Gymnastics in Newfoundland?

Gold medalist Evan Corner-Brookinish stripped of Gold medal in drug scandal.

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Some unique Pommel skills. I doubt we’ll ever see those in competition again. :-)

how to get into your Honda


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Simone Biles – 6.8 Floor

Acro: H, H, G, E
Dance: D, D, D, B

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Oksana Chusovitina interview

Training 12-18 hours / week. Hopes to qualify to her 7th (and last) Olympics. :-)

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Hawaii Sharks acrobatics & tumbling

Oregon has won every national championship since acrobatics and tumbling has become a sport (four). Oregon has over 24,000 students. Oregon has an athletics budget that would make Warren Buffett blush. Oregon was the unanimous #1 in the last NCATA Coaches’ Poll.

HPU didn’t care. The Sharks (5-1) turned the A&T world upside-down with a thrilling 282.050-280.295 win over the Ducks …


The NCATA National Championships run from April 23rd-April 25th at Fairmont State.

A&T Shocks the Country, Beats #1 Oregon

Kristof Willerton – triple layout

Is Kristof the greatest tumbler in the world right now?

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OK. It’s not quite a layout position. Still, it’s by far the best of those I’ve ever seen attempted in Power Tumbling.

In training on to a Resi pit it’s quite a bit straighter. (VIDEO)

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Orozco – slow mo Cassina

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Really wanna add this to my routine soon. 🙌 #Cassina #HighBar

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