FIG value of Yurchenko double pike

Exactly nobody ever claimed the Women’s Code was logical.

They can’t even find consistent spellings of named skills.

6.6 is the provisional value.


… It’s low for me.

I’ve mentally had this at 6.8 since we heard about it, and I still agree with me. But honestly it’s not as low as I thought they were going to go, and not as egregious a case of undervaluing as the beam dismount from 2019.

The problem with Simone’s double double beam dismount in 2019 being given an H value is that it did not adhere to any kind of recognizable precedent or logic established by previous values of other beam dismounts.

On beam, a double tuck dismount is a D.

Adding a full twist to that bumps it up three tenths to a G.

And then adding another full twist bumps it up…1 tenth? To an H?

Any logical progression falls apart pretty quickly, and the FIG’s post hoc explanation of the value as an effort to preserve the safety of gymnasts was fully laughable coming from an organization that, for example, doesn’t allow a touch warmup for event finals …

Balance Beam Situation

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One thought on “FIG value of Yurchenko double pike”

  1. The devaluing of Simone Biles’ skills is nothing sheer of racism and sexism. It is great that she is the first to do these skills, but they are not impossible to do. Shortly after Simone did her triple double, other women were performing the same skill. If a woman can do a double back on floor and off beam, surely one can do it off a vault. Everyday we are seeing what women are capable of doing and that is being proven by Chellsie Memmel, too. It is a matter of society changing their thinking, not devaluing women’s accomplishments.


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