gymnasts on debilitating periods

Aly Raisman wrote about it.

Coach Veronique Sprenger has spent a lot of time in Africa. You might recall her study of acrobats in Kenya.

In a new post she talks about the challenges faced by girls and women in Ethiopia.

In the year that I have lived in Addis Ababa, I have never seen a tampon in a store.

I have talked to many women and most of them have told me that they always and only use pads and that they are scared of using internal products. That is okay, they do not have to use internal products if they don’t want to. But they should be well-informed about them and they should be available.

Moreover, if pads are not comfortable enough to do sports in, they must be offered an alternative that suits the context, such as period panties. …

Twisting Thoughts – Period

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