Teens need motivation ➙ e.g. Sport

I’ve always felt the average teen competitive gymnast is psychologically safer — on average — than their classmates.

Spending 20+ hours a week on a sport or activity has risks. BUT staying home scrolling TikTok and other social media may be even more damaging.

The Gym is one place in a teen’s life where profanity is rare. Structure is clear. Rules in place.

The culture of a Gymnastics club is far healthier — on average — than school or the mall.

Sadly, this is increasingly true in the USA according to a new study.

Of course this is even more true of teens identifying as — or confused about — being LGBQ+. One American political party is targeting those young people for attack.

Bottom line for coaches and all adults is to be patient and supportive of teenagers. It’s a difficult time of life for many.

Published by

Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

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