BC Gymnastics Congress

by site editor Rick McCharles

This was my second time presenting at the annual BC Gymnastics Congress.

Linked from this page are my presentation notes, videos and a few photos.

One reason the major BC event of the year is so consistently good and popular is that they bring in new speakers. The line-up this year was excellent. Here are photos of just a few:

Greg Jackson
Steve Arkell
Jay Nunns

see a few more photos

I was too busy myself to be able to attend many other sessions, sadly. But here are links to my presentations:

Building and Maximizing Adult Rec Gymnastics Programs

Making a Career Out of Coaching

Class Planning for Recreational Gymnastics

This one I’ll post on this page as it’s of general interest to all Artistic gymnastics coaches. My best ideas on how to make training easier, safer and more fun:

Bars and Beam – Making it Fun!
Vault Skills for Rec Classes

… If kids perceive activities as GAMES and CONTESTS (not boring or scary drills) motor and physical fitness improve quickly. Skills come naturally, without frustration. …

Click PLAY or watch my Bars presentation on YouTube.

Coaches were asked to come up with FUN activities on Beam.

Click PLAY or watch Beam on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch my Vault presentation on YouTube.

Coaches who attended my sessions at Congress are encouraged to email me with any follow-up questions or suggestions. 🙂



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