animated humanoids self-taught Gymnastics

You can tell they are self-taught. 😀

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… Learning from scratch, and with limited human intervention, the digital characters learned how to kick, jump, and flip their way to success. What’s more, they even learned how to interact with objects in their environment, such as barriers placed in their way or objects hurled directly at them.

Gizmodo – After Millions of Trials, These Simulated Humans Learned to Do Perfect Backflips and Cartwheels

UCLA’s Sadiqua Bynum is in Black Panther

Stunt woman.

Danusia Francis – stunt woman

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Spiderman drops into a local Starbucks

In a new viral video produced to help promote the upcoming film Spider-Man: Homecoming, Chris Silcox, star Tom Holland’s stunt double, dropped down from the ceiling at a local Starbucks to surprise unsuspecting customers. …


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Jessie Graff – ‘American Ninja Warrior’


Jessie is a Goddess of upper body strength.

Jessie Graff has made American Ninja Warrior history as the first woman to defeat Stage Two of the USA vs. the World Competition. And that’s after she already made history as the first woman to ever compete in the competition period. Representing team USA, Jessie completely crushes …


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Kristie Phillips – Spitfire 1994

Charlie Case (Kristie Phillips) is a star gymnast whose father, Richard Charles (Lance Henriksen), is an international spy.

Richard has discovered the launching codes to a number of Ukrainian missiles, which he’s trying to keep from falling into the hands of enemy terrorists. Charlie unwittingly becomes involved in Richard’s schemes …

rotten tomatoes

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via Gymnastics – A Golden Era