… On the other hand, we felt that way about Katelyn Ohashi. Katelyn is, seemingly, out of contention due to injury. :-(

Siimone Katelyn

Still, it would be an excellent idea to bet NOW on Simone Biles winning the 2016 Olympics.

Courtney Kupets to Le Reve

The two-time Olympic medalist who retired from gymnastics in 2009 will begin rehearsals … for Le Reve, a water show featuring acrobatics, synchronized swimming and dancing. …

“I figure while I’m still there I can still do it, and if I wait any longer I probably won’t be able to,” said Kupets, 28, who on Friday was inducted into the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame in one of the ancillary events surrounding the P&G Gymnastics Championships …

Her husband, Chris Carter, a former acrobatic gymnast for the British national team, is already part of the show, as is Kupets’ sister, Ashley. …

Team USA

Courtney Kupets

Regini-Moran – Vault

Another clean, sharp gymnast coming up for GBR. It won’t be long before Giarnni is contending for the Senior team.

Click PLAY or watch his winning YOG Vaults on YouTube.

YOG Vault Finals
1. Giarnni Regini-Moran (GBR)- 14.695 (14.800/14.591) GOLD
2. Ma Yue (CHN)- 14.416 (14.400/14.433) SILVER
3. Nikita Nagornyy (RUS)- 14.383 (13.800/14.966) BRONZE

(via Let’s Talk Gymnastics)

Simone Biles – Amanar

Highest final score of day 1.

Score: 15.900 (6.3, 9.600)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Orozco interview

John Orozco finished 2nd at P&G Championships.

It’s impossible not to cheer for John. He’s such a nice guy. So honest in an interview. John wears his heart on his sleeve.

John Orozco didn’t realize how close it was heading into his floor routine in the final rotation and was pleasantly surprised to find out he placed second. He talks about his relationship with Sam Mikulak …

Click PLAY or watch it on Gymnastike.

Watch more videos on Gymnastike

Flavia Saraiva v Seda Tutkhalyan

Youth Olympic Games Finals – FLOOR:
1. Flavia Saraiva (BRA)- 13.766 GOLD
2. Seda Tutkhalyan (RUS)- 13.733 SILVER

3. Ellie Downie (GBR)- 13.466 BRONZE

Flavia is getting raves for her personality and choreography. Should she have won the Gold at YOGs?

Click PLAY or watch Flavia Saraiva on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Seda Tutkhalyan on YouTube.

(via Let’s Talk Gymnastics)

Victoria Nguyen – Beam

2014 P&G Championships – Jr. Women Day 2

15.200 (6.2, 9.000)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

She can miss a Sheep connection and still make it look good. :-)

Bars without a Bar

In 2014 Swing Big is one of my favourite coaching blogs. I read every post.

Editor Zari Goldmann gives an example of Bar drills you can use without putting kids on an actual Bar.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

For most developing gymnasts I recommend only about 25% of training time be spent on the REAL Bar. And at least 25% spent on straps bar.

You’ll have better form and technique. And very few rips. :-)

Hryko – Pommels

The American Yoder missed in the final at the Youth Olympic Games. Opening the door for the Russian and this kid from Ukraine.

YOG Pommel Final
Nagornyy N (RUS) 13.966
Hryko V (UKR) 13.933
Kadirov T (UZB) 13.800

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Good potential. :-)

Actually, I like that routine better than Nagornyy.

(via Lets Talk Gym)

Alyssa Baumann – Beam

Pretty. :-)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

15.150 (5.9, 9.250)

Beautiful Gymnastics felt that E-score was too high. But I’m happy to see such fluid movement rewarded.

Russia Cup – podium training

Sara Dorrien was at Burtasy Sports Palace in Moscow Penza on Monday for the first session of podium training.

Read her report on Couch Gymnast.


Canada’s trampoline team …

… ready to rumble at 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — Less than a year away from the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games, Canada’s trampoline team led by world and Olympic champion Rosie MacLennan is flying high with no intention of touching down anytime soon.

On the final day of the Pan American Gymnastics Championships on Monday the Canadian team soared to gold and silver in both men’s and women’s individual trampoline and picked up another gold in the women’s synchro event for good measure. …

MacLennan … the women’s title with a score of 53.945 points.

Teammate Samantha Sendel, who edged veteran Karen Cockburn for Canada’s second spot in the final, won the silver medal with 51.680.

Camilla Gomes of Brazil of took the bronze with a score of 51.335….

In the men’s final, 2008 Olympic silver medallist Jason Burnett of Toronto won gold with 58.660 points and Keegan Soehn of Red Deer, Alta., took the silver with 57.390.

Logan Dooley of the United States, earned the bronze …

Gymnastics Canada

Biles, Ross, Baumann, Skinner, Kocian, Locklear

Andy Thornton’s projected Women’s Worlds Team:

Simone Biles
Kyla Ross
Alyssa Baumann
MyKayla Skinner
Madison Kocian
Ashton Locklear

Maggie Nichols
Brenna Dowell

Here would be a possible team finals lineup with this team:

Baumman or Ross



Baumann or Ross

I know I may get some backlash for not putting Maggie Nichols on this team, so I wanted to explain why. I’ll say first that in a fair world, she WOULD be on this team. I think she totally earned it. She has hit every single routine at both the Secret U.S. Classic and the P&G Championships, placed 3rd in the all-around at both competitions, and has improved her all-around totals with each one (57.6, 58.65, 59.25). She is a rock solid competitor, could be put up on any of the four events, and would likely hit under pressure. But her greatest strength is as a very solid all-arounder. …

Leave your backlash comments on American GymnastSo What’s The Verdict? A Projected Six-Member Women’s World Team

top 3 AA

Andy is very astute. But Marta loves consistency. I could see her finding a way to put Maggie on the competition Floor if anyone is slightly injured or inconsistent in training. :-)

The only team that can defeat USA in Team … is USA.