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gymnastics coaching

recreation & preschool

Note — coaching references we like best are closest to the top.

Keith Russell

Gymnastics Canada coaching manuals Level 1 Introductory gymnastics. (4th edition)
The best english language gymnastics book available, in our opinion, succinctly explaining the movement pattern approach of principle author Keith Russell.

Coaching Level 2 & 3 manuals also recommended.

E-mail Gymnastics Canada for current prices as their website shop is being updated.

Gymnastics Australia coaching resources
We feel Australia offers (overall) the best quality manuals & resources in English.

Schembri, G., Russell, K., & McKail, G. (1983). Introductory gymnastics: a guide for coaches and teachers. (No link on the Australian website. This wonderful resource is not longer in print. You need find a used copy.)

Up, Down, All Around, Russell, Schembri, Kinsman
60 easy lesson plans for teachers Grades 1-6, but also useful for club coaches. Excellent resource!

new Gymnastics lesson plans for schools.
Saskatchewan, Canada posted some details of their physical education curriculum based on the Up Down All Around lesson plans published by Ruschkin.

new article Up Down All Around recreational lesson plans. The best available school gymnastics lesson plans can be adapted for use in gym clubs.

Boys Basic Skills Achievement Program, USA Gymnastics
Boys are competitive. Incorporating games and simple contests are motivating. Boys will find a way to keep themselves busy if you do not.

DISCIPLINE: The Real Answer?, Steve Greeley, Technique.
Imagymnation Gymnastics Center guru questions the value of strict discipline in recreation classes.

new Team Building ... for Coaches, Rick McCharles. How to make the gym a happier, more magical place for gymnasts and coaches.

new Adult Gymnastics: Why We Should All Do It, Roger Harrell, Power Athletes Magazine

new boys in gymnastics, Rick McCharles. Great blog post from a gym Mom. GymnasticsCoaching.com

The best resource for adult recreational gymnasts. Articles, links, etc.

Recreational Gymnastics Games (MS Word documents) on the Gymnastics Saskatchewan website

Colour blank gymnastics pictures for kids, Elisabeth Bureaud, Gymnastics Canada
on the Gymnastics Saskatchewan website

book covernew book Moving to Learn is a resource for teaching children up to age 3. Excellent informative website, as well.

Great Trampoline & Floor equipment, by Rick McCharles (PowerPoint presentation)

Landing and Falling, by McCharles (PowerPoint presentation)

Rec Boys Gymnastics, by McCharles (PowerPoint presentation)

new cool animations - gymnastics, Wushu & martial arts, Rick McCharles. Martin Vidic put this together. GymnasticsCoaching.com

Coaching Tips for Working with ADD Athletes, Alison Amold, Technique.

Alternative Medical Approaches to Treating Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Larry Nassar, Technique.

Tips for Coaching A Child With Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Ronald Kamm, Technique.

10 Tips for Teaching Preschool, Patti Komara, Technique.

Photo of CSG gymnast on ropes
Christchurch School of Gymnastics <website>

Organized Chaos ..., Beth Gardner, Technique.
Tips for preschool coaches.

more Organized Chaos ..., Beth Gardner, Technique.

Starting Gymnastics As A Preschooler, Jeannie McCarthy, Technique.
American preschool guru on specific goals for different ages.

Teaching Vault to Preschoolers? , Patti Komara, Technique.

Birthday Party risk management , Technique, Feb 2005

Gymnastics Games Compendium, Ken Daley, 1981, is one of the few good books of gymnastics games. Unfortunately it is out of print & difficult to find.

Animation Factory, Gymnastics
Fun cartoon animations.

Looking for more? Use Google, the best search engine.


girl in tunnel
Christchurch School of Gymnastics <website>


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gymnastics coaching

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