upgrade your Tumbl Trak

Here’s something every WAG gym needs.

A Downhill Incline (on sale for $211.65 right now) …

Tumbl Trak downhill incline

… combined with a Quick Flex Bar-in-a-Bag ($254.15).

Bar in a Bag

Leave it on permanently. Kids can step over the soft rail. Or do a seat drop on it. :-)

Leave a comment if you have a permanent Quick Flex (Al Fong) Bar in your Gym already.

you don’t need WINGS to fly


no wings to fly

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Ruoteng Xiao – H Bar

Brazil World Cup Apparatus Final.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (Liukin)

MTC NEWSLETTER #29 clarifications

II. Pommel Horse- circles and flairs to handstand (dismounts and returning to the horse)

There is no deduction for bending of the hips while attempting to reach a handstand from circles or flairs. Deductions can be taken for hesitation, strength, bent arms, lowering of the hips, and unsteadiness.

In contrast scissors to handstand do have a deduction for bending of the hips.

IV. Handguard (grip) Break during an Exercise (Rings or Horizontal Bar)

A gymnast with a significantly torn handguard (grip), causing a fall or interruption, may repeat the entire exercise without deduction at the end of the rotation with approval by the Superior Jury or, if they are the last gymnast in the rotation, at a time at the discretion of the Superior Jury.

The gymnast must immediately show the broken handguard (grip) to the D1 judge before leaving the podium in order to receive permission to repeat the exercise.

recall Zhang at Worlds 2014?
recall Zhang at Worlds 2014?


V. Falls (time permitted to restart exercise)

Gymnasts receive a -1.0 deduction for all falls from the apparatus and have 30 seconds (after the gymnast is on his feet) to restart their exercise. If the gymnast exceeds the allowable time to resume their exercise, an additional -0.3 N.D. for excessive time will be applied if the gymnast continues their exercise. The exercise will be terminated if the gymnast has not resumed within 60 seconds.

No salute is necessary to resume an exercise from a fall. The exercise officially resumes when the feet leave the mat.


Jillian remembers coach Amanda

Jillian Joyce Stevens:

Amanda invests her entire heart and soul in her gymnasts – not only as athletes, but as human beings. Without her, I would have never learned the importance of hard work, determination, and courage – not only in gymnastics, but in all facets of life. But most of all, I will never forget the smiles and laughter that came from every practice …

thankyou note to coach

AGI – It’s not always about training towards Elite.

Jillian trained with Coach Amanda as a Level 7 athlete at Monarchs Gymnastics in Agoura Hills, California where Amanda served as Assistant Head Team Head Coach for USAG Levels 5-10.

Age Group Camps Peru & Costa Rica

Fifty-nine coaches, all from Peru attended this camp – twenty-nine were for Men’s (MAG) and thirty for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG). …


Andres Llanos Gerardino (COL) and Gustavo Sito (ARG)
Andres Llanos Gerardino (COL) and Gustavo Sito (ARG)

… fifty of Costa Rica’s coaches attended; sixteen for Men’s (MAG) and twenty-four for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG). …

The number of fifty participants was reached or exceeded already three times in the past two months – in Norway, Peru and now Costa Rica. It is an excellent indication that the FIG Age Group Programme is considered important for these federations. …


Costa Rica Age Group Camp participants 2015_600x273

Costa Rica FIG Age Group 2015 5

more Costa Rica photos

new app – “Stickman Highbar”

Developed by Northern Ireland gymnast Jack Neill.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Full Twist has details and links to the Android and IOS versions.