Kasamatsu progressions

Here’s another very well edited tutorial from the Saving Tenths YouTube channel. I’ll add a couple of additional points for KAS: it’s important that coaches of BEGINNERS understand the relationship between cartwheel (early) and twisting (later). If one decides the direction of cartwheel — then later decides a different direction of twist, this particular vault is … Continue reading Kasamatsu progressions

Rentaro Ueyama – Kasamatsu 3/1 twist

On to soft mats in the pit. Click PLAY or watch it on Instagram. View this post on Instagram ちょっと遊んでみた👌 ロペスかと思いきやロペス一回ひねり! これがポリンボードではなくロイター版で跳べたら最強👍 #ヨネクラハーフ #4回ひねり #ポリンボード #鹿屋体育大学 A post shared by 上山 廉太郎 (@rentaro_ueyama) on Jun 8, 2020 at 7:28am PDT

Kasamatsu 3 1/2 twist

López (Kas + double twist) is in the Code at 6.0. An extra half twist takes this to 6.4, I assume. Keisuke Ogura competed it at the NHK cup. The first time ever LANDED, I believe. 🙂 Click PLAY or watch it on twitter. みなさん動画載せてるけどわたしも載せます(笑)かっこよかった!(n回目)世界戦で成功させてほしい〜とか思っちゃう(´-`).。oO pic.twitter.com/3mzBWlfxGt — ほのか (@honyo0403) May 17, 2015 Oops. Nico recalled … Continue reading Kasamatsu 3 1/2 twist