LSU criticized for COVID protocols

The gymternet was excited to watch LSU’s … Gym 101? … season preview. BUT most of the reaction I heard was negative. Despite one of their coaches testing positive, many at the event were not being responsible. UPDATE – Officials from LSU replied to GymCastic promising to do better in future. Turns out D-D has … Continue reading LSU criticized for COVID protocols

44% of campers test positive for COVID-19

Of 597 campers and staff at a YMCA sleep away camp in Georgia, 44% — 263 people — tested positive. Of course games, singing and cheering together were encouraged, mostly without masks. The camp followed disinfecting rules and required staff to wear masks, but campers did not have to wear face coverings. Campers ranged in age from … Continue reading 44% of campers test positive for COVID-19

British COVID-19 resource pack

Good work British Gymnastics: A large wall banner (2000mm by 800mm) A pull up banner Gymnast wait here’ rubber floor spots A2 posters on social distancing guidelines, a ’10 ways to keep safe during gymnastics’ infographic and a reassurance message for parents A4 posters including gymnast exit and entrance only, gymnast wait here and wash … Continue reading British COVID-19 resource pack