China – FX, PH & Rings Final


  1. Zhang Boheng 6.0 14.800
  2. Chen Feng 6.1 14.700
  3. Mu Jile 5.9 14.300

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  1. Weng Hao 15.100
  2. Wang Junwen 14.500
  3. Yao Jianshan 14.433

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  1. Liu Yang 6.5 15.400
  2. Lan Xingyu 6.5 15.133
  3. You Hao 6.6 15.066

Wow. Watch through to the end to see a close-up of the neck adjustment. And some cool graphics.

I’d say this is the best routine in the world right now.

Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter.

Congratulatory posters for the EF winners (so far) at the 2021 Chinese national championships

Zhang Boheng (MAG FX), Deng Yalan (WAG VT), Weng Hao (PH)

cr: CGA weibo

Fan Yilin (UB), Liu Yang (SR)

cr: CGA weibo

Originally tweeted by Shirai 3 (@shirai_iii) on May 9, 2021.

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