Hashimoto Daiki v Zhang Boheng

What a battle!

A rivalry we’ll be following for years.

  1. Zhang Boheng CHN 87.981
  2. Hashimoto Daiki JPN 87.964
  3. Kovtun Illia UKR 84.899

Yul Muldauer 84.365 finished 4th with a fall on Rings dismount. So close.

The big surprise for me is Canada’s William Emard in 8th with 83.256. He originally wasn’t expecting to compete the AA but stepped in after Felix Dolci’s ankle injury.

Full results.

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

2 thoughts on “Hashimoto Daiki v Zhang Boheng”

  1. 14.625 on Rings for William Emard?!?! Does Canada finally have a Rings guy? Bravo and congratulations to him for an amazing result.


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