Fujitsu “Judging Support System”

Fujitsu will be working Worlds 2021, of course. Analyzing more routines for their database.

A webinar has been posted online:

FIG and Fujitsu to discuss AI “Judging Support System”

Watanabe speaks in English in the video. He’s really improved over the past few years.

He points out that other sports are using video analysis. Tennis and baseball, for example.

But judging support is only one goal of the project.

Steve Butcher details other uses.

Fujitsu expects all 10 Artistic apparatus to be ready for 2024. (Progress seems slow, to me.)

By end of 2022 the “Training Support System” should be ready. I’d love to have a chance to test that in the gym.

The very first use of computer video analysis should have been to display height and distance of a skill relative to the height of the athlete. Vault post flight, for example.

Fujitsu is doing a good job analyzing Ring strength holds, however. The system can do better than most FIG judges.

Personally, I’m disappointed in the graphics rendered by the software. It’s embarrassing that every representation has feet apart, for example.

I WISH Fujitsu could output something 1/10th as good as FB CURVES 3D GYM.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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