L2 Tech Winnipeg 2010

by Rick McCharles

I was one of the course presenters along with Helene Desmarais and Robert Persechino.

On this page I’m posting presentations, videos and links from some of my Women’s Artistic Gymnastics modules at the NCCP Level 2 Technical course hosted by Fantastic Gymnastics, December 2010.

The presentations open as YouTube movies in low resolution. This is to protect the content from being duplicated.


Understand – Teach model (handstand)
• Physical Preparation Stength
• Physical Preparation Flexibility

• Spotting
Forward Handspring
Backward Handspring
• Round-off
Trampoline for Gymnasts

• Long Swing Backward Giant
• Long Swing Flyaway
Sole Swing
• Piked Inverted Swing – Kip
… the best kip tutorials are JAO 1 and JAO 2&3
• Hip Swings – Cast Handstand
… for Free Hip see Giant progressions

Vault – Handspring

• Planning
Trampoline for Gymnasts
• Internet for Gymnastics Coaches

Email me if you need anything at all – Rick_McCharles@hotmail.com

Good coaching!

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